can you use your feet in volleyball

Can you use your feet in volleyball?

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Let say, what if you use your feet in volleyball during the game? What happened? And then let’s imagine if you don’t use your feet in beach volleyball. Then what’ll happen?

Of course, there are rules in volleyball that you need to consider. Most players don’t know proper rules whether to touch the net or kick the volleyball during the game.

But guess!  

Can you kick in volleyball?

Well, it’s a YES; you can use your feet to kick the ball. It has been seen when you hit the ball by your feet and body parts, including the leg, hand-counted as a legal hit.

Let’s move forward and see which rules allow your feet to kick off the volleyball. 

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According to FIVB Rules, Yes: You Can Kick the Volleyball

Effectively in official FIVB rules, 2 rules are determined for a hit. 

  • The player with the ball can touch any part of the body
  • Aspects of the hit

Though before going to the FIVB rule 2017-2020. First thing first, when and why do volleyball players usually kick the ball?


So when, if ever, should you use your feet in volleyball?

Finally, there are several conditions during the game in which you can use your feet in beach volleyball. 

Thus these are the few scenarios that are common and happen in every volleyball game. Sound’s curious!


Whether in the last resort or accident in defense position kicking the ball would be helpful for the team to stand and win. 

For instance, standing in a defensive position, you’d be excited to kick the ball with your feet. So, kicking with the feet isn’t prohibited in volleyball.


The Chase:

The 2nd condition is where players chase the ball with their feet. And most often, spectacular foot saves the decoration of the wall. You might have seen it on volleyball

Sometimes players are sprawling out like insane men, jumping like babies. Crashing into advertisements and banners. That’s the part of a volleyball game. Interesting!

Generally, when you chase a ball out of the pitch, it becomes effortless to control performing a swan dive. 

Thus, in harsh circumstances, you can’t dive your face to kick-though, but kicking with your leg can also save you.


At the Net:

After a block, it would be recommended to play quickly with your feet. Right!

This is the perfect time to kick off the ball in volleyball. Because after blocking, you see where the ball goes on the defense side.

The ball-kicking time should be quick if your defense played a low shooting kick which results in a downward bend, shoot time with hand. 

Moreover, flicking a volleyball with feet is a general skill. Right! Though, it’ll ease your kicking experience at the net.

Now look, at FIVB volleyball Rules 2017-2020

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FIVB volleyball Rules 2017-2020

Until 1993 the FIVB rule was imposed. 

Though which was new phrasing, players weren’t permitted to contact the ball with the body down the wist. 

Aka rehearsal of the handball in soccer. Though, exciting enough, the libero position.  

If you want to learn the libero rule, you can read the complete guide on volleyball. 

Though, you know, volleyball is a controllable game that requires an FIVB rule to control the ball. 

If you can kick the ball, why don’t players do it more often?

Like it has clear at the start, 99.99% of players hit the ball with their hand. Moreover, you can hit the ball with your feet, shoulder, keens, or head.

Hitting with a hand in volleyball is the logical explanation. The chances are if the player hits the ball with the feet on the beach, it might be typical to handle the ball. 

Conversely, setting the ball with the hand can be comfortable. That’s why volleyball players refer their hand to through the ball more often.


When do volleyball players usually kick the ball?

It sounds a bit extraordinary to kick the ball other than your hand. In certain situations, volleyball players kick off the ball with their legs. 

According to rough statistics, 99% of all the balls take place by kick because of safety concerns. Usually, players typically kick the ball in a rush when they run to save the ball from the grounds.

That’s how depending on the situation, and volleyball players usually kick the ball. 


Is Kicking the ball is hard (and dangerous)?

It seems kicking the ball is hard and dangerous; in some matches, players save the ball. 

Many athletes keep Volleyball like a football; they control the ball on the leg so insanely, even in the game or outside the pitch.

Furthermore, it’s the controlling power of how athletes control the volleyball and kick with the feet. Correct!

Because it isn’t that hard to kick the ball if you’ve practiced. Right!


The limit of kicks? How many limits of kicking are in volleyball?

You might say there isn’t a limit or consequences to kick the ball but yes, keep one thing in mind before kicking the volleyball. 

Especially for anyone who is just starting a volleyball game. When the ball is on your side during the game, it is the rule you have the limit to touch the ball only 3 times. Why?

Suppose you will hit the ball with the kick; it’s sum up as a general hit, so, whether it’s spectacular to use leg in volleyball or use a hand. 

Though the rule will be the same as written in FIVB rules.


Serving with your foot is allowed?

Yes, it’s possible to serve with your foot is allowed.

Why Should You Avoid Kicking the Ball?

If you ever played volleyball, you must know throwing the ball from your hands is easier than hitting the feet.

So, avoiding kicking the ball from the leg can be risky. You have to be professional if you want to hit with the feet. 

Every time in the game allows you to hit the ball from a different angle.  


Why Does Your Coach Hate It?

Look, you should know volleyball aren’t for kicking. The ball is cheap and weightless, which you know very well.

Being a volleyball player, you know, which is quite great, but even though you are hitting the ball with the legs, your couch will hate it.

Because it will cost the coach and raise club expenses.


So, does kicking a volleyball really ruin it?

Though, to be real not really, 

Until you’ll continuously hitting the ball with a great force or possibly on a general routine. Right!

So, using the ball as far as 60+mph jump serve neither cause volleyball ruin. 

Or there are most often you will see which your couch probably demotivates you for not kicking the volleyball. 

These are!

  • Kicking balls in practice exponentially increases your chances of losing them.

Whether you kick several times, it doesn’t matter how much time you practice to kick Volleyball, and it would be risky during the match.

Generally, football is used to kick-off rather than volleyball. 

2. It probably isn’t the best match etiquette.


Yes, it might be that kicking volleyball isn’t the best approach and can cause a losing scenario. Though, it would be a good approach if you play with your hands. 


Is it a good idea to practice kicking the ball as a skill?

It has been mentioned earlier there’ll be conditions where it could be a good idea to practice kicking the ball as a skill. 

In Fact, whether you practice or not, that would happen in the match as it is the rule you can use to practice it.


Foot to ball contact

You might know the contact of the volleyball rules change with the time when it comes to below the waist.

Recently, the changes in the rules seem when once the volleyball hit the body down the waist, it’s considered too out of the play and point assigned to the opposite team.

Though, not anymore

Now, the rules have been changed, which applies the full body part to contact.

So, the double contact rule permits the body contact with the ball.  


Other Foot Related Rules

In terms of ball contact rules, not only do volleyball foot faults, mistakes can be made be in rational rules and in serve.

Sometimes players may not touch the baseline before approaching the ball. 

If the leg touches the baseline before the ball, it considers a foot fault, and points are awarded to the opposite team.


Beach versus Indoor Centre Line Rule

One of the other rules difference between indoor and beach (leaving court size and number of players).

The baseball line rule is separated from the two.

In outdoor beach volleyball, a player can cross another court under the net. In contrast, they are assuming not to interfere with other teams.

Though, in the indoor volleyball game, the player must keep their feet on the court. 


Is using your feet legal in volleyball?

Yes, it’s legal according to the updated rules. You can use your feet in volleyball.


Is double contact on serve receive allowed in volleyball? Like if the ball hit the arm and hits the face, is it legal?

Look, depending on the indoor rules. The first shoot can be hit by the body contacting the authority. The body can be used as long as they are permitted to use.

Whereas outdoor are the same as indoor rules. 


How many times can a team hit a volleyball with their legs in any given match? 

The team gets many chances to score the points, but in the start, 3 attempts are given to through the ball on the other side of the court. 

That’s usually called service, in which players start the game. And though once the game begins, a team hit a volleyball with their legs in the given match.


How many kicks are allowed in volleyball?

For instance, it has been mentioned earlier depending on the situation, and you can kick the ball anytime during the game.  Or you might want to know How many times can you use out feel in volleyball?

So, yeah, the answer is it depends on the game situation. 


Is headshot a foul in volleyball?

Though, no, the headshot is not a foul in volleyball, as it’s part of the game from where you hit the ball.


How many times can we use legs in volleyball?

Well, depending on the game scenario, you can use legs in volleyball.


Can we use legs in volleyball?

Yes, can you kick in volleyball, whether it would be beach volleyball using feet?


Can you use your feet in beach volleyball?

Yes, it would be interesting volleyball foot save rules you will most often go with them.

Also wondering to know, can a libero use their foot. So, yes, Libero can use their feet in volleyball.


Is it allowed to use feet in volleyball?

Most people ask whether you can use your feet in high school volleyball.

Yes, for sure, you can use your feet, whether it be Olympics volleyball, professional volleyball, professional volleyball, or high school volleyball.



I’m glad you make it to the end. And I hope you are damn clear about the rules of volleyball and how many times you can use your feet to kick the ball.


Though, no matter how hard it is to kick the volleyball from the legs, it’s an interesting step that is durable and enjoyable.

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