How Long Are Lacrosse Games

How Long Are Lacrosse Games?

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Let’s say you are a big fan of lacrosse games and you have some plans in the future to play lacrosse. Though you might ask, how long are lacrosse games?

Or you might want to know how long does a lacrosse game last? Right!

Well, for a while, for your concern, the lacrosse game last for 60 minutes. Moreover, depending on the league, lacrosse game time varies for a high school lacrosse game.

Thus. People like you also ask how long women/men lacrosse games are? For this, we answered all your questions in this blog.

Let’s deep dive!

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How long are the lacrosse games? 

You know, an average lacrosse game time lasts for 60 minutes of regulation time. The game is broken into 4 quarters 15 minutes intervals. 

Except for a half, you will take a 10 minutes break, but in between those quarters, you take a break of 2 minutes.

Sometimes timeouts take place, which lasts the lacrosse game up to 78 minutes. 

For instance, take a look at certain skills levels in lacrosse games with quarters and average time.


Depending on the profession, college, high school, youth lacrosse game time schedule:

Skill level Quarters Average Time
Youth 4×8 minute quarter 50 minutes without overtime
High school 4×12 minute quarters 65 minutes without overtime
College 4×15 minute quarter 78 minutes without overtime
Major league 4×12 minute quarter 65 minutes without overtime
Minor league 4×12 minute quarter   65 minutes without overtime

Lacross game overview 

Before going into detail, let me tell you sometime about the structure of the lacrosse game, which is essential to understand, and what it looks like. 

Remember, each lacrosse league varies from rules and times. So we are not going to cover the exact time sections. 

The reason behind this is several lacrosse games vary from time to time. Therefore, for this, we will cover the sections that govern the exact time in lacrosse. 



Now the first thing is quarters. Most often, lacrosse games consist of 4 quarters of 15 intervals each. 

Consequently., it has become rare to have 2 quarters in a lacrosse game because of its strict rules and laws. 



You see, each competition in the lacrosse league has its set of rules. Though in the college lacrosse league, the 2 timeouts take place. 

Thus usually, timeouts in the lacrosse games are sudden death depending on the league and competition. With that said, 3 timeouts take place in the premier game league. 



Furthermore, over time come when in real-time players get tired. Most often the rules of the various overtime vary from league of lacrosse.

For instance, sudden overtimes come with the dead broke cross. Which means dangerous conditions during the game. 



Usually, the breaks/halftimes come between the 3rd and the 4rth quarters. In comparison, the rest coaches used to tell their team players better strategies. 

Also, lacrosse game fans take some time to get drinks and snacks. Though, probably the time is usually used for restroom breaks. 

Consequently, with that said, now you get the structure of the lacrosse game. And how long does lacrosse last? Right!

So, you can see that depending on the league and division, women’s game time varies from high schools team: to college school or professional lacrosse league leagues. 


Men’s/Boys Lacrosse Game Lengths

Most lacrosse fans ask how long the men’s lacrosse game length; therefore, we have specified each question regarding the men/boys lacrosse game. 

How Long Are Lacrosse Games?

How long are premier lacrosse games take?

However, you might be wondering to know form when the premier lacrosse game will come. Though it’s quite new, but follows the same rule of lacrosse.

Well, there is a certain distance from the goal and the size of the field. Consequently, the time also varies from in premier lacrosse sport. 

In general, you will find the premier lacrosse game in real-time 48 minutes, which is based on 12 minutes quarters of each. 

Most often, each team would have the opportunity of 3 timeouts, which means 4 minutes in the entire game. 

Without breaks, the premier game list of 48 minutes, but if the breaks come into the game, the game goes roughly 65 minutes. 

The game often lasts after the regulation time, which is usually known as the overtime period, consisting of 12 minutes.

Besides, which makes sense, the games go for 78 minutes each interval. Thus, with a 1-minute break.


How long are Professional Lacrosse League (PLL)?

Now the time is to know professional lacrosse league PLL real-time. Right!

Hence, the professional lacrosse league lasts for 48 minutes consisting of 12 minutes quarters with an extra 12 minutes of overtime.

You might know over time change the game’s route, though it is considered a dangerous step.


NCAA Men’s College Lacrosse Game Length:

Regarding NCAA men’s college lacrosse game length, the game usually lasts 60 minutes consisting of 15 minutes quarters. In contrast, the overtime period comes 4 minutes till the first team score.

Consequently, talking about the boy’s lacrosse game consists of 48 minutes with two 12 minutes quarters.

The same overtime score comes into play as in the men’s lacrosse league. 


How long is the average high school boys lacrosse game?

In terms of average high school boys lacrosse game, the same criteria of high school lacrosse game consist of 4 quarters of 12 minutes with a 2-minute break between quarters which is often considered halftimes.

Unfortunately, it would be inconvenient to say the exact time in a lacrosse game without breaks or halftimes. But yes, it is countable.


How long is Major League Lacrosse (MLL)?

Nevertheless, most major league lacrosse MLL consists of 60 minutes with two 15 minutes quarters. 

With that said, the overtimes come when the first team scores 10 minutes during the game.


How long are National League Lacrosse (NLL)?

Now to see how long is national league lacrosse NLL is. However, it consists of 60 minutes with 15 minutes of quarters. 

Furthermore, the 15 minutes of overtime come into the game till the first team score. 


How long is the Boys Youth Lacrosse Game?

Realistically, a typical boy’s youth lacrosse game lasts 32 minutes in length with two 8 minutes quarters. 

When the first team scores  4 minutes of overtime comes into play. 


How long is a Women’s/Girl’s Lacrosse Game?

Let’s see women/girls’ lacrosse game length.


How long are NCAA Women’s College Lacrosse Games?

A women’s college lacrosse game that would last 60 minutes consists of 30 minutes halves. 

Otherside, over time women’s college lacrosse lasts 6 minutes with two 3 minutes halves for the team who scores first.

How long are High School Girls Lacrosse Game?

Most lacrosse high school girls asked for lacrosse last time. Though, the answer would be 50 minutes consisting of two halves of 25 minutes.

With a 6 minutes overtime consisting of 3 minutes halves for the team who scores first.

How long are Youth Girls Lacrosse Game?

Now the time is to know the youth girls lacrosse game. Thus youth game consists of 24 minutes with 12 minutes halves.

USA youth girls lacrosse games are short enough depending on the capacity of the young girls. 


What can you expect during the lacrosse game?

In a lacrosse game, all you need to do is keep the ball at the backend of the net. Thus your purpose is to help your team as much goal as it has to assist in winning. 

Conversely, at the same time, you need to lead your team to secure your goals from the game opposing team. 

This would be a typical part to expect. For this, you and your team need to come up with high intensity. 

At a point, if you are unable to do that, the opposing team would come up. 


Who plays 60 minutes of lacrosse?

Well, usually, the college boys play 60 minutes of lacrosse game in general, consisting of 4 quarters. 

Let’s have a look at some related questions. 


Related questions

I’m a junior in high school and have no experience in lacrosse. Isn’t it too late to start playing?

No, it’s not too late; you can learn lacrosse from senior college lacrosse players. The game is insane to learn; all you need is practice. 

Thus, lacrosse is a unique game that doesn’t require tough skills. 


What steps should I take to start to playing lacrosse if I have never played before and must be ready by spring as a senior in high school?

There are a few things you should start with.

First, you need to buy equipment such as goggles, cleats, a stick, mouth guards, and mouthguards. 

Second stat practicing as a midfielder/ attacker, which is the popular position in lacrosse

The third thing you need to do is learn the defensive rules. 

The fourth step is to practice again and again again again. 

Thus, no matter how many times you fall, just practice it regularly. 


How long is a lacrosse field?

You find lacrosse field 110m long, which is great if you are a lacrosse player. 


How long is the penalty for a technical foul in lacrosse?

For a technical foul in lacrosse, it would take thirty seconds usually to get a penalty. 

Though. Now let’s move to the conclusion.



I’m glad that you are down after reading how long the lacrosse game is? It was insane to see the last time of lacrosse game depending on the high school—college game time. 

Hopefully, you might get hopefully games, and women’s answers which are effortless to understand. 

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