yellow card mean in volleyball

What does a yellow card mean in volleyball?

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Are you just curious about what does a yellow card in volleyball?  Or what does a yellow card mean? 

However, it seems you must be a young volleyball player, or you might be a player, but you aren’t aware of the yellow cards in volleyball.

Moreover, how can it hurt you during the game?

And What does a yellow card symbolize?

Anyhow, the yellow card means last warning. It shows the players who misbehave get the last warning, intentionally slow down the game, show aggression, fight with the referee’s decision, or argue with the defensive players. 

Sometimes players break the game rules or show unethical behavior during the game. Therefore, the referee shows the yellow card to the player as the last warning. 

When Is A Yellow Card Shown?

You must be curious when is a yellow card shown? What is the yellow card in volleyball?

However, as you see, many factors and unprofessional sportsmanship are conducted while playing. Whereas you might often ask what does red card means in volleyball. 

Here are a few unwanted actions where the referee shows the yellow card offensive in volleyball.

Well, most often, a red card shows when players lose their position while playing. Why?

The aggressive and unwanted behavior provokes the referee to decide where the referee shows the red card to the specific player. 

Now, you would ask what yellow cards are used for? A yellow and red card is shown together; what does it mean?

What Are These Cards Used For?

Sometimes players make minor conducts offensive that is generally unwanted by the referee. Or What Happens When You Get A Yellow Card?

In that case, the referee used the yellow card to warn the players. 

Here are a few miscount behaviors. 

  • Using abusive words and uttering rude features on opponents, supporters, and referees.
  • Discuss undesirable words with the official and referee.
  • Intentionally not playing the game (means slow down the game)
  • By screening makes the game harder for the defensive players 
  • Showing excessive excitement about the winning to humiliate the defensive team

Why would yellow cards be given out in volleyball? 

In general, when players show their unsportsmanlike during the game referee warm the player’s team captain for the first time. 

Their verbal warning a player takes from his captain. Later on, if the players repeatedly show undesirable behavior, it would arouse the referee to show you a yellow card.

But you might be looking for misconduct that arouses the referee to give a yellow card in volleyball.

  • Aggressive behavior

Sometimes you see, players show their frustrations and aggression to the teammates, referee, and defensive teammates. 

Players do unfavorable things that cause the referee to give them a yellow card as the last warning. 

  • Rude conduct:

Most often, you might observe the players do wild actions to benefit from unfair concerns. No matter their good morals principle down.

If the referee is aware of that, he shows the yellow card to the players.

  • Offensive behavior

The other factor where the yellow card given to the players in the offensive conduct. How? 

Because you see players insult, use abusive language, racist or even show democratic gestures to the offensive players. 

So, when the referee notices their displeasing actions, he repeatedly shows undesirable behavior; he gives out the yellow card and shows it to the players disrespectfully. 

However, these are the 3 reasons when referees give out yellow cards to the players.

Let’s look at what happens when a red card is shown in volleyball?

What Happens When A Red Card Is Shown In Volleyball?

It would be great if you are aware of red cards in volleyball. And what happens when the referee shows the red card to the player? Or What Happens When You Get A Red Card?

However, the red card shows the player can leave the game right up there as the red card is for the players who need to prevent the game and lose the chance to continue the game.

Now, look at the general discussion of how you get a yellow card. And how you can pause that. 

Before you get a yellow card, you get a warning.

You might go through a volleyball game and, let say, and you experienced a yellow card warning from the referee. 

Now, what are you going to do?

However, you must do a few things after getting your first warning.

  • Runaway from your referee
  • Hide from referee’s eyes
  • Don’t do undesirable things to the team 

You see, that’s how you can stay away from getting a yellow card in the game. 

After the warning, there is a yellow card.

As it seems, you get lots of chances to continue the game when you misbehave.

But at times, the misleading actions of players can cause a severe issue. Therefore, the referee shows the yellow card as a last warning to the players. 

The referee can show them anyone in the team. 

Red and yellow cards at the same time? The consequences are terrible.

To be honest with you. Have you ever seen in volleyball when the player gets both cards, the red and yellow? 

However, it doesn’t mean the referee shows both cards at a particular point to a specific player. Although at the same time referee shows two players yellow and red cards. 

Also, cards the rule book of FIVB, “A team member who is sanctioned by the explosion will not continue the game further. 

So, the referee can show both red and yellow cards simultaneously. No matter what the circumstances are. 

When can a player be disqualified to the end of the match?

However, it’s a rare case that might happen once in 500 games. Or even less, you might observe players might get disqualified between the game. 

Though, when a team member is sanctioned by disqualification, the player must immediately leave the pitch during the game.

Can You Get A Yellow Card In Volleyball?

According to the FIVB rule, you can get a yellow card in volleyball. And as you know, in volleyball yellow card represents the warning to the players who suctioned to misbehave with the referee. 

How many yellow cards do you get in volleyball?

It depends on the players how many times he would show aggressive behavior, rude conduct, and mislead the defensive players. 

The moment the referee sees the players doing undesirable things, he shows the card to the players. 

What cards are in volleyball?

However, there are few cards in volleyball. Have a look!

  • Green card
  • A verbal warning
  • A red card
  • A yellow card
  • Expulsion
  • Disqualification


Did you see what does a yellow card in volleyball is? Like other sports, a yellow card shows the player’s last warning. And if the referee gives them the player yellow card, the players must be understood. 

When players get aggressive, they deliberately attack the defensive players to win the game. However, let us know your experience regarding the yellow cards in volleyball. 

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