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What is a Dime in Basketball?


While assists are the standard form of scoring in basketball, there are other ways to score points in basketball. For instance, a player can score by being fouled. Or, a player can score by drawing a foul. Or, a player can score by making a shot at the rim. And, there is even a way for a player to score by kicking the ball out of bounds.

A dime in basketball is the same as an assist in other sports. It is a pass that leads to scoring a goal, or a goal that leads to scoring.

So when someone says, “what is a dime in basketball?”, they mean, “What is an assist in basketball?”

What Is A Dime In Basketball

A dime in basketball is a pass that leads to a basket. It’s the same thing as an assist, which is awarded when one player makes a pass to another player who then scores a basket.

A dime can be made by any player on the court, not just point guards or other players in positions that are traditionally associated with passing.

A dime is one of the most exciting plays in basketball, and it’s something that fans love to see. A dime can come from anywhere on the court, but point guards often make it because those players are usually responsible for leading their team’s offense.

A dime is usually made by a player who is standing at the free-throw line or on one of the wings. It’s also possible for players to make dimes from the top of the key, where they can pass directly into the basket without having to dribble first. For a pass to be considered a dime, though, it has to lead directly to someone scoring points.

How Many Points Is A Dime?

One point

The point is the most common scoring unit in basketball, and a player who scores one point is called a “point guard.” The point guard passes the ball to other players, who then attempt to score more points than the opposing team.

The point guard is often the smallest player on the team, which is why he or she typically has speed and quickness. 

The point guard is also usually the best passer on the team. It means they are responsible for setting up plays and ensuring everyone gets involved in scoring.

What Is A Dime In Basketball

Why Is An Assist Called A Dime In Basketball

The term “dime” comes from the phrase “passing on a dime.” A dime is a small, ten-cent coin. And when you pass on a dime, you can do it quickly and easily, you don’t need to spend much time or effort doing it.

When a teammate passes the ball to you so that you can catch it without breaking stride or looking down at the ground, that’s an assist.

It’s called an assist because it’s like having someone hand you a dime in passing. They’ve made it so easy for you to catch that they didn’t even need to break stride themselves!

As you can see, the phrase “passing on a dime” has nothing to do with being able to pass quickly or easily. A dime is a small coin worth ten cents, and passing on one means giving someone something they want without any effort.

Players That Drop A Dime

The assist is one of the most important aspects of basketball and one of the most confusing.

Simply put, an assist is when a player passes to another player who scores. But why are they called dimes? And why does it matter?

The answer lies in the players who were some of the best at assisting in NBA history: Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul. All three players have been known for their ability to get their teammates involved in plays and score points through assists instead of by themselves.

Nash was known for finding open teammates from anywhere on the court. He could pass from anywhere on his body and make it look easy. He had great vision and was able to find open teammates even when they weren’t looking for him at first glance. This is why he got so many assists throughout his career (1st all-time).

Rondo was also known for his passing ability; he could see plays developing before they happened, which helped him rack up plenty of assists (5th all-time). And finally, there’s Chris Paul, he’s one of only three players who have ever led their teams in assists per game while also leading them in steals per game.

How To Stop On A Dime In Basketball?

One of the most essential basketball skills is learning how to stop on a dime. This can be done by using a few key techniques that will help you get into position quickly and allow you to react quickly when an opponent tries to shoot the ball or pass it to another player.

The first thing you should do when practicing stopping on a dime is to get into position as soon as possible. This means that instead of just standing around waiting for something to happen, start moving around as soon as there’s any action on the court. 

This will help you get into position before anything happens so that when someone shoots or passes, there won’t be wasted time getting into position before reacting.

Another important thing about stopping on a dime is being able to react quickly once something happens, which means having good reflexes! 

You can practice this by doing drills where there are no defenders present. Just dribble around as fast as possible while trying not to lose control over your ball (or even better, dribble while holding two balls!). 

This will help develop better hand-eye coordination. Therefore, when someone does try shooting or passing at some point during practice sessions, your hands will already be trained to react quickly.  

Finally, being able to stop on a dime is all about balance and body control. If you have good balance and are able to keep your body under control while dribbling, then stopping suddenly shouldn’t be a problem!

To Recap

So, what is a dime in basketball?

A dime is a pass that leads to an assist. It’s a pass that helps your teammate score, and it’s also worth ten points. So if you play basketball and make a dime, you’ll get ten points for your team!

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