nutmeg in soccer

What is a nutmeg in soccer


The game of soccer has evolved over the years as players have gotten better and smarter. One of the most important factors to success in soccer is ball control. This is where nutmeg comes into play. What is a nutmeg? You need to know it properly if you want to play better in soccer.


What is a nutmeg in soccer?

Nutmegs are a beautiful and exciting part of soccer. They are when one player passes the ball between the legs of another player to get past them or make them fall over.

It’s a very difficult move to do, but it can be done in many different ways. The most common way is by using your right foot to kick the ball between your opponent’s legs.

The nutmeg is also great for setting up other players. Because you can use it as a decoy. Or to create space for yourself and your teammates by dragging defenders away from where you want them to be.

You may have seen this move in action before if you watch professional matches or highlight reels online!

Players are able to perform this move because the ball is larger than the width of their legs, so they can trap it between them.

This skill is often used to surprise defenders and create opportunities for themselves or their team.

The nutmeg is a very useful move that can be used to help your team win games. It’s important to learn how to do it, so you can surprise your opponents and set up scoring opportunities for yourself or your teammates.


The origins of the soccer term Nutmeg

The term “nutmeg” is used in the sport of soccer to describe a goal scored by passing the ball between two defenders and into the net. The origin of this term is unclear. But one theory is that it comes from the practice of nutmegging, a close-range trick in which the ball is passed through an opposing player’s legs.

The earliest known usage of “nutmeg” as a goal in soccer appears in Brian Glanville’s novel A bad lot (1977), where he writes: “I was standing on the touchline watching one of these games when suddenly there was a roar from the crowd. In addition, I turned round to see this little fellow nutmegging his way straight through their defense.”

While other sources cite different years for its first usage, it seems likely that this was indeed the first time someone used it to describe a goal in soccer.

What is a nutmeg in soccer

Why is nutmeg so humiliating?

There are many reasons why nutmegs are so humiliating in soccer.

First, when someone executes a nutmeg, they are essentially attempting to embarrass the other player. The player who executes the nutmeg will typically be running at full speed and passing the ball between their legs while looking over their shoulder at the person they are passing to (who is often also running). This makes it look as if they are passing to themselves.

Second, people who have been nutmegged tend to be embarrassed and ashamed of what happened. They might even feel like they were tricked by the person who executed the nutmeg on them. In some cases, people who have been nutmegged may become angry with those who did it. It can lead to fights or arguments between players on opposite teams or even between teammates!

Third, when someone gets humiliated by being nutmegged, it can affect how well they play for a while afterward.

For example, if someone gets nutmegged during a game where everyone else is playing well, they may feel like they should have been able to prevent it from happening. They might start doubting their ability as a player and this can cause them to play worse in the future.


How do you nutmeg easily?

Nutmegging is one of the most exciting moves in soccer. It’s also one of the easiest.

When you’re playing a game and want to nutmeg someone, here are some tips to help you do it:

  • Make sure that the ball is at your feet and that you have enough space on either side of them to move around them freely.
  • Move the ball up with your instep. As a result, it’s directly between your feet, facing away from them (this will make it easier for you to drag it with your foot).
  • Using both hands, drag it back as far as possible on either side of your body until it reaches the other foot (this should leave a space between both feet).
  • Now push off with both feet at once so that they land together on top of one another! This should cause them to move apart instantly. Because they are no longer supported by anything below them. Therefore, they must fall down very quickly until they land back in their original position. But now upside down!
  • This is how your nutmeg!


Can you nutmeg a goalkeeper?

Yes. But it’s not as easy as it looks.

The nutmeg is a move that’s been around for decades. But it’s still one of the most impressive and exciting things to see on a soccer pitch. The nutmeg is when you dribble past an opponent by passing the ball through their legs or between their legs. Also, it’s one of the most common ways to score in street soccer games.

But can you nutmeg a goalkeeper? The answer is yes, but it takes more than just fancy footwork to get it done. You have to be able to read your opponent and make quick decisions based on what they do next.

Nutmegging goalkeepers require finesse and skill as well as strength and speed, so don’t try this on a keeper unless you’re a skilled player. If you’re playing a game of street soccer, and your opponent is the goalkeeper, the best way to nutmeg them is to pass the ball between their legs when they dive for it. This will give you a free shot on goal from close range.

The key to getting a nutmeg on goalkeepers is timing. You have to know when they’re going to dive for the ball and then pass it between their legs before they can reach it. If you’re playing a game of street soccer, try passing the ball through their legs as soon as they dive for it.


How do you stop nutmeg in soccer?

To stop nutmeg in soccer, you need to be a master of the game.

To stop nutmeg, you need to be able to predict your opponent’s moves. You can use several strategies to predict their next move, including analyzing the way they play and watching for patterns in their behavior.

Once you have an idea of what your opponent is going to do next, try to put yourself in their shoes and think about how they will react when they see you approaching them with the ball. If they are going to dribble towards you, try passing it slightly behind him/her. As a result, he/she has no choice but to turn around and chase after it. This will give you time to run past him/her before he/she can react!

If your opponent tries to dribble past you when you’re guarding him/her, just follow them closely until they make a mistake (or until someone else on your team comes up behind them). Don’t let them get away from you until they’ve passed or lost control over the ball!


Besides this, there are also some ways to stop nutmeg in soccer. These include:

Be a good defender

The first thing you can do to stop nutmegs is to be a good defender. If you get stuck in your own goal, there’s not much else you can do to stop the nutmeg. If you’re playing on defense, try to stay between the ball and your opponent. Therefore, they can’t nutmeg you without getting past you first. This will help keep the ball from getting into dangerous areas of the pitch, where it might be possible for them to score.


Keep an eye on the ball

It’s important for defenders not just to watch their opponents’ feet. But also their hands when someone has possession of the ball, they have control over what’s happening on the field and where it’s going next. So make sure to keep track of where your opponents’ hands are at all times. As a result, when a nutmeg attempt comes along, you’ll be able to anticipate what’s about to happen next and prevent it from happening altogether!


Be quicker than your opponent

It’s all about speed.

If you’re faster than your opponent, then you can take the ball off of them before they have a chance to make a move. This is what is meant by “be quicker than your opponent.”

This is the most obvious answer, but let’s dive into it a little deeper. If your opponent makes the pass and you are able to get to the ball before them, then you will have successfully stopped the nutmeg.

The key here is to be quicker than your opponent. If you are able to beat them to the ball, then all they’ll be able to do is kick at the air as you take possession of the ball.


Difference between Panna and nutmeg

The difference between Panna and nutmeg in soccer is that Panna is a type of kick and nutmeg is a type of pass.

Panna is a kick that’s made by kicking the ball, then sliding it on the ground back to yourself. This can be done with either foot. But it’s most common for players to use their dominant foot.

A Panna is often used when a player wants to keep the ball in their possession and move it around their opponent(s) or into open space. It is also commonly used as an offensive maneuver by defenders who are trying to advance down the field with possession.

Nutmeg is a pass where you kick or pass the ball through an opponent’s legs while they’re standing still or moving forward. It can only be done when the opponent is facing away from you.

So if you try nutmeg while they’re looking at you, they’ll see it coming and likely block your shot with their leg or body instead of letting you run through them! Some people think of nutmeg as an offensive maneuver.

Because it allows one player to easily get past one defender without having to worry about any others on their team coming over to help block them off. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t also use it defensively!


Who is the king of nutmeg in football?

Trincao is the king of nutmeg in football. He is a Brazilian footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Everton in the English Premier League. He has had a very successful career, winning the league title with Barcelona and two Copa Libertadores with Santos.

He is known for his skills with the ball, particularly his ability to perform ‘nutmegs’ (receiving the ball between one’s legs). His trademark move involves receiving the ball between his legs while standing still or running at high speed. Trincao has been described as “one of football’s most gifted dribblers”, possessing “fluid footwork and tricks”.



A nutmeg is a difficult move to do but it can be done. Soccer is a sport that involves a lot of skill and it is great to see players using all their abilities to score goals. Nutmegs are a great way to get past defenders or make them fall over. So, if you want to become a better soccer player, be sure to learn how to do a nutmeg!

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