Deke In Hockey

What Is Deke In Hockey?


Deke is a type of hockey move where a player uses the outside part of his stick to “dodge” another player and score a goal.

Deke is a simple yet very effective move in hockey. It takes advantage of the fact that most players are not skilled at anticipating what other players are going to do. In addition to that, the player who executes the deke has a much greater opportunity to score.

Deke can be executed by both offensive and defensive players. It is usually executed as a last resort when a player is out of options.

Deke is a great move for a player to use when he has a short stick or if he is low on energy. Here is what deke means in hockey.


What Is Deke In Hockey?

In hockey, a deke is a move that a player uses to fake out the opponent. It’s typically used to create space for themselves or for their teammates.

A deke can be executed by using either the body or the stick. For example, a player could use their body to fake out an opponent by faking left and then going right; or they could use their stick to fake out an opponent by faking one direction with their body but then going in another direction with their stick (this is called “dangling”).

Deke is often used as part of a combination with other moves; for example, if a player wants to shoot on goal but knows that defenders are coming at them from both sides, they might deke one defender while passing around another one.

When a player dekes, they are trying to fool the other team into thinking that they will do one thing but then do another.

A good deke will take advantage of an opponent’s positioning or habits;

For example, if a defender always goes for poke checks when trying to knock the puck off a player’s stick, then skating past them while holding onto the puck could be an effective way to get past them.

This is a great way to get past a defender in hockey. It’s also one of the most fun moves to learn because you can use it to trick your opponents into thinking you’re going one way when you’re actually going another.

The key to deking is making your opponent believe that you’re going to do something else than what you actually intend to do. This can be accomplished by making quick cuts or changing directions quickly and unpredictably.

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Types Of Dekes

Head Fake

A head fake is a deceptive move that you can use to trick your opponent into thinking you’re going to do one thing, when in fact you’re doing something else.

The head fake is used to make your opponent think you’ve committed to one direction, when in fact you are planning on going in another. When done properly, this will cause them to lose their balance and fall over or make an incorrect move that gives you an advantage.

The head fake is one of the most common dekes used in hockey because it’s easy for even beginners to learn and execute.


Double Deke

The double deke is a move that hockey players use to fake out their opponents. It involves two quick moves in opposite directions, which can be used to confuse the goalie and create an opening for a shot on goal.

The double deke is one of the most popular moves in hockey because it’s easy to learn and has a high success rate when executed correctly. It can also be used as part of a more complex series of moves, like when a player wants to get past several defenders before shooting on net.


Toe Drag

A toe drag is a deke that involves lifting the puck off the ice, then dragging it across the surface. The player lifts the puck with their stick and drags it in one motion, usually to gain more time or space. Toe drags are often used to create an opening for a shot on goal.

The toe drag is one of the most difficult dekes to master because it requires precise timing and coordination between your feet and hands. It’s also important to know when to use this move as it can leave you vulnerable if you’re not careful with your positioning.


1-2-3 Deke

The 1-2-3 Deke is a great way to get past a defender. It’s also one of the most basic moves in hockey, so it’s important for players to be able to pull it off when they need to.

The first step is to fake like you’re going one direction, then quickly turn and go in another direction. This is called “dekeing” because it looks like you’re trying to dodge someone who’s trying to hit you (like in dodgeball).

To do this move, move toward your opponent with speed and momentum on your side. As soon as they commit themselves toward one direction or another, pivot quickly and cut back in the other direction. If done correctly, this will leave them flat-footed and unable to catch up with you before you’re past them!


The Datsyuk

The Datsyuk is a deke that is used to fake out a defender by moving the puck in one direction, then quickly pulling it back the other way. It’s named after Pavel Datsyuk, who was known for using this move to create space for himself while he was on the ice.

The best way to pull off this move is by using your body as a shield between your opponent and the puck. That way, when you pull back on it and turn around, there will be no way for them to see what you’re doing until it’s too late. And then they’ll be left chasing after air!


Backhand Toe Drag

The backhand toe drag is a deke that uses the backhand to protect the puck from defenders, and then uses the toe of your skate to drag it across the ice.

This deke is best used when you’re at full speed and have some room to maneuver. It’s also good for getting past defenders who are trying to poke check you.

To execute this move, start by skating toward an opponent with your head up and eyes focused on where you want to go.

When you get close enough, stickhandle with your backhand until you can get around them on their side of the ice.

Then drag your toe along the ice in front of them as you pass them by so they cannot get a hold of your stick or body.


How To Deke In Hockey?

Dekeing is a move that’s used in hockey to get past a defender. It can be done with the puck or without it, and it’s a great way to make an opponent look silly.

The key to deking is making sure your body is always moving towards the puck. That way, when you do fake out your opponent, they have no idea which way you’re going!

Here are some tips on how to execute different types of dekes in difference situation:



Deke a defenseman in hockey is a pretty simple concept. You just have to be able to get the defensemen moving in one direction, and then quickly change directions so that you’re going the opposite way. This can be done by using a combination of moves, including toe drags and cross-overs.

Toe drags are when you drag your toe across the ice while skating forward, which causes your body to move sideways at an angle.

You’ll want to use this move when you’re coming up on a defenseman who’s guarding against someone else on your team who has just passed the puck off to you.

When they turn their attention away from their original opponent, it will give you enough time to get close enough so that they don’t see what’s coming next!

Cross-overs are similar but involve crossing one leg over another while skating forward at full speed. This causes your body to turn quickly enough so that it looks like you’re turning around without actually turning around at all!

This is perfect when there are two defenders between yourself and open ice; just go straight through them!



The deke is a hockey move that can be used to get past a goalie and score a goal. It is one of the most popular moves in hockey, and it can be used by players of all skill levels.

A deke is executed by moving the body in such a way that it causes the goalie to move out of their intended path. The easiest way to do this is by using your stick to push off of the ice, but there are other ways as well.

The first step in executing a deke is deciding which direction you want to go after you’ve made your move. Once you’ve decided on this, start skating towards where you want to go while keeping your eyes focused on your opponent’s feet.

This will help keep them from being able to anticipate what move you’re going make next! When they start moving towards one side or another (depending on where they think you’re going), start moving in another direction entirely!

You’ll want to try doing this quickly so that they don’t have time for second thoughts about which way they should move next!

When executing this technique successfully takes some practice; however, once it becomes second nature then scoring goals will become easier than ever before!


How Do You Stop A Deke In Hockey?

In hockey, a deke is when a player tries to fake out an opponent by moving the puck in one direction while skating in another. If you want to stop a deke, there are a few things you can do.

First, keep your head on a swivel. This will help you see what’s happening around you and make it easier for you to react quickly when someone tries to deke you.

Second, make sure that when you’re playing defense, your feet are always moving. Therefore, they’re in the position to stop any passes or shots from getting through.

Finally, don’t be afraid to use your body: if someone is trying to deke past you and get open for a shot at goal, don’t let them! Get physical with them, push them off balance and make sure they can’t get past without going through your stick first!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a triple deke in hockey?

A triple deke is an advanced move in hockey that allows a player to fake out the opposing team and get past them. It’s also known as a triple fake because it involves three different steps:

  • The first step is when the player fakes like they’re going left, but then they pivot back to the right.
  • The second step is when they make another pivot back to their original direction (left).
  • And finally, the third step is when they actually go left after all of those pivots!


Which NHL player is known for the double deke?

There are plenty of players in today’s NHL who use this technique, but we’re going to focus on five of our favorites: Jonathan Toews, Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin and Connor McDavid.


How do you jump Dekes?

Jumping Dekes is one of the most fun and exciting ways to get around. The best part is that it’s super easy!

First, find yourself a good-sized group of Dekes. They should be in a relatively open area, like a park or playground. You don’t want too many people around because they’ll get in your way and make it harder to jump over them.

Next, take a deep breath and run as fast as you can towards the Dekes. When you reach them, jump over them with both feet at once! If you do it right, you’ll feel like an Olympian!



Deke is a hockey term that refers to a player’s ability to fake out an opponent by making them think they’re going one way, when in reality they’re going another. Deke is a crucial skill for players at all levels of hockey, and it can be used in many different situations.

Dekeing is often used as a way to get past defenders or break out of the zone. But it can also be used as part of an offensive strategy by creating space for teammates or forcing defenders into certain positions on the ice.

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