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What’s A Double-Double In Basketball?


What does “double-double” in basketball mean? It’s a question that comes up a lot during games. Also when watching highlights or highlight reels. What is a double? Well, in this article we’re going to discuss exactly that. I’ll help you understand what a double is and give you a clear understanding of what it means.


What’s A Double-Double In Basketball?

A double-double is a basketball statistic that describes a player who manages to score 10 or more in two of five statistical categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots. A player who achieves this is said to have notched a double-double. The term is likely derived from the longer usage “triple-double,”.

In order to earn a double-double, a player must score at least 10 points during the game. Again, players have at least one of the other four statistical categories reach double digits as well. For example, if a player has 14 points, 14 rebounds, and 4 assists, he/she has recorded a double-double. Because he/she reached double digits in both points and rebounds.

In some cases, players may reach triple digits in one category or another. For instance, if one had 30 rebounds and 20 points scored during the same game, it could be considered a double-double with 30 rebounds. Then a triple-digit rebounding statistic (50-rebound game).


How To Achieve A Double Double

The first thing to know is that there are MANY ways to achieve a double-double, but most players do it by scoring and rebounding. Here’s how:

  1. Score at least 10 points in the game
  2. Rebound at least 10 times in the game

And that’s literally all there is to it! Once you’ve done those two things, you have achieved a double-double. Congratulations!



It’s a great feeling to score 10 or more points in a basketball game. You get double the points and you feel like the best player on your team.

When you start playing basketball, it can be intimidating. Maybe you’re not tall enough to dunk the ball or fast enough to run up and down the court without getting winded. But as long as you’re scoring double digits in a game, you’re doing something right!

In order to get 10 or more points in a game, you need to be focused. Concentrate on making your shots, and stay out of foul trouble. If the other team is shooting free throws because of your fouling, that’s less time for you and your team to play offense.

If you really want to score 10 or more points in a basketball game, practice your dribbling at home. Being able to dribble well will make it easier for you to get past defenders when they are trying to stop your shot.

Finally, play with confidence! Even if you’re not sure how well you’re going to do in a game, if you walk onto the court with confidence, others will see that and follow suit. This will make them trust their teammates more and play better overall.



Rebounding is a great way to get a double-double. It’s challenging, but with some practice and a few tips, you’ll be grabbing rebounds like a pro!

First, it helps to understand what rebounding is. Rebounding is when you get the ball after someone shoots it.

There are two types of rebounds:

  • Defensive rebounds
  • Offensive rebounds

A defensive rebound happens when your opponent shoots the ball and misses, and you catch it. As a result, your team can have possession of the ball.

An offensive rebound happens when your team shoots the ball and misses. But then one of your teammates catches it instead so that your team doesn’t lose possession of the ball.

To get a double-double in rebounding, you need to have 10 or more rebounds in one game. That might sound like a lot, but it’s actually pretty easy if you know how to do it! Here are three tips for getting more rebounds:

1) Know where the ball will go when someone shoots it. That way you can be ready to run over and grab it before anyone else does!

2) Be aggressive! If you want that rebound bad enough then don’t be afraid to push other players out of your way. So they don’t steal the ball.


To get that double-double, you’ll need to find a way to rack up assists. Assists are when you set up a teammate for a successful basket.

If you’re looking for more assists, try playing a different position than you’re used to. Playing as forward or center will give you more opportunities for rebounds. But it will also limit your chances of making assists. When you play guard or point guard, you’ll be able to move the ball around and help your teammates set up their shots more easily. It means more free throws and layups while they’re getting ready to shoot.


Blocks and Steals

Blocks and steals are the most underrated ways to get points. It’s not hard to make a block or steal. You just have to be brave.

You need to be able to see into the future. If you see someone is going for a layup, then you have to be ready. Block their shot and take the ball right by them. Get it under control and head downcourt for an easy two points.

Steals are similar but trickier. You have to wait until they pass the ball before you can advance toward it so they don’t catch it again. After that, head down the court and get the ball into your possession so you can score. Then if you want even more points, try for a three-pointer at the end of the court!

Remember: practice makes perfect!


Benefits Of Achieving Double Double

When you’re playing basketball, it’s not just about scoring as many points as you can. It’s also about dominating in assists and rebounds. That’s what we call a “double-double,” and it’s a big deal.

But why? Well, there are many reasons.

For one thing, if you’re racking up the rebounds and assists, that means your team has a better chance of winning. It proves that you’re a team player who understands the importance of collaboration and cooperation.

Not only that but getting your double means that you’re making an impact on the game in multiple ways. That shows versatility and determination which are great traits to have both in sports and in life!

And finally, scoring more than 10 points and having more than 10 assists or rebounds looks really impressive on your stats sheet. If you’re trying to get scouted by colleges or professional teams, this is a really good way to show them what you can do!


The Risks

There are no downsides to scoring a double-double in basketball. Double doubles are both thrilling and rare. So there’s nothing but good that can come from scoring one.


Who Are The Most Successful Players With Double-Doubles?

When you think of the most successful players in NBA history, a few names immediately come to mind: Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, and so on. But what about the players whose stats aren’t as flashy? We’re talking about the double-double guys. They’re like the unappreciated middle children of basketball.

So we decided to do some research. The following is a list of the most successful players with double-doubles in NBA history.


Tim Duncan

With 841 double-doubles over the course of his career, The Big Fundamental has to be considered one of the best players ever. While he averaged 19 points and 10.8 rebounds per game, it’s his tenacity and consistency that truly set him apart. He had a double-double in 38% of all the games he ever played—a number that’s not just high, but borderline unbelievable.


Karl Malone

Malone put up 814 double-doubles over the 1,476 total games while averaging 25.0 PPG and 10.1 RPG. A true power forward, he was a force to be reckoned with throughout his entire career. The Mailman was named to 14 All-Star teams and earned two MVP honors along the way at the NBA All-Star Game.


Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakeem The Dream averaged 21.8 points per game for his career and had 775 double-doubles in 1,238 games. It’s no surprise that Olajuwon is on this list: he was also a 12x All-Star, 2x MVP, and won two NBA Championship rings.



A double-double in basketball is a very impressive statistic. It means that a player has scored double-digit points and grabbed double-digit rebounds. Some of the best players in the NBA have achieved this feat. Moreover, It is something that all basketball fans should appreciate.

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