Best Hockey Gloves for Girls

Best Hockey Gloves for Girls

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Hockey is a game of extreme precision and agility. If you plan to advance in ice hockey, then you need to synchronize your movements with your hockey skates to establish an exceptional balance over the surface.

My daughter watches hockey every day, and it is her dream to play for her favorite club one day. As a parent, I am responsible for providing her with all the hockey kits.

Do hockey gloves differ in terms of girls? Not necessarily! As long as the gloves tightly fit in your hands, it does not matter whether the glove is unisex or not.

Choosing the best hockey gloves for girls depends on the type of hockey and the positioning of the players. The rest of this article will show you the review of different hockey gloves based on field hockey, ice hockey, and roller hockey.

Stay tuned!

Our list of the best 11 hockey gloves for girls in 2022:

1. Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves

Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves

2. STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves with Climate Control

STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves with Climate Control

3. Bauer S18 NSX Senior Hockey Gloves – Ergo Flex Thumb, Nash Palm with Overlay

Bauer S18 NSX Senior Hockey Gloves - Ergo Flex Thumb, Nash Palm with Overlay

4. Bauer Youth Prodigy Ice Hockey Gloves

Bauer Youth Prodigy Ice Hockey Gloves

5. Mylec Mk5 Pro Player Ball & Roller Hockey Glove

Mylec Mk5 Pro Player Ball & Roller Hockey Glove (1)

6. Harrow Double Down Gloves

Harrow Double Down Gloves

7. STX Surgeon 300 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves

STX Surgeon 300 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves

8. Grays International Pro Field Hockey Gloves

Grays International Pro Field Hockey Gloves

9. Franklin Sports NHL Kids Youth Street Hockey Gloves

Franklin Sports NHL Kids Youth Street Hockey Gloves

10. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Ice Hockey Glove

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Ice Hockey Glove

11. Hummingbird Sports Girls Genuine Leather Lacrosse and Field Hockey Gloves

Hummingbird Sports Girls Genuine Leather Lacrosse and Field Hockey Gloves

Review of Top 11 Hockey Gloves for Girls

Hockey gloves come in different sizes and styles, and a hockey glove for a goalie will not be suitable for a player who will be playing forward. Additionally, we have also considered the age variation so that we do not want to discourage all the young hockey players out there.

We have created a list of eleven to choose the best pair of hockey gloves for your daughter among many hockey gloves. I hope you enjoy our shortlist.

1. Warrior Senior Alpha QX Pro Gloves

Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves

Size: 15

Color: Black/Red/White

Weight: 1.25 Pounds

The first thing to look at is trendy models ruling the hockey gloves business so far. Therefore, here I present you with Warrior Senior Alpha QX Pro gloves.

Warrior has got you covered if you look for lightweight and trending hockey gloves. It allows you to perfectly fit your hockey stick to your hands, and the puck control is off the chart.

Warrior gloves come with a unique design sense and attractive red color, which will gather the attention of many female hockey payers. The palm area is made from polygene material which ensures that your hands stay dry and hygienic for the entire game.

The hybrid flex technology allows you to move your finger muscles without any discomfort. Along with that, the entire glove is surrounded by special shock-absorbing foam to protect you from any kind of injury.

Warrior brings you black and white to make your decision easier if you do not like eye-catching red color. The package dimension is  ‎12.01 x 11.5 x 5.98 inches, and the glove weighs about 1.25 pounds.

Lightweight hockey gloves are extremely important in a game so that you can take your turns quickly to open a scoreline for your team. These hockey gloves’ shock-absorbing capabilities make them durable and long-lasting for hockey players. The available size of this model is given by 15 inches.

You can end up with all these fantastic features of Warrior gloves; all you have to do is spend a reasonable amount of money as the manufacturers claim that Warrior gloves are affordable for all hockey enthusiasts.

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2. STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves with Climate Control

STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves with Climate Control

Size: 12″

Color: Navy

If you are looking for the best hockey gloves for ice hockey, you are in the right place and reading the right product description. Most people do not know that you can play ice hockey even if it is not winter.

That is why STX Lacrosse brought a hockey glove with a unique climate control feature. During winter, you will need a good amount of protection to keep your hands warm during the play. Surgeon 500 comes with a thick fabric that prevents the flow of cold waves through it.

It features a good ventilation system to maintain a steady flow of air in and out of the gloves to keep your hands sweat-free in summer. This climate control ensures that you grow enough confidence in yourself to have the best output in the game.

Now let us look at the construction of this hockey glove. The palm region is associated with thick fabric, enabling the stick to hold very firmly. The thumb finger stands on the brink of most possible injuries during a hockey match.

That is why the upper portion of this hockey glove is covered with carbon fiber to provide firm protection to your thumb. Also, the patent-pending ISO technology allows you to rotate your thumb very quickly, giving you excellent control over the hockey stick.

The size of this hockey glove is given by 12 inches which is most suitable for many female players. Moreover, the palm region is made from AX suede, a material specially developed in Korea for hockey gloves.

It provides excellent comfort and durability, and STX took the responsibility to include this feature in Surgeon 500. The item dimension is  ‎15.28 x 11.65 x 5.83 inches, and the weight is almost 0.7 pounds. Therefore, if you ever want all-season lightweight hockey gloves, do not forget to consider Surgeon 500.

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3. Bauer S18 NSX Senior Hockey Gloves

Bauer S18 NSX Senior Hockey Gloves - Ergo Flex Thumb, Nash Palm with Overlay

Size: 15″

Color: Red

Material: Nylon

If you wish to learn to play hockey and need a pair of gloves for a hard-core training session, then Bauer S18 NSX hockey gloves will be perfect for you. The outer region of these gloves is made from polyester mesh, giving it a robust design.

It has an extra layer of Ivory Nash palm to ensure more durability, which is ready to face any tackle your opponent throw at you. You do not have to worry about the safety level during your training because if you wear Bauer S18 NSX, the extra thickness of foam prevents any injury to your fingers and wrist.

Wet hands are a real problem when it comes to hockey. The liner inside the gloves contains hydrophobic mesh property, which absorbs all the moisture, keeping your hands dry during the play.

Most hockey players question the fitness quality of the gloves. The size of the Bauer S18 glove is 15 inches which allows comfortable fitting in the fingers and a slightly loose fit in the palm for efficient air circulation.

Nylon is composed inside the fabric of this glove to become tear-resistant, increasing the longevity of the gloves. If you choose to purchase this model for your little girl, visit their website to find more size options.

In the case of colors, it comes in red, blue, and black. One thing which should come as a disadvantage for field hockey players is that Bauer S18 is always sold in pairs.

Therefore, you can consider this model suitable for ice hockey. Considering the level of comfort, safety protection, and performance, it will not be a crime to spend a bit much and buy this pair for field hockey. After all, your comfort comes first!

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4. Bauer Youth Prodigy Ice Hockey Gloves

Bauer Youth Prodigy Ice Hockey Gloves

Size: 9.0

Color: Black

Weight: 0.2 Kilogram

Why would young talented girls stay behind in terms of hockey? Bauer also designed special hockey gloves for them to shine in hockey. The Youth Prodigy is the best hockey glove for children, which is extremely lightweight and robust.

Why would you buy these products for your children? The fabric in the palm region has an efficient ventilation system that circulates the air efficiently around the fingers, keeping your child’s hand dry.

Children will not bare sweat for a long time, and that is why the fabric maintains prolonged ventilation for your child to train with complete focus. The foams situated at the top are very thick and robust, which protect the kids from any injury.

Bauer does not make products that fit loose. If you purchase Youth Prodigy, the manufacturers guarantee that the gloves will fit according to the size level of that particular child.

Furthermore, the sizes available are 8 inches and 9 inches which is the average size for all teenagers. The strap in the gloves contains maximum grip and will not get lost over time.

The item dimension is 9.1 x 8.9 x 4 inches. You do not want your kid to get tired after two or three shots because the gloves in her hands are a bit heavy, and that is why Bauer reduced the weight of Youth Prodigy to 0.4 pounds.

Above all, this model of hockey gloves is highly affordable, which is a moment of relief for some parents because they do not have to spend much for their hockey enthusiast’s daughter at home.

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5. Mylec MK5 Pro Roller Hockey Gloves

Mylec Mk5 Pro Player Ball & Roller Hockey Glove (1)

Size: 13″

Color: Black/White

Material: Nylon

Apart from protection and ventilation, perfectly fitting hockey gloves are also crucial in a hockey match or training session. Mylec focused on the fitting part and has brought a three-roll design of MK5 Pro.

If you are a roller hockey player, you might want to consider this model of hockey gloves. The design of this hockey glove is unique, which comes in black color with the logo Mylec written on top of the gloves in big fonts.

The foams on the upper portion are not too thick but sturdy enough to provide the protection that a roller hockey player deserves. These gloves are very easy to manage because of their considerable amount of thickness.

You can shoot and tackle with the greatest agility thanks to the firm grip and well-ventilated environment, which keeps the fingers sweat-free. You can push your gloves to the maximum limit because the foams contain elasticity with a high breaking point.

So, it can absorb any mechanical stress during the training session or any matches. Yes! Every roller hockey player deserves comfort wearing their gloves, and Mylec has done something unique here.

The Nylon material makes the fabric soft but durable, making the glove more breathable and more comforting. As this is the article about the best hockey gloves for girls, other readers do not get offended as Mylec introduced this glove as uni-sex.

This means that Mylec MK5 is suitable both for girls and boys. The weight of this glove is given by 0.56 pounds, and the item dimension is 15.98 x 7.99 x 4.02 inches.

If you are not completely satisfied with the service of the product, you can return them within 30 days of the expiry date, and they ensure you a full money-back guarantee.

But, as a Mylec MK5 user myself, I can assure you that it does live up to its featured reputation!


6. Harrow Double Down Gloves

Harrow Double Down Gloves

Size: S/M/L

Color: Black

Material: Faux Leather

Attention all girls! You might have seen many models until now that you think it might not suit you. But Harrow company specially designs hockey gloves for girls, and they have introduced their new model in town, which is Double Down gloves.

You will fall in love with this model when you first see it. The outlook of this design is phenomenal as the paddings consist of black color underneath the palm region.

The paddings consist of an extra layer of foam to minimize any ice hockey injury. It also gets rid of the tension of frequently changing the hockey gloves. Harrow introduced Faux leather material inside the Double Down gloves to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

This solid yet flexible construction also ensures that this model fits into any female’s hands. If the fingers get lost a little bit, you can apply more force on the strap to fit it perfectly.

Double Down gloves came into consideration after looking at its ventilation property which provides ultimate breathing room for the hands and keeps them dry.

There are small holes in the palm region that circulates air inside. Moreover, the see-through fabric at the side of the fingers allows them to stay dry. Above all, this model is affordable for all female hockey players.

Therefore, my suggestion will be, if you are dedicated towards hockey, consider this pair of gloves as your companion.

7. STX Surgeon 300 Hockey Gloves

STX Surgeon 300 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves

Size: 14″

Color: Navy/Red

Material: Plastic

Here I am with another product from STX. They are a well-reputed brand best known for their premium quality hockey gloves. One other piece of information about them is that they do not compromise on the quality, which brought them this much popularity.

The Surgeon 300 is designed in such a way that the fabric of this glove lies down with the player’s hands. The backside region is tapered with a cuff, and the several knuckle braces ensure safety during the play.

Also, the players can move their hands with great ease and comfort because of this design structure. Do not worry about sweat and moisture, as STX Surgeon 300 has got your back.

The Dri-lex moisture liner quickly absorbs any sweat associated with a thrilling first half, keeping your finger dry and fresh to go for the second half.

Foams included in the upper regions have maximum shock-absorbing capabilities to absorb any rough tackles from the opponent team. When you combine all the above features, you get a robust model of hockey gloves that is ready to serve you for years.

The item’s dimension is given by 12.1 x 9.6 x 6 inches, and the weight is 1 pound. Therefore, because of being lightweight, which will help you control your hockey stick more efficiently, there is another reason to consider buying this model.

The only major drawback to this product is that, because it is eventually of a tapered shape, these gloves can run a bit tight due to various circumstances.

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8. Grays International Field Hockey Gloves

Grays International Pro Field Hockey Gloves

Size: M

Color: Black/Fluo Yellow

Material: Spandex

Another hockey category is field hockey which is generally played wearing hockey gloves on the one hand only. When it comes to choosing the best field hockey gloves, Grays International will provide you with all the fantastic features.

When it comes to choosing the perfect size, Grays International provides you with three options- extra small, small, and medium. As this glove is mainly focused on female hockey players, they also came up with various color options to attract more female customers.

Now let us dig into the fabric quality, which consists of Lycra cloth that ensures enough room for ventilation. Furthermore, the fingers contain foam pads which are also made from the same fabric.

Therefore, the whole gloves ensure continuous airflow during the play. The foam pad is given for safety or to withstand any mechanical impact from the opponent players.

The wrist portion features the cotton layer with excellent elasticity for the player to become more flexible with the fingers and provide more comfort. Many people suggest that hockey gloves’ grip tend to vary with the weather condition.

This might be the cause of moisture in the environment, but thanks to Grays International, the all-weather grip in the palm balances your confidence and hand movement in the play.

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9. Franklin NHL Hockey Gloves

Franklin Sports NHL Kids Youth Street Hockey Gloves

Size: Junior Medium – 11″

Color: Black/White

Material: Faux Leather

If you are a street hockey player who made up his mind to play some ice hockey, this pair of gloves can withstand the impact of both types of hockey. For this reason, you can consider Franklin NHL hockey gloves as an affordable model.

They are generally not developed to serve at the professional level, but their construction and unique design ensure sufficient protection and performance on the field.

It is also worth noting that, for the most part, these gloves are designed with comfort in mind. The glove’s cuffs are loose, which keeps them from feeling too confining. Furthermore, the finger gussets are knitted and give plenty of airflows.

Hence, your fingers will stay comfy and dry in terms of ventilation while wearing Franklin NHL gloves. Furthermore, you will not receive any odor coming out of the gloves due to sweating.

As the manufacturers define that this model is compatible for both ice and street hockey, the cuffs are loose, providing comfort and great for street hockey.

But ice hockey requires more grip on hands during the play, and loose cuffs might distract you from the game. To make the matter worse, these gloves come in only two sizes- 10 and 11 inches, making it hard to find the perfect fitting.

The item dimension is 9 x 9 x 4 inches, which gives 0.3 pounds. Therefore, though some might suggest it is not suitable for ice hockey. Lightweight hand gloves are also vital in ice hockey, so make your decision wisely.


10. STX RX3 Ice Hockey Gloves

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Ice Hockey Glove

Size: 11″/12″/15″

Color: Black

Material: Other

If you are looking for the best budget-friendly hockey gloves for ice hockey players, STX RX3 will be the right choice for you. These gloves ensure perfect fitting, which enhances both control over your hands and your hockey sticks.

When it comes to the level of comfort, the seam reduction in the palm region ensures that the smooth fabric can lie around your palm. The construction of this material is given by abrasion-resistant material.

This material is mainly graded from the composition of different compounds, which increases the durability and longevity and, not to mention, ensures maximum protection to the player.

The foams installed on the fingers can absorb impact from the opponent team players, and hence there will be less chance of any severe finger injury.

Furthermore, the strap has a guard lock system that ensures the hockey gloves’ excellent grip with the wrist end. This gives the player enough confidence while holding the hockey stick, and hence they can dribble and shoot very efficiently.

In the case of ventilation, the abrasion material consists of numerous pores which circulate air inside and outside the gloves. Though it is heard that other models of gloves provide better protection than STX RX3, you will not find a single model that offers this level of protection within this budget.


11. Hummingbird Sports Field Hockey Gloves

Hummingbird Sports Girls Genuine Leather Lacrosse and Field Hockey Gloves

Size: L/XS/M/S

Color: Grey

Material: Spandex, Leather

Here we are with another suitable model of hockey gloves for girls. The Hummingbird Sports field hockey gloves provide Cabretta leather and Lycra Mesh firm construction.

The two materials combined provide the female players with greater comfort. Lycra Mesh fabric has the ability to pass air particles within, which makes it suitable for providing ventilation inside the gloves.

Hummingbird hockey gloves have light foam padding situated in places across the gloves which absorbs the impact of the collision with other players, thus keeping you safe without any injury.

The Cabretta leather provides the required elasticity to fit the gloves perfectly. A fit gloves account for more grip with the hockey stick, thus increasing a payer’s confidence to shoot more at the goal.

Hummingbird Sports Glove is a glove that provides warmth and protection while also delivering a fantastic grip that helps you to perform at your best. Therefore, it does not compromise the performance level.

What sizes do you prefer? Whatever it is, Hummingbird comes in various sizes, starting from extra small, small, medium, and ending to large. Not just in sizes, Hummingbird also offers two color options to choose from- Gray and Black.

Hummingbird is a company that focuses on sports equipment, especially for girls. They listen to their feedback, and based on those comments; they tend to update their sports kits.

In terms of budget, they are pretty flexible, and when you go online to search for some hockey gloves for girls, do not forget to visit Hummingbird’s website.

Best Hockey Gloves for Girls – Buying Guide

Buying a pair of hockey gloves depends on five primary factors. They are:

  • Protection Level
  • Performance
  • Weight and Size
  • Level of Skill
  • Material
  • Price

Before going to the local store or pressing the ‘Buy Now’ on Amazon, carefully research these factors. Luckily, we have included a broad description of each of them individually. Check out our buying guide for the best hockey gloves for girls.

Protection Level

We first need to ensure that a good pair of hockey gloves have to protect her owner. The wrist area should have strong elasticity to absorb the shock from the surface when a player falls.

Finger areas and flex rolls should all have a sufficient amount of thickness, and they should be durable enough to last for a very long time.


If a pair of hockey gloves provide you with top-notch performance, you will boost your confidence to shoot or pass very skillfully. Ensure your gloves have enough room for air circulation to keep your fingers dry.

Moreover, it should have enough flexibility to account for the frequent contraction of finger muscles. Thanks to my review of the best hockey gloves, your daughter will get a perfect pair of gloves.

Weight and Size

You do not want hockey gloves to roam loose in your hands, do you? That is why perfect fit matters. If you have a loose pair, it will decrease your performance, which is a guarantee.

Therefore, take measurements of your fingers and your wrist and match them with the size list of the chosen product. If you still remain confused, I have mentioned some standard hockey glove sizes below.

Measure your own and compare them with the standard value to know your perfect size.

  • Youth: 8 – 10 inches
  • Junior: 11 – 12 inches
  • Senior: 13 – 15 inches

One other thing to consider while buying the best hockey gloves for girls is their weight.

If you have heavyweight hockey gloves, it might slow down your passes and shoots during the game and might hamper the team’s strategy.

If you do not want to be a burden on your team, always choose hockey gloves with the least amount of weight.

Level of Skill

Fancy tools do not improve the playmaking quality of a player. If you are a beginner-level hockey player who just bought gloves with all of your pocket money, you might lose interest in hockey after a month.

For all hocket beginner level hockey enthusiasts, there are many gloves model available which produces top-class performance on a very reasonable budget.

The first thing to do is improve your gameplay and spend a buck load of money on expensive hockey gloves.


Nowadays, hockey gloves come with premium quality materials followed by an advanced manufacturing process to ensure perfect production on a large scale.

In the last 10 years, hockey gloves have been made from heavy leather, which gave the needed durability but were too heavy to handle very easily.

The manufacturers tend to solve this problem by introducing high-grade materials for the construction, which maintains both durability and lightweight property.

Some common materials for hockey gloves are as follows:

  • Nylon for better durability
  • Gore-Tex for more breathability
  • Foam padding to absorb the shock and provide minor injury
  • Multiple leather and fabric to maintain comfort and grip during the play


Truth be told, there is a saying about hockey gloves, ‘you get what you pay for!’ If you are looking for affordable hockey gloves, you might not have good protection features or even a lightweight model.

My suggestion will spend a good amount of money buying the gloves if you want to learn hockey with maximum dedication. Many cheap gloves can service you until the end of the vacation for players who take hockey as a thing to do this winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I pick up the perfect size of hockey gloves?

Most people often mistake measuring their hands for the perfect size of hockey gloves, and all you need to do is measure the distance from the tip of the most extended finger to the opening of your wrists.

When you get that distance in inches, that is the number which you will match with the sizes of your most preferred hockey gloves.

What are the materials used for ice hockey gloves?

Ice hockey players face a lot of mechanical stress and danger while playing on an ice field. They should have a glove pair of maximum durability and provides resistance to damage and debris on the surface.

Synthetic leather is the finest material to fulfill all the above requirements, and many ice hockey glove manufacturers nowadays produce gloves with synthetic leather.

What is the cost of ice hockey gloves?

Ice hockey gloves are always cheap, but there is always an exceptional model. The models of ice hockey gloves mentioned above are all in between the affordable price range.

For children, ice hockey gloves usually cost less. As the age increases, size increases, and the materials should be sturdy enough to fulfill a professional player’s needs.

Hence, cost also increases.

What is the function of the loop in the hockey gloves?

The role of the loop in the hockey gloves is to provide you with safety, and it prevents the thumb from dislocation when you lose your hockey stick and fall on the playing surface.

Are hockey gloves durable enough?

The paddings of the hockey gloves mainly come with rigid, thick nylon materials. Moreover, the leather palms further increase durability.

Research says that wearing fine sturdy hockey gloves results in no wrist or finger injury during the game. So, yes, hockey gloves are durable enough!

How to soften the recently purchased hockey gloves?

After you bought your first pair, it might be a little tight initially. Therefore, you need to clench your fist to expand the gloves slightly.

A straightforward way to do this is to wear those all the time while you are at home, watching tv, or enjoying an excellent family talk.

What is the average lifespan of hockey gloves?

If someone purchases a well-researched durable hockey glove, then the average lifespan of hockey gloves is 4 – 5 years. As their finger grows through puberty, younger hockey players will need a new pair after 1 – 2 years.

For adults, one set of gloves will service them for 3 – 4 years, depending on the frequency of the usage.

Does hockey tape deteriorate the quality of the hockey gloves?

Hockey tapes are made of cloth with fine fabric which completely synchronizes with the fabrics of the hockey gloves. Whether the hockey tape is black or white, it does not ruin the quality of the gloves.

What are the standard features to look for in hockey gloves?

Two prominent features to consider in hockey gloves are- durability and mobility. Durability ensures that the gloves are sturdy enough to absorb any wear and tear on the player’s face.

On the other hand, mobility ensures how well you handle your hockey stick with gloves. A perfect hockey glove should produce excellent friction between the stick and the glove’s palm.

What is the ideal time to replace hockey gloves?

Check the quality of your hockey gloves at the start of every season. Many ice hockey goalkeepers need to defend the shots with their gloves. Therefore, the fabric in the palm region might deteriorate quickly.

That fabric is not only used to protect shots but also absorbs shock and prevents you from any injury. Also, as youth players grow from time to time, they will need a new pair to replace the old ones.

Does a field hockey player wear one hockey glove?

Most field hockey players wear one glove on their left hand during the game. As they engage in many tackles, their left hand is exposed to the opponents, which increases the chance of injury.

Therefore, they should wear a nice sturdy glove to protect their fingers and wrist. If your daughter is a lefty, then there are many right-handed field hockey gloves in the market to choose from.

What are the sizes of hockey gloves for children?

The size of the hockey gloves differs depending on the age limit. For girls with ages between 4 and 7 years, the glove size should be 8 inches, and the glove length will be 7 – 8 inches.

Those who fall between the age of 6 and 9 years should get a glove size of 9 inches and an 8 – 9 inches glove length.

And, for the age of 8 – 11 years, a glove size of 10 inches and glove length of 9 – 10 inches will fit perfectly.

What are the advantages of hockey gloves?

Below are some advantages of wearing hockey gloves during a game.

  • It keeps your hand warm and dry
  • It helps to dribble faster
  • Provides grip while holding the hockey stick
  • Ensures safety of the fingers and wrist
  1. Can we wash hockey gloves regularly?

Yes! Washing your hockey gloves on a regular basis keeps the fabric fresh, which increases their longevity. Do not use high-power detergent to clean the gloves; the bleach might destroy the material and soften the palm surface.


It is a matter of no surprise that if you wear durable, suitable equipment will be a critical component of safely enjoying a high-impact activity like hockey.

You will ultimately determine a large portion of your selection on your tastes, money, and general degree of competence in the activity itself.

For my recommendation for the best hockey gloves for girls, I think Hummingbird Gloves will win the first prize as the company is dedicated to making sports kits for females.

I hope this review comes in handy for you, and make sure to do your research while roaming around the internet and looking at different products.

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