Why do baseball players wear gold chains

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Gold Chains?

Isn’t it weird to know why baseball players wear gold chains outside their jerseys? You might have seen baseball players wear gold chains, considered the best gold chins for their fans. Well, the solid reason might be players wear gold chains because they wanted to look superior. Alternatively, they might afford them. However, therefore we […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo Jump

How High Can Cristiano Ronaldo Jump

Cristiano Ronaldo’s long jump ability astonishes almost all football lovers. His ultimate jumps shock almost everyone. “How high can Cristiano Ronaldo jump?” That’s the question that comes to mind whenever you think about his jumps. Actually, Ronaldo’s highest jump was recorded in 2013 against Manchester United. In that match, he jumped 2.93 meters (115 inches) […]

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