Baseball Players Wear Cups

Do Professional Baseball Players Wear Cups?

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It seems you are a professional baseball fan and want to know do professional baseball players wear cups? Right!

And the answer would be yes! Why? 

The reason professional baseball players wear cups is to protect their crotch area. But what baseball cup is? 

Likewise, a kind of athletic cup / or plastic ball-type thing is designed to protect players’ crotch area from baseball balls.

Thus, most people also ask, is it essential to wear a baseball cup while playing? Take a look and read a secret that I’ve revealed!

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What is a protective cup?

Most MLB major league baseball fans ask for protective cups. And you might know what a baseball protective cup is? 

Well, the protective cap is a kind of metallic hardball made of plastic light material to protect your private area. 

Ordinarily, the protective cup is designed to provide players assurance and solace during playing.  

Practically, all baseball pitchers wear cups. Because you know nobody wants to get hurt in their sensitive area during the game. That’s where the protective cup defends your body. 

You might be clear enough about the baseball cap. Now let’s have a look. Is it advisable to require a baseball cap?


Do Baseball Players Wear Cups? Would it be advisable for them to be Required?

Well, baseball players definitely wear cups. But most time, wearing cups vary from league to league.

Thus, the reason behind wearing a cup is to defend your sexual organs drastically. 

Due to Sports-related Testicular Injuries, it is required to use protective suspects during the game. 

Thus, most professional baseball players are advised to wear cups because of damage to genitalia. 

Now, let’s see what if you wore a baseball cup; how is it beneficial for you?


How Much Impact Does A Hit To The Groin Have?

When you get hit in the groin, it’s bad. We know that. But had you ever considered how much worse it would be if that hit was a baseball?

But let’s back up for a second: you might be thinking, “Isn’t the cup supposed to protect me?”

It’s true, that a cup can help prevent damage to the testicular area and the scrotum. But it won’t protect your lower abdomen from impact. And if you think about it, most balls are going to have more than just one way of hitting you.

One way is straight on and another is going to be when they bounce off something else. That means there’s a chance that your groin will get hit by more than one ball at once. And that means trouble.

So how exactly does this affect your groin? Well, when you get hit in the groin with something like a baseball or even a cricket ball (which is about four times heavier), your body will react by contracting those muscles around your pelvis and groin area to try and protect itself from further damage.

This contraction causes pressure on all those vital blood vessels and nerves that run through that region of your body. This can lead to pain from nerve damage.


Benefits Of Wearing Cups

Baseball is a game that requires a lot of movement. This means that there are many chances for injuries to occur. One of the best advantages of wearing cups is it would defend your crotch insurance and obstruct your adaptability. Correct!

In baseball, you might know the chance of hitting a ball at the crotch area is high via spikes, ball, or bat.

Because the movement in baseball is high, it can cause injury faster compared to other sports. As the ball comes up at high speed, which is dangerous for the pitcher.

So, therefore, it would be beneficial to wear baseball if you want safety throughout the game.


Why Don’t Baseball Players Wear Cups?

Baseball players don’t wear cups because they are made of metal and would interfere with their ability to hit the ball. It’s estimated that about 1/5th of all balls hit off a bat goes through the space between a player’s legs. The average baseball game has about fifty pitches thrown.

So if you do the math, that’s about ten pitches between each player’s legs per game.

And those aren’t just any pitches, they’re fastballs! Imagine the kind of force behind those pitches. Now imagine that force hitting you in the family jewels, it can be pretty painful.

The reason why baseball players don’t wear cups is that they need to be able to move freely during games. And metal cups would inhibit their movement and therefore make them slower on the field.


Few examples of MLB players not wearing a cup?

You might know there have been several incidents that happened in the MLB season. Which find most players don’t wear baseball cups. 

Although, one of the injuries came with Jordan Valdespin in 2013. Where a ball came with a speed of 90s, hit his groins. (And the worth thing was he wanted to wear a baseball cap.

After the injury, his manager said in a post, “You would think. You would be smarter enough to wear a cup.”

The other injury came up in 2009 with Farmwe Adrain Beltre being hit by a hardball between his legs.

Thus it was the back injury he had massive testicular bleeding and swelling after the game. It looked like it was his last season (fortunately, it didn’t).

What influences the decision to wear or not wear a cup?

Though you’ve seen the back injuries with groin and massively severe testicular contusions damage cause the player to influence the decision to war or not wear a cup.

So, it’s not that hard to understand whether to wear the baseball cap or not. Moreover, you have to. 

Now it seems you got the idea of wearing a protective cup in baseball. Right 

Moreover, take a look at how can you choose the right protective cup?


How to choose the right protective cup?

Now, it’s the best time to choose the right protective cup if you are a baseball player. Why? 

After reading about most back injuries, you might wonder how to choose the best metallic cup with a perfect size.

Furthermore, you know, every spot has certain guidelines that help you choose the right baseball cap. 

Here are a few which might give your some ideas.

  • Extra-large for adults (36-46 inches)
  • Large above 18 (28-30 inches)
  • Medium size (28-30 inches)
  • Small size _22-28 inches)
  • Extra small (19-22 inches, pee/ wee. Ages 5-7)


Thus, there you find a few more designs depending on the size. You can also try over your jeans before buying one. 

Let’s move; which baseball cups should you prefer?


Jockstrap or compression shorts: which would you prefer?

You’ll often be glad to know that there are two ways to adjust a protective cup and which one would be more comfortable for you.

So here are they.


  • Jockstraps

Most professional baseball players prefer jockstraps which are more popular than several other cups supporter. 

But most of you wonder to know whether MLB players wear jockstraps.

Yes, for sure, that would!

Because it’s a kind of practice having two plastic straps at the end which hold a cup between the legs.

The pouch is given for adjusting the baseball cap, and the jockstraps will keep the cup in a specific place. 

For holding pouch, jockstraps are great for holding baseball cups. That is why professional baseball players choose jockstraps for safety concerns. 


  • Compression shorts

Whereas compression shorts are designed for players who have sensitive skin. Compression shorts also work the same as jockstraps do. They hold the baseball cups at a specific place.

Thus compressions shorts are an excellent alternative for elastic bands as they are irritating enough to avoid.   

As you see, baseball cup choices. Now take a look at some steps of wearing a protective cup. 


How to wear a protective cup in just 6 steps?

Although, there are 6 steps to wearing a protective cup appropriately. Do follow them!


  • Take a compression shorts/ Jockstrap and fix it at the middle seem. You would see at the nearest of the waist. Use your finger to adjust the shorts down inside and push your protective cup in the middle area.
  • In a short jockstrap case, you need to adjust it inside of your underwear. Place your leg over the hoops and pull the waistband above your leg. Once it has adjusted, the elastic band comes to their positions.
  • But in the compression shorts case, pull them above depending on hurting poorly you do in boxer shorts. Pull it till it crosses over the top position and adjusts the waistline if needed.
  • The best is to test is to take a walk and make some lunges. Move the protective part and make sure it’s adjusted accordingly.
  • The last step is before using jockstraps, keep washing them, and don’t place them, sweaty in your gym bag. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Do pitchers wear cups?

Yes, baseball pitchers were cups, as of which mentioned earlier, the history of injuries in baseball. 


What do baseball players wear under their pants?

Most often, baseball players wear a protective cup (which is a metallic lighter elastic ball) used to protect the crotch area while playing. 

So, it’s the baseball cup that players wear under their pants. 


Do baseball players still wear jockstraps?

Yes, definitely; if you ate baseball players, you might see most players recommend wearing jockstraps under their paint. 

Although there are several choices, jockstraps are comfortable for most players, and still, they wear them.


Do high school baseball players wear cups?

It seems high school baseball players wear cups because no player wants to get hurt. Right!

So, whether it would be high school baseball, minor, or college leagues, it’s advisable to wear protective cups. 

Although, Do infielders wear cups?

Thus, whether it would be infielders, they most like to wear cups. 


Should I wear a cup in baseball?

Surely you need to wear a cup in baseball whether you would be a high school baseball player, middle school, or even college school baseball player. Right!


Do major league leagues pitchers wear cups?

Unquestionably, yes, major league pitchers need to wear cups before the plating game. 


Does not everyone wear a cup in the MLB?

In most professional MLB leagues, players don’t really prefer to wear cups due to uncomfortable behavior. 

These players are very few because they feel their performance will be disrupted by wearing cups. 


Why do baseball players “play” with their crotches so much?

Or why are baseball players continuously adjusting their crotch area? Is this just a time-honored tradition, or is there some inherent related to equipment?

Well, the reason behind crotching is the protective cup. And the baseball uniform, which is a bit tight around the crotch. 

Most time, you see baseball players adjust their protective cups and crotch again and again. Which is due to the fact their baseball cups are an annoying thing to handle. 



As you have seen, do professional baseball players wear cups? And the answer you’d find is yes. Surely.

And the reason is apparent enough. Right! But, you see as well the unfortunate misconception of most players not wearing baseball caps. 

Thus, take a moment and let us know whether you would recommend protective cups in baseball. Do it!

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  1. This is solely a matter of personal preference and the circumstances. There are numerous professional baseball players that wear cups, and there are others who do not. This, however, is dependent on the position that a player plays in a baseball game.

  2. professional baseball players should wear a protective cup for baseball can help decrease the risk of injury to the groin area because it provides a barrier between the genitals and any potential impact, which can absorb or deflect the force of a blow and reduce the risk of injury.

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