Why do baseball players wear gold chains

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Gold Chains?


Isn’t it weird to know why baseball players wear gold chains outside their jerseys? You might have seen baseball players wear gold chains, considered the best gold chins for their fans.

Well, the solid reason might be players wear gold chains because they wanted to look superior. Alternatively, they might afford them.

However, therefore we have found 5 hidden reasons why do baseball players wear gold chains.

  1. Religious sake
  2. Stylish appearance
  3. Money to afford
  4. To set the benchmark (For the audience)
  5. Feel comfortable

Besides, if you want more information, keep reading!

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(5 hidden Reasons) Why do baseball players wear gold chains?

You see, most baseball players do prefer wearing gold chains for their inner perversions. Right!

Though, these reasons should clear your thoughts regarding why do baseball players wear gold Jewelry itself shows the decorative material which players use for personal beautification.


1. Religion’s sake

You might have observed baseball players wearing gold chains with cross signs. Correct! It shows clear indications the chain is for religion’s sake!

Several superstitions go during playing. Sometimes before starting playing, the players with the gold chain kiss their cross-chain.

With that said they perform a few things like chewing gum or setting their chains on jerseys. Along the side, players do believe in their faith by considering the cross chains on their necks.

Well, it’s an amazing way to believe or pray during the game.

2. Stylish appearance

You see, most players prefer gold chains to look stylish. Right

Moreover, high-contract players can afford gold chains, and having Gold can make players amaze.

Usually, the goals chain consists of a thick interwoven shape that looks operative. When they strike a home run or get a different base, their chain begins to bounce around the neck, though, which looks cool!

That’s the reason why baseball players wear gold chains without undoing their jersey first button to show how many chains they usually wear.

So, it would help them to look stylish and attractive.

3. Money to afford

The other reason might be baseball players wear gold jewelry because they get highly paid, which makes them buy expensive gold items.

In fact, most players buy from very know brands of jewelry that sponsor them for the sake of marketing. On the other hand, fans eagerly want to get their chains. Therefore, they buy from the exact jewelers.

Most often, like billionaires, who possess the passion of buying a jet, real estate, or highly branded car. Conversely, baseball players consider gold time as the most beautiful status thing.

4. To set the benchmark (For the audience)

Baseball players wear gold chains to set the benchmark.

Let’s just say each player wants to stand out individually. Team players want to achieve fame by standing as a great personalities which could their fans follow.

For that, most often, players used to wear gold chains while playing for the precious look or setting the benchmark. Player fans eagerly find these chains.

A baseball player’s success in his career is measured by how many home runs he scores, how many bases he steals, and how many strikeouts he makes. So when they’re off the field, they like to show off their flashy lifestyles as well.

Baseball players are always seen wearing expensive clothes, and drinking expensive champagne. Also, driving expensive sports cars during their free time after a game or practice session has ended. These activities are meant to show off how successful they are so that people will recognize them when they walk into public places such as restaurants or bars. Everyone knows who they are because they see their faces on television every night during their games!

5. Feel comfortable

Have you observed that in MLB, major league baseball, players feel comfortable wearing chains? You might know the black necklace has become the most attestable necklace for most soccer professionals.

Furthermore, most players said interesting things, like John Lester, Justin Verlander, and Justin Pedroia claimed their performance gets better when they wear the gold chain.

Besides, these are the five hidden reasons which usually their fans don’t aware of.

So, if you think there are more reasons that only you know, consider commenting below.

Before moving forward, let’s have a look best chains in baseball. Moreover which players do wear before beginning the game.

And also you should know why do baseball players wear hats?


What gold chains do baseball players wear?

There are many different types of gold chains that baseball players wear. Most probably, these five chains are preferable to most baseball players. Though, if you are a fan do consider buying them. Here are five of the most popular gold chains that baseball players wear:

  • Gold plated chain
  • Gold chain with cross
  • Gold rope chain
  • Phiten tornado necklace
  • Figaro chain


Gold plated chain

The most popular style of chain is the gold-plated chain. Some players wear as many as three chains, with one being a gold-plated chain. This is because it’s a very simple and classic look that goes well with any outfit, especially a baseball uniform! Some players also wear silver-plated chains. But these tend to be less expensive and are not quite as popular among the pros.

However, if you’re looking for something more unique than a basic gold chain, consider this 30$ chain and hang out with your baseball jersey. It’s how players consider wearing this Gold plated chain.


Gold chain with cross

The next chain is a Gold chain with a cross that players highly prefer. All you do is while buying; see the cross and the quality.

However, you will find Gold chains with a cross at a reasonable rate.

This chain has a good reputation among athletes, musicians, and other celebrities.

The chain is made of real gold and it is not easily broken or damaged by chemicals or heat.

It has a simple design but it can be worn on any occasion.


Gold rope chain

The gold rope chain is a highly usable goal chain by players because of its high engaging metallic material.

Moreover, the chain is preferred by most professional soccer game players.

The gold rope chain is one of the most used goal chains in the world. It has a gold rope that can be worn with any outfit and on any occasion. The chain is preferred by most professional baseball players.

These chains are available in different sizes and designs. They can be worn with any outfit or on any occasion. The chain comes in different sizes and designs, so you can choose one that suits your needs best.


The Curb Chain

The curb chain is a popular choice among baseball players. It has a very low profile, and it’s relatively easy to hide under a shirt or jacket. It’s also lightweight and dainty, which makes it a good option for someone who isn’t used to wearing jewelry.

Curb chains are typically made from 18k gold or platinum and feature one large link in the middle with smaller ones on either side of it. The links on either side can be flat or rounded, depending on your personal preference. Some people also like to have their name engraved on the curb chain so that people can see who it belongs to when they’re wearing it.

The curb chain is great for someone who wants something simple but stylish without being too flashy or gaudy. If you’re looking for something more understated than most other options out there, this might be right up your alley!


The Box Chain

The box chain is the most common type of gold chain worn by baseball players. It’s also one of the more expensive styles. But it’s a great choice if you’re looking to make a statement without spending too much money.

The box chain is made up of several strands of gold that are woven together into a square shape. The ends of each strand are then connected to each other in order to form the box shape. Some box chains also have diamonds or other precious stones embedded in them for added sparkle and glamour.


Why do baseball players wear gold chains

Baseball Players Who Wear Gold Chains

The baseball players who wear gold chains are the most interesting athletes in the world. They are known to wear gold chains around their necks. Also, they love to show off their style. These players may not be the best in baseball. But they know how to look great when they step onto the field.


Adam Jones

Adam Jones, a center fielder for the Baltimore Orioles, is known for his gold chains. He has said that he began wearing them in 2003 as a tribute to his father.

Jones says that he wears three chains: one from his father, one from his grandmother, and one from his grandfather. When asked what the meaning of these chains is to him, Jones said: “It’s just something that I do.”


Dustin Pedroia

Dustin Pedroia, a Second baseman for the Boston Red Sox, also wears gold chains. He started wearing them at age 15. Because he wanted to be like his older brother.

Pedroia’s wife Kelli gave him a necklace with a diamond pendant shape. Like her name and their wedding date engraved on it before their wedding day in 2006. He has worn this necklace ever since then even though it has no practical purpose other than the sentimental value.


Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander is a pitcher for the Houston Astros who wears two gold chains with diamond pendants. Basically, he wears a chain while pitching games at home games against teams other than the Detroit Tigers or Pittsburgh Pirates. These are located near Detroit where he grew up.


Chris Arche

He’s not just a great defensive player; he also has some serious style. His gold chain sets him apart from other players on his team and makes him look like a true baller.


Juan Soto

This young player is already making waves in MLB. But no matter how far he goes in his career, we’ll always remember this photo of him wearing a gold chain with pride!


Jon Lester

Lester’s gold chain shows off his commitment to his craft and how much he loves his team (the Cubs). He may not be around much longer. But we’ll always remember when he made us swoon with this picture!


Josh Bell

If you’re looking for some good-looking jewelry inspiration for yourself, look no further than Josh Bell! His famous necklace has been seen on TV many times now and will continue to be a staple of baseball culture for years to come.


Amed Rosario

Amed Rosario is another player who loves to wear gold chains. He’s known for wearing at least three at once during games! He also has one that hangs down below his waist. It must be hard to run while wearing such heavy jewelry!

These guys are just some examples of how much some baseball players love their bling. And why we should all be grateful there isn’t any bling allowed in other sports like football or basketball!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why do baseball players wear necklaces all the time?

It’s weird to say baseball players don’t wear necklaces but use titanium necklaces. It’s quite expensive that can’t afford every player.

In general, its become a trend to wear gold chains in the baseball world. That’s why fans also take part and inspire to attain maximum attention to their favorite players.


Is there some reason that MLB baseball players are permitted to wear gold chains while they are playing?

There is no reason that MLB baseball players are permitted to wear a gold chain, as far as distractions neither come.

Basically, in baseball, all you need is the focus. however, if the gold chain doesn’t affect your performance, there will be no reason to permit the gold chain during the game.


Is it required for major league baseball players to wear necklaces?

The straightforward answer is NO. It’s not required for major league baseball players to wear necklaces.

Anyhow. Depending on the preferences, players consider wearing gold chains.


Where Can People Find a Gold Chain Similar to Those Worn by Baseball Players?

Look. If you want any gold chain wearing your favorite baseball player, you need to be a bit expensive.

Whether it would be Those Worn or any player gold chain, you need 10 Grand to buy your exciting gold chain. Right!


Why do baseball players wear jewelry?

You might know the reason baseball players wear jewelry is that they want to look cool!. Therefore, on personal preference, most professional athletes do wear jewelry.


Who was the first MLB player to wear a gold chain?

Moreover, it’s neither clear who was the first player to wear a gold chain. Nevertheless, it seems outfielder Mookie Betts considered wearing the gold chain first.

By the time players started wearing gold chains.


Why do baseball players wear black necklaces?

You might experience black as the strongest color known for its strength, passion, and strongest; therefore, you will feel glad when a player wears a jewelry necklace.

That’s a reason baseball players wear black necklaces.


Does the black shiny necklace MLB players wear?

Yes, it depends on the player’s need; most often, players who love jewelry choose to wear black diamonds at the beginning of the game.

In contrast, Yes black shiny necklace MLB players wear. Sound’s exciting!



Gold is considered a winning mark, and yes, it would be great if you chose to wear a gold chain to consider yourself a winner. Right!

Most often, you need to have the gold chains to believe in your faith in God. Though, the cross-chain would probably raise your belief if you wear it.

So, be a professional athlete and tell us how you feel when wearing a gold chain as a baseball player?

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  1. One’s religious convictions can be expressed through the use of gold chains. A gold cross is found on several gold chains. Even the players’ pre-game ritual involves kissing the aforementioned jewelry.

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