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How Long is Halftime in College Basketball

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Basketball is one of the attention-grabbing games, and players of different levels can participate. Surely, professional tournaments are the major attraction of basketball enthusiasts. However, fans are eager to watch college basketball as well. National Collegiate Athletic Association organizes basketball tournaments for young players. We will now talk about the duration of the college basketball game and halftime.

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How long are college basketball games?

Based on the match level, you can find a difference in the duration of the game. However, on average, the game continues for 55 minutes. But, in most cases, it covers more than 2 hours. There may also be overtime of 5 minutes.

Several unpredictable factors can make the game period longer. For instance, foul calls will affect the overall time of the game. Thus, the foul shooters are responsible for making the duration longer.

While watching your college basketball tournament on television, you would need to sit continuously for 2 hours and 10 minutes. In a few cases, there is no chance of 5-minute overtime.


Full college basketball tournaments- How long does it last?

In this case, the gaming time is 40 minutes, and it is split into 2 halves of 20 minutes each. However, in most of the tournaments, college basketball games cover the full 2 hours. Obviously, there are some time regulations related to the games, and that’s why the overall duration will include the overtime period.

While looking back at the history of the NCAA, you could find that the longest tournament had 7 overtime periods. Thus, the game time covered 75 minutes. More than 7,300 fans watched the tournament.


College basketball game for women- How long does it last?

Women’s matches are slightly different, as they continue for 2 hours, and there are 4 quarters of 10 minutes each. In the past, the duration of the basketball games for women and men had no difference. But, new regulations were imposed in 2015 to alter the game format. The game involves 4 quarters to stay consistent with other leagues. There is an interval between 2 halves. Each team gets 4 timeouts like the men’s matches.


How long is college basketball halftime?

Halftime refers to the longer interval from the gameplay. The NBA halftime starts after the 2nd quarter. On the contrary, the halftime for the college basketball game begins after the 1st quarter. Still, there is one similarity the college basketball’s halftime and NBA’s halftime. In both cases, the halftime continues for 15 minutes. While traditional tournaments have 4 quarters, the college basketball tournament includes two halves of 20 minutes each.

It is worthy of talking more about the NBA halftime. NBA basketball players do not stay in their locker rooms for more than 7 to 8 minutes. They think of better tactics to play the game at this time. The tournament also involves 2 inter-quarter breaks, which continue for 3 minutes. Moreover, NBA includes 7 timeouts, while international games have the 5 stipulated breaks. At every quarter, 2 timeouts are mandatory.


What do teams do during halftime?

The halftime for college basketball players is very brief, and the teams like to discuss new game strategies with their respective coaches. They also talk about the adjustment of players during the second half.

However, players like to wait for halftime to get relaxed and feel refreshed. They rehydrate themselves by having sports drinks and water.

Moreover, during halftime, doctors for sportsmen and team trainers evaluate the injured players.

Sometimes, spectators get a chance to enjoy a halftime show on the court. These halftime shows may include entertainments, like fan competitions, cheerleading squads, and exhibitions.

There are also halftime contests, and fans can hit their half-court shots. Moreover, you can find halftime giveaways like free basketball-themed t-shirts for fans. The major intention is to keep the spectators engaged during the interval.


Restarting the game after halftime

In the case of the NBA tournament, the team that wins tip-off starts playing with the ball after the first quarter. Moreover, the team winning the initial jump ball gets the chance of receiving the ball in the fourth quarter. However, the rival team can start with basketball during the second and third quarters.


Number of periods included in the basketball game

A basketball tournament comprises 4 quarters, and the duration of each of them is 10 minutes. The halftime break will continue for 15 minutes.

The high school basketball hoop height nowadays is 9450-foot and games have 4 intervals of 8 minutes each. The halftime delay can be of about 10 minutes. While moving from one quarter to another, there is a pause of 1 minute.

An NBA game without any overtime lasts for about 2 hours and 15 minutes. There will be an additional 5 minutes for the game ending in a draw. In case of fouls, players can make up to 3 fouls before the rivals win the point. Between 2 quarters, there is a gap of 130 seconds.


How long does the high school basket tournament’s halftime continue?

The high school basketball players can find varying halftime based on the conference rules. The halftimes for most high school basketball tournaments can last 10 to 15 minutes. So, it is almost similar to what you have found with NBA and college basketball games.

As high school basketball games cover 4 quarters, the halftime will be shorter.


Youth basketball game duration

The duration of the youth basketball game is about 60 minutes. The matches comprise 2 halves, and each of them is about 20 minutes. There is a running clock used for the youth basketball game. This clock does not stop its work during the timeouts and halftime breaks.

The interval is around 10 minutes. While there are timeouts, the players will get an additional 4-minute match time. However, kids are the major audience of the games.

Youth basketball games generally have no overtime.

Thus, you have now understood the average halftime length and duration of the college.

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