basketball players so tall

How are basketball players so tall?


It seems you are a fan of professional basketball players and want to know how basketball players are so tall? Or Why are NBA players so tall?

And also, are you wondering to know does basketball increases height after 18? If so, you are in the right place. Or Can playing basketball make you taller?

It might amaze you that there isn’t any evidence that proves that basketball players height by doing specific things. 

But, you know, in the basketball game, players need to block defensive players. Recover the ball from one court to another. Though, it takes a taller player’s advantage to perform these things actively in the game. 

If you want to know basketball players’ height secrets, let’s, deep dive. 

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The Height of Basketball Players (Why are basketball players so tall?)

You might observe being a fan of basketball players; most professional basketball players have 6’6 height. 

Thus, the reason why basketball players are so tall has no proper evidence. It might be a genetic thing that came to the players from their parents.

However, this case study shows some physical effects during basketball players’ training come to the end of high growth of their muscles.

But on the other hand, we’d find 7 reasons why basketball players are so tall?

But before clearing the indications, does playing basketball grow your height?


Does playing basketball make you grow taller?

It sounds a bit unfortunate any isn’t sufficient scientific proof that we can base it on. But, yes, 7 kinds of exercise can increase your height. 

Your height will probably determine by genetic hormones. Thus, would most likely form your parent’s genes. Right!

Thereby other than that, we discover 7 secrets of how basketball players get tall.

How are basketball players so tall

Here are 7 reasons why basketball players are so tall?

Well. You see, we haven’t found a particular solid reason, but yes, there are a few grounds that helps basketball players get taller. 

Moreover, Why are basketball players usually tall?


  • Genetics

The first reason could be genetics. You see, most players are naturally tall due to their genetic capacity. 

And most professional basketball players want their kids to play as they do. So, it’s the general reasons basketball players taller.


  • Diet

The other reason would be diet. How?

You see, most professional basketball players take proper supplements to maintain their body structure.

The proper schedule of a diet leads to a significant impact on the height of players. Though most players are too conditioned to their health, they consume adequate minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. 


  • Exercise

Now, the other reason for how basketball players are tall could be exercise. Because you know, athletes do regular exercise and maintain their performance level.

Moreover, professional basketball players follow a workout schedule to keep their bodies agile and fit. 

Well, here research shows the impact of Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage on Performance Tests in female basketball players. 

Thus, the most astonishing thing is if you start a workout at an early age, the chance is you will probably grow tall.


  • Routine

Look, you need to understand this; if you are an athlete should dedicate your life to the discipline of the sport you play. 

No concern related to basketball players’ height. But the fact if maintaining routine in your life leads to excellent health and taller height. 


  • Growth supplements

One of the best reasons how basketball players get taller is growth supplements. The growth usually synthesizes growth hormones and helps players to grow their height.

Nowadays, there are lots of growth supplements out there. All you need is to take a bit of advice from your coach and start taking it.


  • Gym training

Though, when it comes to training, it would be highly gym training which is conducted for players’ fitness’s sake.

In this research, you see an A Training Program conducted to Improve Neuromuscular Performance, which is excellent. Right!


  • Sports

Most sports are good for increasing height, which needs proper training and diet. Therefore, height could be increased. 

So, these are the 7 reasons that would help you to increase your height in basketball. Now, take a look first at NBA players. 


And also you should know High School Basketball Hoop Height.


How do NBA players get so tall? 

According to NBA inception: the hoop is stood from 10 feet above the ground. However, as the exercises, there are 2 reasons that NBA players get so tall.

Or How do basketball players make themselves taller? Or Are basketball players naturally tall?

Well, take a look!


  • The NBA’s global search for height

The first reason is scouting behind NBA players’ height. Through which is 6-foot-9 and 7 in general. 

There is no way other than scouting which NBA player comes right.


  • Second-generation NBA players

The second reasons for NBA players’ height are the generations fact to whom they are likely taller. The taller will be the player; most likely, their kids will be taller. 


Here are 5 basketballs exercised to grow tall (Basketball players height secrets)

Now, it’s time to see what if you want to grow tour height being a basketball player? What do you need to do? And most fans also ask how basketball players are so tall?

Or does basketball make you taller? Thus, it seems!

Take a look!


  • Yoga

Nowadays, you might observe many basketball players go for yoga to maintain their discipline. It would indirectly affect their height.

If you want to grow taller in basketball? Do yoga regularly! 

Thus, when you do yoga, you will be calm and energetic. Right! It means you’ll be able to practice more and more, which would result in taller height.


  • Swimming

The other exercise to increase your height as a basketball player is swimming if you want to begin your career as a basketball player. 

Do swimming regularly for 10-15 minutes. It would grow you tall and make you active. 


  • Stretching

Look, most professional basketball players stretch in their daily routine. And if you are sure that you be a basketball player for the rest of your life.

Though, you need to stretch your body every single day. 


  • Cycling

You know, cycling is one of the best exercises for basketball athletes. Cycling would stronger your leg’s movement and help you in running. 

Moreover, which you see is essential in basketball.


  • Hanging

Here are another basketball exercises to grow you taller, which is hanging. Though, hanging grow your muscle strength, which usually helps when your shoot basketball in the basket. 

So, these are the 5 basketball exercises that you should focus on. 


The benefit of high in basketball?

Let’s say you have a great height and want to know how your height can benefit basketball?

So here I’d found 6 benefits of height in basketball. So, take a look!


  • Blocking shots

If you are a heightened player, you have a great chance to block the opposing team’s shots. You don’t have to jump or scratch the ball. 

Thus, your height eventually helps you to reach there. All you need is the skill to know.


  • Longer strides

Consider you have a more extended height. Now you know you have longer strides, which is due to longer limbs.

It helps you snatch the ball escapes with your longer strides, which is critical to do at the right time. 


  • Rebounds

Being a taller person, you know wingspan also increases, which helps you to rebound.  You don’t need to move during rebounding from the basket. Thus, it’s a tremendous advantage.


  • Plying position

The other benefit of tall height in basketball is playing position, which usually requires taller players to cover that position. Right!

For instance, if you are taller enough, the playing positions will surely be your responsibility. And thus, it’s near the basket you can insanely give a shot by standing there. 


  • Defense

You, as a taller basketball player, will indeed defend your shots. And you know, being taller, you will quickly stop other shots. 

Though, more extended height helps in proper defense. 


What to know 5 tallest NBA players in history?

Most of them want to know how tall basketball players are? Right! Or what are others average-sized?

Here you see 5 tallest NBA players in history. These players have insane height in basketball history. 

  • ManuteBol (7’7)
  • Gheorghe Muresan (7’7)
  • Shane Bradley (7’6)
  • Chuck Nevitt (7’5)
  • Yao Ming (7’6)


Related question 

Does basketball increase height after 18?

Does it seem a bit amazed does basketball increases height after 18 or even 21? Well, it’s not accurate enough, or even science doesn’t prove any evidence that after 18, your height increased.


Do basketball players have gigantism.

Well, most players who have a height of 7’3 have indeed doesn’t prove found gigantism compared to those with 6’10 height. 

Thus, you see players with the tallest height have gigantism, which is excellent. 


Why are basketball players so skinny?

Well, there is no solid reason which would say why are basketball players are so skinny. But yes, most heightened basket players are skinny, making sense that their kids continue to participate in NBL games. 


Can shorter players still succeed?

Although, when it comes to shorter players in basketball, shorter players may succeed. Thus, it all depends on the player’s performance and effort to win the game.


What allows the basketball players to be that tall?

Well, there isn’t any specific thing that allows players to be that tall. It’s all reason mentioned earlier. Check that out!



You see, the reason that makes basketball players taller. It’s not the fact that taller players can participate in basketball.

Thus, if you are shorter and want to play, you can. You need to follow the 5 basketball exercises that might grow you. Let us know in the comment if any other basketball exercises would grow your height? 

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