Lacrosse Match Or Game

Lacrosse Match Or Game

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Lacrosse is quite fascinating, whether it’s the men’s version or the women’s version of the sport. There is a difference in their fields, face-off, and other rules, but what is lacrosse? Is Lacrosse a game or a match?

Is Lacrosse A Game Or Match?

There is a high confusion about whether lacrosse is a game or a match. Well, lacrosse is typically classified as a game. A game can be categorized by its unit of play with some set rules in order to determine the champion. Hence, there will be no different rounds of play to select the team or the player standing. Lacrosse is a great combination of hockey, basketball, and soccer games. This game adopts similar principles to the initial games. So how long is a lacrosse game?

The regulation duration for the men’s version of the sport is 60 minutes. This 60 minutes duration gets split into four periods, each consisting of 15 minutes. At the end of the game, if there is a tie, teams suddenly triumph over time. Each team plays four minutes of the game until they score a goal. As a result, this is completely different from sports that employ matches in the play.

In this article, we will give detailed information about the lacrosse game. In addition, we are also here to differentiate between a match and a game. Indeed, this will help you easily determine the difference between the two. So, without any further ado, let us jump into the topic straight.

Lacrosse Match Or Game

How A Game Differs From A Match?

As we mentioned above, lacrosse is categorized as a game. Although game and match are frequently used interchangeably, they are two different versions of sports play.


When a team or an individual indulges in competition through gameplay, there are not many rounds of play held to comprehend whether they are the winner or not. One round of play will automatically affect the standing player or the team, whether they are the winner or not.


Unlike a game, a match is an event in which at least two or more teams or individual players participate to compete in one or more than one game. Suppose the match comprises more than a game. In that case, there will be some addition to the rules. These new additional rules will come into effect to determine the all-around winner of the event.

The word “match” occasionally gets synonymously used with the term “game” in the game of lacrosse, especially in the female version of the lacrosse game. It usually depends on the origin of the speaker or whether the event is for the male or female in most cases.

What Are The Equipment Needed To Play The Game?

Every game requires some specified equipment to play safely and perfectly. Lacrosse game also requires some special equipment, including:

  • Field

The dimensions of the playing field are 110 yards long and 60 yards wider. Its boundaries are marked with colored or usual white streaks.

  • Net

The goals have two posts placed vertically with a pyramid-like cord net that attaches to the ground with anchors. The distance between the goals is 80 yards and 15 yards apart from the end lines.

  • Goal Crease

It is a significant round marked around the goals. However, the area within the crease line has no paint.

  • Outfit

The attire of Lacrosse players is simple. They wear jerseys with short sleeves and shorts as their bottom wear. Along with this, everyone wears padded pants and shoulder pads. However, the goalie also needs to wear thigh pads and a protective chest.

  • Helmet

Lacrosse players adorn a helmet along with a chin pad and strap that remains tightly attached to the mask for protection. Also, some players prefer wearing custom mouthpieces.

  • Face Mask

Most importantly, all the face masks should come with a core bar existing from top to bottom to prevent injury.

  • Gloves

Every player of the game of lacrosse wears thick, padded gloves.

  • Stick or Crosse

Stick is officially called “crosse” in the game of lacrosse. Its length usually varies depending on personal preference or the position of the players. The players can use a 52-inch to a 72-inch long stick or 40-inch to 42-inch short sticks to play the game.

What does a Lacrosse game ball look like?

When it comes to the ball used for playing the lacrosse game, it is usually a white-colored ball. The ball can also be used in lime green, yellow or orange hues. Whatever the color is, the material of the ball is solid rubber weighing between 5 to 5 ¼ ounces with 7 ¾ to 8 inches a circumference.

How to Play the Game of Lacrosse?

The game of lacrosse has multiple variations and set rules which makes it really difficult to keep track of. However, here we are going to keep our focus on the men’s version to give you clarity.

Moreover, the men’s version of this game is also the most popular in today’s world.

Here is the basic breakdown of the men’s version of the lacrosse game.

  • There are two teams, with each team having 10 players.
  • Each team has three attacking men who are the same as the forwards in soccer. Plus, there are three defensemen, three middles, and a goalie on each side.
  • Only four players from each team can use the long sticks. Typically, these four players are the defensemen and the goalie.
  • The goalie has a net with a 12-inch width on his crosse or stick.

How it begins – The Faceoff Time

Lacrosse play begins at the opening of each period, and after scoring a goal by the ball, face-off in the middle of the field. However, if the team or its player gets a penalty during the face-off or even before, the ball is consequently conferred to the opposing team.

In this game, the cross remains on the surface along the core line. The ball is positioned in the middle of these two crosse heads that too without touching the surface. In the meantime, the player waits for the official to blow the whistle. As soon as the official blows it, the player moves the crosse and aims to take control of the ball. Once a player takes possession of the ball, the other players are sent out of their restrained lines to play the game.

Many may not know that lacrosse is the quickest-pace intense ball sport globally. Unlike soccer or football, once the lacrosse game is on, the players cannot slow down the pace or take long pauses. This game is for the one goal of taking the ball into the net of the opposing team.

Tips to Get Your Lacrosse Game Started

Now that we are almost at the end of the article, it is safe to say that you have a keen interest in playing the fast-paced lacrosse game. If you do, we have some amazing tips for you to get your lacrosse game started:

  • Try to grab the ball like an egg. How? Move the net along with the ball when you attempt to get it.
  • Like other ball games, face the passer while obtaining the ball as it helps you have an idea of the position of the ball.
  • Learn technique with strict practice to catch and throw the ball with both hands as it widens your versatility to throw and catch with a stick in any of the hands.
  • Always be mobile to figure out where the ball is reaching.


Lacrosse is an intense ball game that uses a ball and sticks with other equipment to play. By learning the set rules and practicing using sticks, you can be ready to go on the field and play the game.

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