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What Does ISO Mean in Basketball?


Have you ever wondered what iso basketball is, and if it can help you to improve your game? That answer is simple: Yes. And we’ll tell you all about it here in this article. I really love writing, maybe you could have guessed that by now. You might be thinking: “What is ISO then?” A lot of trainers use this tactic on their players and it’s very unique because a player can create their own space and break out of their ordinary way of playing. They end up standing out if they use the right tactic at the right time.

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What Does Iso Mean In Basketball

Iso’s, or isolation plays, are a common strategy used in basketball. It’s when a player has the ball and his or her teammates stand around and watch. This is meant to create an advantage for the offense because the defense focuses on stopping that one player.

If you play basketball, you will probably see iso plays in action during games. Teams often use this when they want to create an advantage for the offense or take advantage of a mismatch between two players. Like if their fastest player is going up against someone who can’t keep up with them as well.

Iso’s are also commonly used at the end of games when there isn’t much time left and teams need to score quickly; they might put all their best players on one side of the court so they can pass back and forth without any interference from defenders (who would otherwise double-team them).

The offensive team usually has three options when running iso plays:

  1. try for an open shot
  2. drive toward the basket and look for a layup
  3. pass out of traffic if there isn’t enough space in which to operate effectively which may mean giving up possession but not losing time off their shot.


How Does Iso Work In Basketball?

It’s a very tough game to play, but it also gives you a lot of freedom and creativity on the court.

Here’s how it works:

  • You set up your team with 1 point guard, 2 forwards, and 2 centers.
  • Your point guard is the leader. They take command during ISO plays, and they’re in charge of telling everyone else what to do.
  • Your forwards are the ones who make all of your ISO plays happen. They direct the action when your point guard tells them what to do.
  • Your centers are the ones who get all of your rebounds off missed shots or blocked passes from other teams. You want them to be able to catch rebounds as soon as possible, so they can start another play!

You need at least five players on your team for ISO basketball. But there’s no limit on how many players you can have! That means if you have more people who want to play, great! You’ll just need two teams with five players each, and then you can play against each.


Advantages Of Iso Play In Basketball

In basketball, you’ll hear coaches and announcers talk about a player doing ISO. What they mean is that the player is isolating himself from the rest of his team in order to get the ball. This can be a great offensive strategy if you know how to execute it well.

So what are the advantages of an ISO play?

For starters, it allows your best offensive players to get more scoring opportunities. In an ISO situation, your team’s star player will be the only one who has the ball, so he or she can focus on making a shot instead of trying to pass it off to another teammate. This is especially useful if there aren’t many other options for getting points from your side of the court (e.g., most everyone else on offense is covered by defenders).

An ISO play also allows for better floor spacing because only one person has possession at any given time – so there won’t be as many people clogging up space near the basket or behind the three-point line when it comes time for them to shoot.

Finally, this strategy relies heavily on dribbling skills rather than passing around, which means that players who have good ball-handling abilities are more likely to succeed in an ISO situation than those without those skill sets.


Disadvantage Of Iso Play In Basketball

ISO play, short for isolation play, is when a player dribbles the ball in one part of the court, with no teammates on that side of the court to pass to. This means that he or she will have to either make a shot or lose possession of the ball. This can also mean that a player is allowed to take as much time as he or she wants once he or she crosses half court.

The main disadvantage of ISO play is that it uses up too much time. If a team has a good defense and is able to force turnovers, this could be problematic for a team that relies heavily on ISO plays. If the team does not have a good defense and allows players to shoot easily, this could also cause problems because one player could be hogging most of the shots.

Another disadvantage is that it gives players only one chance at scoring. Some teams use ISO plays because they want their best shooters to take all the shots; however, if you don’t have good shooters, this could mean your team has fewer opportunities to score.

The third disadvantage is that it takes away from opportunities for assists and other teamwork plays. If one player scores the most point by himself or herself, then there are fewer opportunities for others on his or her team.


Top 10 Best Iso Players In Nba History

  1. Kevin Durant
  2. LeBron James
  3. Chris Paul
  4. Kyrie Irving
  5. Jeremy Lin
  6. Carmelo Anthony
  7. Kobe Bryant
  8. Russell Westbrook
  9. Dwyane Wade
  10. Derrick Rose


How You Can Become a Better Iso Player

Do you want to be a better Iso player? It’s easier than you think!

With these simple tips, you’ll be outplaying the competition in no time.


Dribble, dribble, dribble

Want to be the best Iso player there is? Then you’ve got to make sure your dribbling skills are on point. This means practicing your dribbles consistently so that they’re always at their best. Try doing different kinds of dribbles when you’re practicing. You might even find a new kind that works for you!


Go for the glory every time

The only way to be the best Iso player is to go for glory EVERY TIME. Don’t worry about what other players are doing. Don’t worry about whether or not your teammates are open. If you see an opportunity, GO FOR IT!


Don’t let anyone else touch the ball

Okay, so this tip might seem like it contradicts tip number two, but hear us out: if you want to become a better Iso player and go for glory all of the time, then it’s important that no one else touches the ball.



The ISO play can be a great option for your basketball team if used correctly. It is a play that can easily be executed and can help you get the ball to your best player. However, it is important to remember that the ISO play can also be very risky, so make sure that you are using it in the right situation.

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