Lacrosse Called Lax

Why is Lacrosse Called Lax?

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Lacrosse is called lax because “lax” is a shortened form of the word lacrosse. This term is commonly used in the United States as a slang or casual reference to the sport.

Lacrosse, a game originating from Native American tribes, has a long and complex history. Today, it is a popular sport played around the world. With its fast pace, intense physicality, and skillful maneuvers, lacrosse captivates players and spectators alike. But have you ever wondered why this exciting sport is commonly referred to as “lax”?

The answer is simple: “lax” is a shortened version of the word “lacrosse.” This slang term is widely used in the United States when talking about the game. So next time you hear someone mention “lax,” you’ll know they are referring to the thrilling sport of lacrosse.

The Origin of Lacrosse

The origins of lacrosse trace back to the Native American tribes, particularly among the Iroquois nations in what’s now Canada and the northeastern United States. Originally, the game was known as “stickball” and served as a training ground for young warriors, a method to settle disputes among tribes without going to war, and as a ceremony for healing and religious significance.

Matches were played with dozens, or even hundreds, of participants on fields that could stretch for miles with goals set apart from each other. Over time, as European settlers adopted and adapted the game, it evolved into the more structured form of lacrosse we recognize today, yet still maintains aspects of its rich indigenous heritage.

Where Does ‘Lax’ Come From?

The term “lax” is believed to have originated in the early 19th century among students at prestigious American universities. These students, who were often from wealthy families and had a penchant for abbreviating words, began using lacrosse abbreviations as “lax” in casual conversation. The shortened version quickly caught on and became popular among players and fans alike.

Today, the term “lax” is ubiquitous in the world of lacrosse. It’s used by players, coaches, and fans alike to refer to the sport they love. The popularity of the term can be attributed to its simplicity and catchiness. It also adds a sense of coolness and informality that appeals to young players and followers of the game.

Moreover, the term also serves as an easy way to differentiate between lacrosse and other sports that share similar names, such as field hockey or ice hockey. And with the growth of social media and hashtags, “lax” has become a popular hashtag for posts and conversations related to lacrosse.

Lacrosse Called Lax

Other Sports Names That Have Been Shortened

The term “lax” is not the only example of a sport’s name being shortened. Other popular sports such as basketball (“bball”), baseball (“base”), and football (“football”) have all been abbreviated to make them easier to use in casual conversation or on social media.

In fact, some sources suggest that the term “lax” may have been influenced by the shortened forms of other sports names. For example, “ball” for basketball may have inspired lacrosse players to shorten their sport’s name as well.


Actually, this term is simply a shortened version of the word “lacrosse”. It has become popular among players and fans due to its simplicity, catchiness, and informal nature. Though it may not be known by all, those immersed in the world of lacrosse understand that “lax” truly represents the excitement and passion for this captivating sport.

Related Questions

What Is The Origin Of ‘lax’ In Lacrosse?

‘Lax’ is a shorthand version of ‘lacrosse’, often used colloquially. It likely originated for ease of use in casual conversation and communication, such as in texts or social media.

Why Do People Call Lacrosse ‘lax’?

People call Lacrosse ‘Lax’ for simplicity and convenience. It’s shorter, quicker to say, and has become a familiar term within the lacrosse community.

Does ‘lax’ Have A Meaning In Lacrosse Culture?

‘Lax’ encapsulates the sport’s spirit in a single, informal term. It signifies a shared language and camaraderie among players, coaches, and fans.

Are ‘lacrosse’ And ‘lax’ Used Differently?

Yes, ‘Lacrosse’ is formal and used in official contexts, while ‘Lax’ is informal, used in casual conversation, and reflects a relaxed approach to the sport’s name.

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