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Average Salary of Arena Football Player

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It sounds a bit weird to know how many does arena football players? Right!

As you know, Arena football is a version of eight-man a side indoor gridiron football. It is pretty different from the National Football League (NFL).

Moreover, football players’ salaries don’t get paid as much as NFL players. Their salary seems low compared to an NFL player.

 An Arena football player earns 40,000 to 50,000 US Dollars on average. In contrast, the median salary of NFL football players is around $860,000.

Arena football is a version of professional football which is played on an indoor ground. Arena football players don’t get that much glamorous payment to lead a luxurious life.


How Much Does an Arena Football Player pay?


Arena football players make around $10,795 to $218,865, with a median salary of around $40,000. On the contrary, the average salary of NFL players is about $860,000.

57% of middle range players earns between $39,836 and $99,249.

86% of top players make up to $218,865. The calculation sums up that, on average, an Arena Football player earns up to $40,000 to $50,000.

Moreover, Arena football players get a take-home pay of $3136/month on home rental fees.


Salaries schedule of arena football players

In general, on average, Arena football players in the U.S get $43,039

San Francisco, CA, Players get 50% more than average, which takes the figure to $64,646.

In Denver, CO, an Arena football player makes 11% higher ($47,736) than the US average.

On the other hand, players in Atlanta, G, A earn $46,672, which is 8% higher than the US average.

Los Angeles, CA provides players with $44,181, 3% higher than the US average.

An Arena football player of Portland, OR, gets 3% lesser than the US average, which amounts to $41,479.

Lastly, players in Salt Lake City, UT, gets a salary of $37,107. But it is 14% lower than the US average.

Now, let’s move to what is arena football in general?


What is Arena Football?

Well, Arena football is an indoor game played with eight men per side. It is played in a smaller and confined field than regular American or Canadian football.

 For faster and higher scoring games this game is becoming popular day by day.

The field for Arena Football games is usually designed as basketball or ice hockey games.

For instance, The field is 200 feet in length and 85 feet in width which is the size of an NHL hockey rink.

The playing area is 50 yards with 8 yards end zones on both sides. Goalposts are 9 feet wide and the crossbar is 15 feet in height.

Rules are pretty similar to a normal football game. Arena football is played with 8 players on the field and a 21-man active roster. The game is played in four 15-minutes quarters.

Most football fans ask about the AFL league. Read on!


What is Arena Football League (AFL)?

Arena Football League mostly known as AFL is a league for professional Arena football.

Moreover, It was founded in 1987. Arena Football League is played in 66 by 28 yeard field with encouraging offensive performance.

Arena Football League gives players an opportunity to unleash their talent. and Arena football players can show their talent in this league.

 Moreover, if you perform outstanding, there is a chance for you to get into NFL.


How Much Do Arena Football Players Get from AFL?

Those who play in Arena Football League (AFL) are contracted in a per-match fee system. In a regular AFL, season players get money according to the number of matches they get to play. 

The amount varies throughout players based on their performance. Normally a player except quarterbacks gets $775 per game.

Meanwhile, quarterbacks receive an extra $250. But experienced players get even more.

When it comes to experience, a veteran makes $50 more than a rookie. Returning players get $75 as an award for pre-season training camp.

During the season, players are provided with an affordable living place and other facilities.

 While travelling, they get a comfy dwelling place and food service. Team also bears the cost of transport during away matches.


How is the auction of a football player? How much money does a football player get?

You know, football players don’t get a transfer fee. It directly goes to the club where clubs keep their registration open. 

Thereby there are several components that help in determining how much money does a football player get.

  • Basic Remuneration
  • Appearance Fee
  • Match Bonuses
  • Performance Bonuses –

Though that’s how these components help in determining how to contribute money between each player.


What are the Requirements to Be an Arena Football Player?

Being a part of an AFL team takes talent and both mental and physical preparation.

You need to have serious determination and strength to be among those 200 primary selected players who get a shot in an open tryout.

Thus,  In the open tryout, you have to demonstrate your skill and talent in order to prove your worth

. If you are lucky enough to prove to the selector that you are worthy, you will be invited to the training camp.

 In order to get a chance in the main team, you will need to be on top of your physical condition.


Is it Profitable to be an Arena Football Player?

Arena football players don’t get to lead a luxurious life. Gaining experience and playing more seasons can increase the amount of your salary.

 Also, Arena football players get match fee bonuses and individual performance bonuses.


Have a Dream to Get Scouted in NFL?

As AFL is not that much profitable as NFL, every AFL player wants to get a chance in NFL.

 It has always been a dream come to true for those who got a shot in NFL from AFL. Throughout the season some selectors observe every player.

They test their ability and talents. In order to get a chance in NFL, you have to impress them with your amazing performance.

There are almost 100 players who have been able to get a place in National Football League.



How Much Do AFL Players Make?

A rookie player or under-experienced players make around $13000 in an AFL season. Experienced veterans get a little bit more than a normal rookie.

Quarterbacks get the highest amount of money. Also, some players got in a whole season contract with the team.

They can make more money than a usual player.


Do NFL Players Go to NFL?

Yes, outstanding performance for your team thorough the season can earn you a ticket to NFL. Over 100 AFL players have been able to transfer to NFL.

One of the biggest examples is Kurt Warner who was first a quarterback for Lowa Barnstormers. Then he got a chance to play for St.Louis Rams and also won MVP in NFL.


How is Arena Football Different from NFL?

Actually, AFL and NFL both are the same formats of games with some differences in specific rules.

The main difference is in the field. AFL is played indoor and shorter field than NFL. Also, Arena football is noticed to have net surrounded field.

There are also some slight differences in terms of rules and regulations.


Is arena football worth playing?

Well, I would say it totally depends on your experience and your motivation toward arena leagues.

The chances are if you are interested in soccer though you might be interested in arena soccer. Arena football is a little fast compared to other football leagues.

Thus, it might be worthful for the players.


Wrapping Up

Arena football is a form of indoor gridiron football which has been able to unleash latent talent from players and give them proper conditions to develop themselves.

Though they are paid lesser than NFL players, still their salary is pretty decent and promising.

Arena football gives players not only a chance to show their talent but also provides them with a good amount of salary to meet their daily chores.

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