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The legends football league is an American 7 v 7 women’s football league. This game is played among many teams and players. Though the Legends Football League players get low salaries and care. Generally, the game is played during the summer and spring in stadiums and arenas. The game was first introduced in 2009. At first, the name of this popular game was “Lingerie Football League”. In 2013, the name changed to “Legends Football League”. From the very beginning, this game was getting popular among the American people. 

At first, this game mainly originated from “Lingerie Bowl”. Mitch Mortaza, the founder of LFL, widened the concept of the Lingerie Bowl to the Lingerie Football League. After three seasons of the Lingerie Football League, the league declared it was adding a companion league in Canada that started in August 2012. Then this delayed the US version and pushed it back to 2013. During this short break, the league announced a name change to Legends Football League. They also changed the league tagline from ” True Fantasy Football” to “Women of the Gridiron”. Changing in uniform was also a part of this announcement. And further in 2017, the league added long pants uniforms instead of regular bikini wear. 

On December 13, 2019, the league announced to postpone the 2020 season. And after 4 days, the league reintroduced LFL  as “Extreme Football League”. There are still eight teams but under new identities. The first season of X League was postponed and is still postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Rules, Teams & Players

The playing style of the legends football league is full-contact and similar to other indoor football leagues. The field is 50 yards in length between end zones and 30 yards in width. There were eight teams in the last LFL season(2019). 7 players play on the field from each team.


Major Team Names of LFL US

  1. Atlanta Steam
  2. Chicago Bliss
  3. Nashville Knights
  4. Omaha Heart
  5. Austin Acoustic
  6. Denver Dream
  7. Los Angeles Temptation 
  8. Seattle Mist 
  9. Baltimore Charm 
  10. Cleveland Crush 
  11. Dallas Desire
  12. Green Bay Chill 
  13. Tampa Breeze 
  14. Miami Caliente 
  15. Jacksonville Breeze


How Much do Legends Football League Players Make

You may be wondering what a Legends Football League player’s salary is. Legends Football League, currently known as XFL or Extreme Football League, is not a franchise-based league. All the teams are owned by the league and after each season the players have to renew their contract or move to another team. 

From the very first of its journey, this league faced some issues. The news of the legends football league not paying the players has already been out there. Mortaza made the following claim, “If we paid a dime to a player, we wouldn’t sustain a season of play”. There were many talks against this not paying the players. The league apparently used to pay players in the beginning but stopped it sometimes after Mortaza circulated a league memo on March 18, 2011. 

Before the 2012 season, the league used to provide players with a percentage of the revenue. Considering this, a Legends Football League player’s salary was poor at that time, sometimes they even remained unpaid. They earned money with ticket sales and advertising their team. 

In 2019, the league got a name change and came up with a new name Extreme Football League or much known as XFL. The league was newly designed with a new pay system. All the players will make an amount of money at first. Almost every player earns 2080$ every two weeks and that adds up to 27040$ base total for the season. 

Players also get an extra 1685$ per game for being on the active roster. Also, winning the game will give players an additional 2222$ per match. On average, a Legends Football League player’s salary is about 55000$ in a season. There are some players who make even more. But a quarterback earns much more than other players. 


Richest LFL Players:

  1. Chelsea Jorgensen (7.2 Million)

At number 1 in the list of richest LFL players, it is none other than Chelsea Jorgensen. She plays for Seattle Mist. She is undoubtedly one of the hottest soccer gamers and most paid players in LFL. Despite being 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 117 pounds, she plays important role-playing as an offensive lineman in the Mist. She was also featured in the “Playboy” magazine.

  1. Angela Rypien (7 Million)

As we come to spot number two we will see Angela Rypien in this spot. She is also a player of Seattle Mist. Angela Rypien has been an inspiration for millions. Her height has always been an advantage for her in games. She is 6 feet tall and 149 pounds. She is mostly known for being one of the tallest players in LFL. In terms of throwing the ball, she has precise accuracy. 

  1. Bre Cotton (6.6 Million)

Bre Cotton is definitely next in the line. She has trained herself as a top athlete. Besides being an amazing football player, she is also insanely hot. She plays as an offensive lineman and linebacker. Her weight is 123 pounds and her height is 5’7″. She played for teams like Tampa Bay and Jacksonville Breeze.

  1. Kaley Tuning (6 Million)

At number 4 you will find the very talented Kaley Tuning. She plays for Miami Caliente. This 5’6″ and 105-pound footballer is mostly known as one of the most outspoken members of LFL. She is the tight end for Miami Caliente. 

  1. Christine Moore (5.1 Million)

Christine Moore secures the number 5 spot in the list of richest LFL players. She is Seattle Mist’s safety and wide receiver. She played a vital role in her team’s 2013 Pacific Cup Championship winning. Her skills make her an amazing player. 

legends football league players salary

Wrapping Up

LFL or now known as XFL is now a popular game among the people of America. Though it was criticized a lot at first for the wear and other kinds of stuff. From the very first this league had mixed reactions from many people. Some took it as positive and some as negative. Some think it disgraces women’s nature by forcing them to play wearing a bikini. Despite all these things, it is a much more popular league in America.  


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