Best Hockey Skates For Narrow Feet

Best Hockey Skates For Narrow Feet

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It is good to practice more to refine your performance as a hockey player. However, investing the good-quality equipment can make a difference in your performance. Skates are one of the important accessories for ice hockey players. The right pair of skates will keep you comfortable and safe. But, not everyone’s foot sizes and shapes are the same. Some hockey players have narrow feet, and they look for the most reliable hockey skates that are compatible with their feet. We have provided you with an ultimate guide to buying the best hockey skates for narrow feet.

Best hockey skates for narrow feet:

1. Alkali RPD Lite Senior Adult Inline Roller Hockey Skates

Alkali RPD Lite Senior Adult Roller Hockey Skates

Wheel Type: Inline Skate Wheel

Material: Nylon

Wheel Size: 80 Millimeters

Beginners in the field of ice hockey can invest in this pair of skates. Made of durable materials, these skates will make you feel comfortable. However, they have a lightweight design to prevent you from feeling bulky. Manufacturers have tried to add a level of stiffness to the roller hockey skates.

The highly resilient wheels ensure that they can endure rough conditions. In total, there are 7 bearings attached to the skates. Due to the aluminum chassis, the skates have not become weighty. Moreover, the one-piece design makes the skates reliable to users.

As the second wheel is recessed into the skates’ outsole, it reduces the center of gravity. That is why you will feel more balanced while wearing the skates. You will also find some foams in the central part. However, the hyper-lock L pads have to be more pronounced.


2. Tour Code Youth Adjustable Inline Hockey Skate

Tour Code Youth Adjustable Inline Hockey Skate

Color: Black

Material: Nylon

Pattern: Print

The Tour Code 9 hockey skates are best for intermediate-level and novice ice hockey players. The composite reinforced nylon ensures a lightweight design. However, there is no compromise on durability. You can find these skates in 2 sizes- small and medium. The protective boots make you feel safe during work hours. Both adults and children can find the desired sizes of the hockey skates.

One of the interesting features of the skates is the padding. Your feet will never feel tired while playing hockey. You can rely on these skates for better ankle development and optimal skating speed.

The Bevo Silver-5 wheels are fitted to your boots with high-quality bearings. Moreover, the Tri-Coil XT frame has a sturdy design. The overall setup is much more lightweight and enables you to maintain consistent performance.

3. Botas – Attack – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

Botas - Attack - Men's Ice Hockey Skates

Best Sellers Rank: 3 in Ice Hockey Skates

Color: Black with Silver

Wheel Size: Adult 7

Both hockey players and recreational skating enthusiasts can try out these skates. Botas has created an anatomically shaped design for these skates. The overall structure is solid and withstands your regular use.

The ankle part includes elastic padding to make give feel comfortable. Moreover, the interiors of the skates include a microfiber lining material to add to the level of comfort. The toes are made of plastic to reduce the impact of any hard object. The light composite plastic used for the skeleton increase the level of rigidity. 

Botas has provided you with a comprehensive skating set that includes stainless steel blades and a plastic holder.

4. Roller Derby Vtech/Cobra Inline Skates

Roller Derby Vtech/Cobra Inline Skates

Wheel Type: Inline Skate Wheel

Material: Synthetic

Wheel Size: 76 Millimeters

Available in adjustable sizes, the Roller Derby Skates have gained the attention of several hockey players. Due to the custom fit, you will not need to be concerned about the size. Although designed for casual skating purposes, beginner-level hockey players can invest in these skates.

The urethane wheels attached to the skates are best for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Moreover, the Bevo Gold-7 Race rated wheel bearings will last longer and ensure faster performance.

As the overall design is lightweight and includes foam padded lining, you will feel comfortable. The triple buckle closures are unique features that enable you to put on these skates easily. Furthermore, the reinforced nylon frame has added a level of resilience to the skates.

5. F.I.T. ICE Black_Blue

F.I.T. ICE Black_Blue

Color: Black Blue

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 2.3 Kilograms

With an award-winning design, these skates can be a suitable choice for ice hockey players. Your feet will not complain of any discomfort while wearing these skates. Using these skates, you may also enjoy skating around the pond and other places. The soft boots have a perfect blend of styles, performance, and comfort.

The tried-and-tested skates have a standard lacing system. Thus, you can customize them to ensure a proper fit. Made of water-repellent materials and warm brushed lining, the skates can last long. Your feet also feel dry due to this innovative design.

Moreover, the stainless steel blades are resistant to corrosion and deterioration.

6. TronX E1.0 Senior Adult Inline Roller Hockey Skates

TronX E1.0 Senior Adult Inline Roller Hockey Skates

Wheel Type: Inline Skate Wheel

Material: Aluminum

Pattern: Solid

The aluminum construction combined with solid patterns has made these skates highly reliable. Skaters and hockey players of any level can use these skates. You will find an optimum level of durability and performance. You may check the sizing chart to find the perfect one for your feet.

The front section has 76mm wheels, while the back part has 80mm wheels. The 6000 CNC frame made of aluminum gives a better control due to the copper rivets.

There is a combination of PU leather and felt tongue to provide comfort. The ankle part has Tron-tech padded to ensure the highest level of protection. Moreover, the outer sides of the boots are durable due to the use of PVC leather.

7. DUWIN Hockey Skates with Adjustable 4 Sizes

DUWIN Hockey Skates with Adjustable 4 Sizes

Color: Black Blue/ Black Silver

Material: Stainless steel

Closure Type: Buckle

Available in multiple sizes, these hockey skates have an adjustable design. Both adults and growing children can try out these skates while playing ice hockey. You need to click a button to adjust the size.

DUWIN has made the skates unique by adding a triple protection system. You can put on the boots and tie up the laces. Moreover, there are high-strength buckles and 45° Velcro straps to keep your ankle safe and ensure your protection.

You will find no compromise of the comfort level, as the skates have warm and comfortable padding. The upper fabric is also durable and breathable. It can repel water, and thus, your feet will feel safe.

You will feel balanced while playing the game of ice hockey.

Guide to buying the best hockey skates

Guide to buying the best hockey skates

Learn about the components of hockey skates

There are 3 major components of hockey skates

  • A plastic holder is riveted to the base of the boot.
  • The runner is the steel strip that always touches the ice-covered surface.
  • The boot is the major part comprising different pieces.

Before purchasing the hockey skates, you need to know some important things-

Hockey Skate Width

You have to divide the foot length by the width to identify the width ratio. Based on the width ratio, hockey skates can be of different types.

  • Standard – The width ratio is below 2.5
  • Contoured – The width ratio is 2.5 to 3.0
  • Tapered – The width ratio is more than 3.0

You must also check the ankle padding, outsole, tongue, footbed, and liner. To decide on the right pair of skates, you need to focus on-

  • Hockey playing skills

As a beginner, you need top-tier skates that provide comfort. Long-term ice hockey players like to have skates that have a liner. It will reduce the break-in period.

  • Playing style

Players can play ice hockey defensively and offensively. That is why you need to invest in versatile skates.

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Which factors make a pair of hockey skates different from the ice skates?

The toe picks, and the length of the blade can make a variation in the ice skates and hockey skates.

How much tight should be your hockey skates to ensure a proper fit?

Hockey skates must be snug. However, too much tightness makes you feel discomfort. In the unlaced condition, your toes will have slight contact with the toecap. There must be some space near the toes.

How much is the width of the blade of your hockey skates?

The width of a skate blade is around ⅛”. The goalie blades are a bit wider.


We have reviewed the best hockey skates for narrow feet. Most of these skates have an adjustable design, and thus, you will find no issue with the fit. Choose the low-profile shoes made of breathable materials and get the optimal comfort.

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