How long are high school hockey games

How Long are High School Hockey Games?


You are here because you want to know how long are high school hockey games? Sound’s productive

It seems you are planning to watch an upcoming NHL hockey game, a league that motivates you to set your busy schedule. Right!

Look, before telling you how long are hockey games. Understand there are two categories of hockey. It would be field hockey and ice hockey.

Though, the term hockey most often refers to ice hockey. However, we will assure you about that.

Well, an average hockey game (NHL) lasts approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. Meanwhile, the exact time refers to the Major, minor national hockey league. Agreed!

Let’s look down at how long are high hockey games last? Exactly and precisely!


How Long is a High School Hockey Games Take

In the matter of how long a high school hockey game takes, depending on the team’s state.

On an average level high, school hockey games take 1.5 to 2 hours, which is quite extraordinary!

Isn’t it?

High school hockey game consists of 15 to 17 minutes which approximately consist of 12 to 15 intermissions.

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How Long do Hockey Games Last

You know, hockey is an exciting and fast-paced game. Correct!

Dealing with the exact time, it nearly lasts for 3 hours, consisting of three 20 periods, usually, with 2 half hours of 15 minutes each.

Though, sometimes, if games come into a tie condition between both teams, the overtime provided consists of 5 minutes to declare the winning team.

Yes, it might happen in NHL national hockey league season.

However, you can say the hockey game lasts for three or 3:15 hours.


Why long is a hockey game? 5 best Reasons

Sometimes hockey game fans ask why long a hockey game is. Look at 5 reasonable reasons that increase the length of the hockey game.

  • Intermission

Intermission refers to the mini-breaks between the first and second rounds of the NHL national hockey league game.

Moreover, usually, intermission consists of 17 minutes approximately. During intermission, players are allowed to take a rest and intermission provides an opportunity to fix the ice with Zamboni.

  • Shootout

The other reason for the length of the hockey game is due to Shootout. Isn’t it?

Yes, the Shootout is the condition when overtime shots won’t declare any winner. Then Shootout comes into play.

Moreover, shootouts consider three players to shoot regularly unless it doesn’t declare a winning team.

However, sometimes Shootout consumes enormous time.

  • Overtime

In addition, overtime comes into play when shootouts don’t announce the winning team. However, overtime is provided to continue the game.

  • Playoff

A playoff situation refers to the variations in the overtime. However, overtime rules changed, which provided players 20 minutes to score the goal.

In the condition, if the goal isn’t scored, a 15 minutes intermission is provided, and again 20 minutes overtime comes into play.

However, the process goes if goals aren’t scored.

  • Breaks

The other factor that increases the length of hockey is the commercial breaks distributed between each period. Right!

Each break lasts for 45 seconds on a half. Sound’s proactive!


How Many Intermissions Are in Hockey?

Usually, you see, there are 2 intermissions between the first and second intervals. And other between 2 and 3 intervals.

Sometimes additional intermission is provided in overtimes, in playoff situations.


How Long Are Hockey Intermissions?

When it comes to international hockey intermissions, it usually of 15.5 minutes until it doesn’t show on TV. Sounds woo!

Look, in terms of television, the national hockey league intermission would become longer of about 17 minutes.

Moreover, but during the playoff, separate intermissions are providing of 15 minutes during the game. That’s how intermissions are distributed.


How Many Periods in Hockey?

You would love to know how many quarters are in a hockey game or how long our hockey periods are. Correct!

There are typically 3 periods in the hockey game, which usually consist of 20 minutes, making 3 periods of playing time.

Now, look down if you want to know how long Major, minor, college, high school, or even hockey games take.


How long do major, minor, college, high school, or even hockey games take

Skill level Periods (Real) Average  Time
Youth 3×12-20 Minutes 1 Hour and 15 Minutes
High school 3×15-17Minutes 1 Hour and 15 Minutes
College 3x20Minutes 2.5 Hours
Major league 3x20Minutes 2.5- 3 Hours
Minor league 3x20Minutes 2.5-3 Hours


How long are high school hockey games?

How long is an NHL hockey game?

One of the most popular ice hockey games is NHL national hockey championship which takes 2.5 to 3 hours.

The NHL national hockey league consists of 17 intermissions with 20 minutes periods.

The clock is immediately stopped when any incident happens, such as off siding, penalties, icing, injuries.

Well, these are the reasons, which would take NHL national hockey game too long.


How Long Minor League Hockey Games Take?

Most minor hockey games come into play as the major hockey games. Correct!

Look, Minor league hockey games would take the same 3:20 period with 2:17 intermissions. Sounds perfect!

However, there are sometimes specific times given between shootouts, intermissions, or breaks, which could exceed the time limit.

However, minor hockey league games take 2.5 to 3 hours in general.


How long is a College Hockey Games Take?

In contrast, it would be great if you knew how long a college hockey game takes. Right!

College hockey games play as NHL national hockey league, but the difference is college hockey games played on a trim level in colleges.

Well, college hockey games also take 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on the team’s compatibility. Therefore, college team hockey games are famous most of the time in America. 


How Long Youth Hockey games Take?

Now, it’s time to see how long youth hockey games take. It looks like, on average, youth hockey games take 1 hour and 15 minutes that is predictably flawless.

Moreover, the game stops when a severe issue occurs, penalties, injuries, or self-damage. The other thing about the youth hockey league is it possesses 12 minutes intermission, which could vary based on age.

In most youth hockey leagues, few teams play 15 minutes period, other play 12 minutes period, though basically, it depends on the team mutual decision.


How long is a hockey school hockey period?

In general, most beginners ask how long a hockey school period is? Aren’t you ask!

However, having game regulation intakes take 60 minutes to finish the game. In addition, each period consists of three- 20 minutes periods.


How long are hockey games on TV?

It’s a matter of TV hockey games that take 2-3 hours if they don’t stop due to significant commercial breaks. Correct!

Though, whether it’s on TV or obscurely, the time out doesn’t go to change. Therefore, don’t worry; you would gladly enjoy it for a long time.


How long does hockey games last, including breaks?

Look, a professional hockey game league would last approximately 2.5 to 3 hours maximum, including intermission, overtime, shootouts, commercial breaks, playoff.

However, hockey games last 3 hours or until a winning team doesn’t specify within intermission or overtime period.


How Long Are Shootouts in Hockey?

The concept of shootouts is insane in hockey; it’s the situation that comes into the game when both teams tie the score and don’t announce the winning team.

Where Shootout provides an opportunity for each team to score three goals against the opposing team, the process continues in the game if the still score get’s tied.

You know, shootouts are the sudden death goals that assert the winning team immediately. Though in shootout team needs to be active and responsive at the moment.


How long are the intermissions between periods?

Talking about intermission between period NHL nations hockey league took approximately 17 minutes for intermissions.

Probably these intermissions come between the 1st and 2nd interval and 2 and 3rd interval.


How long between regulation and overtime?

In the matter of overtime scenario, the game resumes for 2 minutes with 3 on 3 overtime. After that game start.

Moreover, in the general regular season of hockey, there is no intermission come in-game when games are tied between the team.


Length of a game in the NHL Playoffs

Moreover, it sounds good to know most NHL games end on the regulations no overtimes comes.

But, an overtime playoff would take approximately 4to 5 hours in real-time. It would sometimes happen when the game tied.


If a hockey game starts at 7, what times it will end?

Let’s pretend you begin to watch the hockey game at 7 even it’s in the morning or in the evening, it would take you 2.5 to 3 hours. Yes-maximum 3 hours!


How long are professional hockey games?

Look, as you have seen whether it be the NHL nation hockey league game or professional hokey, it took your 3 hours. For sure!


How Long Are KHL Games?

KHL stands for continental hockey league, the premier Asian league consisting of 2 or 2:30 hours.

KHL continental hockey league consist of 20 minutes interval and 15 minutes intermission. Right!

It would be great if you see it on television because it commercially comes up on television.


How Long Are OHL Games?

The other Ontario hockey league game lasted approximately 2 hours. Sometimes the league would take 18 intermissions periods which would doesn’t affect the league game time.

Though OHL league also streamlined streaming services which is great. Isn’t it?


How Long Are WHL Games?

The next WHL western hockey league happens on the eastern side and is considered a minor hockey league consisting of three 20 minutes with 15 commercial breaks. Therefore, sometimes, WHL is likable on the eastern side.


How Long Are ECHL Games?

Talking about the east coast hockey league, which usually lasts for two hours until they aren’t television with outbreaks. But it won’t work!


How Long Are AHL Games?

Now, realistically, AHL games probably last for two and a half hours in terms of no panties, commercial breaks, or injuries.

AHL consist of 60 minutes regulation with 20 minutes interval.

However, these are the time’s limitations when it comes to several Hockey leagues.


What month is the hockey season? 

Most often, it’s early October through early April, which presumably games come into play. Though, usually, teams play 82 games which identify their performance.


How long is the hockey season game in 2021?

Moreover, the standard hockey season game begins in early October to early April, consisting of 82 games. The schedule fixes to at a particular time, which provides the number of games, with the number of the team.



Look, it seems hockey is a boring game, but the truth is. It isn’t!

All you need is popcorn, juice, or a friend to watch NHL national hockey league. Sounds like an exciting kid.

Moreover, as you saw, hockey games would last for 2.5 to 3 hours on an international level. Right!

Moreover, it depends on the nature of hockey.

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