Best Soccer Balls For Freestyle

Best Soccer Balls For Freestyle

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Freestyle football refers to the act of doing different tricks with the ball. You might have watched freestyle enthusiasts replicating amazing moves with their skills. What is most important for a freestyler is a ball. The choice of the right ball can make a difference between winning and losing the game. So, which are the best soccer balls for freestyle? As you dream of joining the community of professional freestylers, it is essential to invest in premium quality balls.

We have picked the most popular soccer balls for freestylers. You can read the review and make your decision.

Best Soccer Balls For Freestyle

1. SENDA Street Freestyle Ball

SENDA Street Freestyle

Color: Black/White

Weight: 440 Grams



SENDA Street soccer ball is the perfect choice for freestylers who love balls of size 4. With a premium grip and good air retention capacity, the soccer ball has gained the attention of several freestylers. While playing freestyle casually on the street, this ball can be your ultimate companion.

Although freestylers have varying skills, there is no difference in basics. You can showcase your talents with the SENDA ball, which is sturdy and grippy. SENDA has used a tire-like rubber for designing the ball. You can create the ball in a better way. The covering also ensures protection for the ball. 

To ensure better air retention, there is a butyl bladder added to the ball. The bladder retains air for a longer period. However, you can avoid using it for playing street soccer in groups.

Budget-friendlyNot the right ball for a group play
Better gripping 
Reduce bounce quality 
Superior control 

2. Decoryn Fire Grip Size 5 Freestyle football

Decoryn Fire Grip Ball Football

Color: Red, white

Weight: 420 Grams



Decoryn has designed the soccer ball for freestylers of any skill level. With a red and white combination, this freestyle football lets you retain your performance on the wet grounds. Manufacturers have used synthetic rubber to ensure a higher air retention capacity of the ball. Moreover, the use of synthetic rubber has lowered the price of this soccer ball. The waterproof ball is the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Freestylers and soccer players above 14 can try out this football. There are 32 panels in the overall design. The hand-stitched ball has no flaws and ensures a lasting value.

Good grip on any groundNo complaint found
Quality materials 
Include a premium outer covering 

3. Nike Premier League Strike Hi-Vis Ball – Hi-Vis

Nike Premier League Strike Hi-Vis Ball - Hi-Vis Yellow - Blue 4

Color: Yellow

Weight: 360 Grams



Nike is known for designing the gear and kits for professional footballers. You can use this Premier League for juggling and freestyle gaming. With a blue and yellow color scheme, this ball gives good control. The time-tested design of Nike’s ball has Aerowtrac grooves along with a textured surface. You will find consistency in the ball flight and grip. Moreover, the 12-panel design ensures the durability of this soccer ball for freestylers. The reinforced rubber bladder retains the shape of your ball for years.

The accurate flight off your footNeed better air retention capacity
Seamless design 
The best match-ball quality  

4. Adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Soccer Ball

adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Training Ball

Color: Various, Check Product From the Link

Weight: 180 Grams



Designed with different graphics and color combinations, the Adidas soccer ball for freestyle gaming will refine your performance. The special design has made the ball highly responsive. This size-5 soccer ball is made from 100% Thermoplastic Elastomerics that ensure a high level of elasticity. Moreover, this ball material is resistant to abrasion and stain. Although we have picked this ball for freestyle soccer, you can play your football match with it. The butyl bladder is another distinctive feature for optimal air retention capacity. Furthermore, we have found no flaw in the machine-stitched ball.

A resilient TPU cover Slightly heavy to kick
A quality bladder 
Softer ball 

5. SKLZ Star-Kick Solo Soccer Trainer with Soccer Ball Size 1

SKLZ Star-Kick Solo Soccer Trainer with Soccer Ball Size 1

Color: Green/Cobalt/Pink/Volt

Weight: 420 Grams



With 2 foam panels, this soccer ball has become the best choice for freestylers and juggling trainers. You can invest in this ball during your soccer training session. Available at a reasonable rate, the ball enables you to refine your freestyle and soccer gaming skills. Beginners can also try out juggling with this soccer ball. This ball retains the best performance on outdoor surfaces like sand and grass. Passing, shooting, dribbling, and several other tricks can be practiced using this soccer ball.

The integrated strap lets you wrap the ball around your ankle to prevent it from getting slipped.

A 5-foot adjustable cordToo small
Easy to handle 
Best for solo training 

6. American Challenge Kreis Soccer Ball

SKLZ Star-Kick Solo Soccer Trainer with Soccer Ball Size 1 (1)

Color: Various, Check Product From the Link

Weight: 310 Grams



The medium-level ball is intended for young players who like to master the freestyle soccer gaming skills. The bright-colored football for freestyle technique has an outer covering made from TPU. The thickness of this material is about 3.25mm. The presence of poly/cotton lining is another noticeable feature of the best freestyle soccer ball. Although the ball feels harder due to this lining, it is highly durable. However, you must choose a grassy surface for freestyle soccer gaming. As it has a hybrid bladder, it gives you the feel of latex. But, it retains properties of butyl. Kreis soccer ball is available in different sizes, and you can pick the right one for your purpose.

Multi-layer liningDoes not include a ball pump
Outer casing 
Machine-stitched design 

7. GoSports Premier Soccer Ball (With A Pump)

GoSports Premier Soccer Ball with Premium Pump

Color: Multicolor

Weight: 4 Pounds



GoSports presents you with the single-pack and 6-pack options. So, you can choose between them based on your needs. The multi-colored ball is popular among soccer coaches and freestylers. It retains durability and ensures optimal performance due to the reinforced machine-stitched construction. The synthetic leather cover has made the ball abrasion-resistant. The internal butyl bladder plays a role in retaining the air. However, the best fact is that the package includes an inflation pump. You can check the pressure before trying out freestyle soccer gaming.

Available in different packsValves must be better.
Good bladder material 
A robust polyester lining 
Best Soccer Balls For Freestyle

Guide to buying the best soccer balls for freestyle

Although we have analyzed the qualities and features of freestyle soccer balls, you need to make an informative decision. That is why we have provided you with a brief guide.


Materials used for the ball can affect your freestyle performance. The type of surface and frequency of juggling the ball can affect your decision.

A highly resilient ball is always desirable for freestylers who practice the technique on asphalt, concrete, and other hard surfaces. Although you use it regularly, the best ball will not have a hole. However, materials also make a difference in the bounce level and grip.

Softness and hardness of the ball

The novices always look for softer soccer balls. It enables them to learn different freestyle tricks very easily. Softball also helps them to become familiar with the movements.

On the contrary, advanced players prefer a higher level of firmness in their soccer balls. This firmness ensures stability and accuracy.


The type of stitches used for designing the ball is another important factor. The best soccer balls have thermally-bonded panels, and that is why these balls are aerodynamic. During your juggling and soccer training sessions, you can use these balls. Some players claim that hand-stitched balls are more durable than machine-sewn balls.

Ball bladder

Most commonly, bladders are made from-

  • Latex- This rubber material is used for car tires, shoes, and gloves. Latex bladders make the bladder soft. But, one problem is that it does not retain air efficiently.
  • Butyl- It is also a type of rubber that comprises isoprene and isobutylene. Butyl bladders have a high air retention capability.
  • Synthetic rubber- Bladders made from synthetic rubber bladders have shared properties of both butyl and latex and butyl. You will find a good capability of retaining air.

So, you have to check the bladder material before buying the soccer ball.


Which soccer balls are best for freestyle?

The durable ball with reasonable weight and good grip and bounce is a perfect choice for freestylers.

How does freestyle differ from football?

Football is a game of passing the ball to another player. On the contrary, freestyle is the art of performing tricks with a ball by using different parts of your body. You can use your head, knee, and foot for freestyle.

What ball size is best for freestyle?

Professional players can buy a soccer ball of size 4. But, kids can look for the size 2 soccer balls.

Why should soccer balls have bladders?

A soccer ball acquires a spherical shape when you fill it with air. Using a pump, we need to inflate the soccer ball and maintain a pressure level. Without any internal component, the ball cannot retain the air. That is why a bladder is inserted into the soccer ball. Bladders also play a role in

  • Maintaining uniformity in the bounce
  • Responsiveness level
  • Flight aerodynamism


We have thoroughly reviewed the best soccer balls for freestyle kicking techniques. You can check the materials, size, and other features affecting the quality of the ball. Play football and freestyle tricks with the high-quality soccer ball.


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