soccer players fake injuries

Why do soccer players fake injuries?


It looks like you are wondering for an answer why soccer players fake injuries? Right look, keep in mind you might have seen players tend to fake injuries during the game.

Most players take their normal foul more exaggerated and serious. Might feel exhausted.

Or even a few players roll themselves in the ground and shout for help.

For that, you will find the 7 best reasons for a soccer player to fake injuries. ‘ Here they are:

  1. Wasting time
  2. For punishing the opponent ’’
  3. For getting referee attention.’
  4. Get a goal-scoring opportunity
  5. To disrupt the game flow
  6. To cause opponents to go out of the game
  7. To get possession of the ball

However, if you want to know in detail, take a look down!

7 best reasons why soccer players fake injuries?

You might know many reasons but these 8 best reasons are common enough to define why soccer players do this.

1. Wasting time

Having fake injuries could be frustrating for many viewers, but you cannot imagine how it can benefit the opponent team.

However, most realistically, when the soccer team reaches an end or secures their victory, they probably start wasting time.

Furthermore, you know, fans want to know the results or which team won the game. Predictably, you should want to know which team gets the trophy by a good margin.

Sometimes, wasting time in soccer is a basic practice, or even sometimes, coaches make very bad substitutions for the sake of wasting the opposing team.

Moreover, this is how soccer players fake injuries. Right!


2. For punishing the opponent player.’’

Apparently, in terms of punishing opponent players, soccer players do fake injuries

and put other opposing team players in hot water.

However, fake injuries could include rolling body, hand band, shoulder pain, etc. During playing at a certain time, both players get frustrated, which forces them to fight.

This frustration helps every player to get an advantage and make other players punished. This sounds might unfair to you!


3. Forgetting referee attention

One of the most attentive reasons is that most players get fake injuries because they want to get the referee’s attention.

Moreover, the referee is considered the decision-maker who observes the players and their behavior.

During the game, if players want to convince their point, they talk to the referee. Most often, it could be the reason why players consider flopping injuries.

At a point, if players know that their actions haven’t come into play, they might get the referee’s attention. For that soccer players behave taking a serious injury which a referee can’t ignore.

Though, if the players get injured referee is considered to check the situation and call the team for further assistance.


4. Get a goal-scoring opportunity

The 4 best reasons why soccer players fake injuries to get an outstanding goal opportunity. That sounds perfectly good for players who might fake injuries.

In some conditions, if a player gets a chance to score a goal, he might lose the chance to inn the goal, so, before any loss, players can pretend to be injured to get a chance to score.

The injury will become the reason for the referee to think and provide the injured player

a goal-scoring opportunity for the opposing team. That’s how it goes.


5. To disrupt the game flow.

The reason to disrupt the game flow is to derange the opponent team. You might observe certain points in soccer when a team feels motivated and gains momentum of energy.

Goals cause these moments, or sometimes audiences cheer too much.

While during the momentum, the opponent team disrupts the game flow and makes other groups dive and waste time.

So with that said, let’s move to the other reasons.


6. To cause opponents to go out of the game. 

Sometimes. Often most players fake injuries to cause the opponent to go out of the game. In general, if a player is undeliberately fall somehow the opponent deserves the foul.

However, if a player knows he gets a foul but acts fake strong injury, the referee should think to provide the card to the offender.

You have probably seen Neymar’s fake injury in the world cup in how he rolled up on the pitch and acted like an injured player.


7. To get possession of the ball

A player’s prime reason for faking an injury is to get possession of the ball once he gets lost. Sometimes due to the loss of residence, the ball player gets injured.

Because they want to control the black ball, conversely, the other team wants to run forward from the ball, and players begin to act as injured players.


Why do soccer players so dramatic/overreact? (4 hidden reasons)

Eventually, some reasons help a team to win a trophy. Right! Why do soccer players so dramatic? Or why do soccer players overreact?

Here you can see 4 hidden reasons which help a team to stand out in the field.

  1. Free kicks
  2. Penalties
  3. Cards
  4. Frustrations

1. Free kicks

In defense of other teams, it’s useless to foul because there are basic things that help in great attacking positions.

Direct and indirect kick makes a difference. Players with a good ability can shoot a free kick from the penalty area.

In some way, most players with a less skilled team can get a remarkable chance to shoot a goal.


2. Penalties for faking an injury

Have you ever observed penalties in soccer when players get injured? In plain talk, the disadvantage is like a goal that turns the game mode immediately.

That’s how a team get Penalty for faking an injury.

Most teams can get benefits with the team and shoot the penalty as much as possible. That’s how the player acts dramatically/ overreact.


3. Cards

The third hidden reason is the card. During the game, the VAR video assistance referees can stimulate the yellow and red cards to the players based on their behavior.

If a player gets a red card, it stimulates the elimination of a player from the opposing team.

In some cases, players with the already warned get a yellow card that benefits the other team. So, you need to be aware before behaving dramatically/ overeating.


4. Frustrations 

Sometimes an unfair decision can be hilarious, thus which give the other team member a chance to stimulate the foul. Isn’t it?

Look, when a team having penalties scores goals eventually, the other team builds a considerable amount of pressure, resulting in conceded goals.


Attempting to regain the passion of the ball

No matter how you feel in the situation when you get injured, it’s fair for a player to act. Isn’t it?

For such reason, as you read upward, players work a fake injured.


Why do soccer players fake injuries: legends point of view

When it comes to players’ fake injuries, legends spoke few exciting comments on the players’ dramatic effects.

A pro soccer legend said a comment: “ sometimes we do the things that coach would go like this.

He also said the coach demands build to do something that helps them to win the game.

Sometimes it’s part of the game plan to fake an injury for the benefit of a team.


Why do soccer players are overreacting? The best reasons

As you have seen why to do, soccer players overeat. Right Because they want to win the game. Right!

Here are the reasons:

  • For punishing the opponent ’’
  • For getting referee attention.’
  • Get a goal-scoring opportunity
  • To disrupt the game flow
  • To cause opponents to go out of the game
  • To get possession of the ball


Are dramatic actions a universal theme in soccer?

Though, realistically it’s not convenient to act dramatically on a field. If the matter of

women soccer team, you have seen fewer overreacting/ dramatic scenes compared to the men soccer.

So, no dramatic actions are a universal theme in soccer.


Is flopping punished in soccer?

Here are the things; look, if a referee knows that a payer is overeating, so by the laws of the game referee could punish them based on the injury situation.

Often, punishment involves a yellow and a red card. So, some fans ask how effective punishment is?

The decision sometimes takes a too long time to declare which card should be given to the player.

So it becomes hectic for the referee to clear whether players act dramatically or in real he gets injured.


Related questions

Do football players fake injuries?

Yes, they would gain an advantage for their team. The edge involves penalties. Substitutions of a great player


Soccer players faking injuries gif? 

Here you can see crossers players referees faking injuries gifs, which is quite exciting and funny.


What is it called when a soccer player fakes an injury?

Sometimes when a game of soccer gets distracted or injured, it’s known as diving. Yes Diving

Diving is an attestation for a player to take unfair benefits by rolling up on a pitch or faking an injury.


Why do soccer (football) players roll around on the ground in agony if another player just barely touches them?

Because the reason is they want to look seriously injured and unconditionally uncomfortable in front of the referee.

This is due to gaining an unfair advantage. Sounds unfair!

Most Italian soccer players also behave Often fake injured.


Why do they fake injuries in soccer?

The solid reason behind the faking injury in soccer is to gain an unfair advantage that helps them win the game.

It most probably includes fouls, penalties, substitution, etc.


Do female soccer players fake injuries? 

In real cases, female soccer players fake injuries due to reason of taking unfair advantage. Right

But compared to the fake female injuries, you will see less dramatic effect than the men’s soccer injuries.

Yeah, that’s true


Why is faking an injury in soccer/ football acceptable?

According to the laws in the FIFA world cup, faking an injury is not acceptable, but if it finds the real injury, the referee should need to take deliberate actions against the team.



I do consider that you get the idea of soccer players’ injuries. But when it comes to real-life, you don’t need to worry about the injury. Most players have ample safety gear laws, to maintain the team decorum.

However, now you might have an idea of why soccer players fake an injury to act dramatically. However, the reason is gaining unfair chances.

Soccer is the best game and it is famous for its fake injuries as well.

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