brick mean in basketball

What does Brick mean in Basketball


Everyone is familiar with the term brick as you “brick something” in basketball, but not everyone knows what it exactly means, so today I’ll be going over what does brick mean in basketball and why it’s used.


What Does Brick Mean In Basketball?

When you have a game of basketball, it is important to know what you are doing. The game is based on teamwork and skill. In order to do this, you need to understand all of the different terms that are used in the sport. The term brick means that you have made a shot and badly missed it. You will see a lot of people using this term when they are trying to figure out why they missed a shot. This can be very useful when trying to figure out what went wrong and if there was anything else that could be done better.

The word brick is used a lot in the sport of basketball. Because it refers to something that has been thrown at someone or something. When playing the game, there are many different things that can happen. One thing that happens a lot is that someone throws something at the basket and misses it. If you have ever played basketball before then you know how frustrating this can be. It is hard to tell what went wrong with the shot. Because it was thrown so hard and fast at the basket!

Brick is also one of those terms that seems like it should be obvious but isn’t always obvious enough for everyone to understand. It basically means when someone misses their shot.

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Where Did The “Brick” Term Come From?

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when the term was first used in this way. But it’s likely that it became popular during the 1960s, which saw some major changes in basketball. The introduction of the three-point line and shot clock in that decade led to players shooting more often from farther away. That meant more bricks were flying around. So it makes sense that people started referring to these errant shots as bricks.


There are a few theories behind how this term came to be used in basketball. The most common theory is that it comes from an old game called “Brick Laying,” which was played by two teams of five players each. The goal was for each team to build as many walls out of bricks as possible before one team could knock down all of their opponents’ walls with a ball.

The other theory is that it comes from the sound of a ball hitting off of something hard like concrete or metal. This is what happens when someone takes a bad shot in basketball and hits the backboard or rim instead of making it into the net (and often gets rebounded by an opposing player).


What Is A Bricklayer?

A bricklayer is a player who has the habit of missing an open shot, especially at the end of a game or during free throws. A basketball player may be considered a bricklayer if he or she consistently misses a shot. This would have made the difference in winning or losing.

A player who misses a shot that would have won his team the game could be called a bricklayer. Because he or she is literally laying bricks, which are hard to come back from.

Bricklayers generally shoot poorly but make up for it by being able to get past defenders easily and score when they do.


When Is A Brick Considered A Brick?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a brick actually is in basketball. In fact, there are multiple kinds of bricks.

A brick is when the ball hits hard against the rim and bounces out of bounds. However, a brick can also be when a player shoots the ball. In addition, It bounces off the rim before going in or directly out of bounds without touching anything else.

A brick can also refer to when a player holds onto the ball for too long and doesn’t attempt to shoot or pass it off to another player. This is called traveling.

There’s also an offensive foul called “traveling” where a player takes more than two steps without dribbling the ball or baiting the defender into committing a defensive foul.


Difference Between Brick Shot And Missed Shot

A brick shot in basketball is when the ball hits the rim and bounces back without hitting the net.

On the other hand, the missed shot occurs when a player attempts to get the ball into the basket but misses it.

A brick shot happens when a player takes a shot at the basket and fails to get it through. The ball hits the rim and bounces out of bounds or back into play without hitting any part of the net.

When a player shoots from far away, it’s likely that they will miss their target due to distance (and gravity). In this case, we call it an “air ball,” which is not considered a brick. Because there was no contact with either rim or netting at all during this play. Rather than “bouncing off” anything (like bricks do), air balls just fall flat on their face after hitting nothing but air!

There are four common types of shots in basketball:

  • Jumpers
  • Layups
  • Dunks
  • Free throws

Jump shots are taken from long distances while layups can be performed closer to the basket. Dunks occur when one player jumps over another who has already made contact with both feet off-ground before releasing their own body weight onto theirs. This allows them to slam dunk as well.



Bricks in basketball refer to shots that go badly off the mark. They can be an indicator of a player’s shooting form and generally speaking, they are not very impressive. Consequently, it is important for players to avoid making bricks and focus on making good shots instead.

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