Pie In Basketball

What Is Pie In Basketball?


Basketball is a great sport. If you are looking to get into basketball, you can learn some great tips and tricks to make your game better. If you already play, you can also benefit from these tips and tricks.

In this article, we will talk about what is pie in basketball.


What Is Pie In Basketball

The PIE is a basketball metric that shows a player’s all-around performance. It’s a way of measuring how much they contribute to their team, and it’s one of the most important stats in the game.


The PIE in basketball is the sum of every player’s score, divided by the number of players on the team. It’s calculated by adding up all of your teammates’ scores and dividing that number by the number of players on your team.

The PIE is used to measure how well each player contributes to the overall success of their team. The higher your PIE, the more you’re contributing to your team’s success!



PIE is a metric that measures how efficiently a team uses its possessions. It’s calculated by adding up the sum of every player’s score and then dividing by 100.

This number can be used to compare teams and determine who is most effective at getting points on the board.

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Should You Score A Pie?

Yes, you should score a pie stat in basketball.

There are many reasons why scoring a pie stat is important:

It can help your team win the game. If you’re ahead by one point and there’s only one minute left in the game, then you can use your timeouts to draw up plays that will help you score more points and win the game.

It helps you feel good about yourself. When you make a basket, everyone around you cheers and claps for you, even if they’re not your friends or family members! You feel like everyone likes you when they cheer for your success on the court.

It gives other people something to talk about at parties or social gatherings after games have ended for the day. People love talking about sports because it gives them something interesting to say when they don’t know what else there is left to talk about!


What Is A Good Pie In Basketball?

A good pie score in basketball is one that’s higher than 10%. The higher the score, the better. If a player scores more than 10%, they’re doing well, and their team is likely going to win.

If you’re not sure what a pie score is, it’s the percentage of shots made compared to all shots taken by a player or team.


Wrap Up

The pie stat is a great way to measure the efficiency of individual players, but it’s also important to look at the team’s overall performance. If one player is having an amazing game, but his teammates aren’t able to contribute in any meaningful way, then it doesn’t matter how good he is, he’s not going to win the game for you.

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