Chicago have Two Baseball Teams

Why does Chicago have Two Baseball Teams?


In fact, you are here because you want to know why does Chicago has two baseball teams? Because of many reasons, Chicago has two baseball teams. Here look at them!

Chicago is considered the most populated metropolitan city in the US. The virtual arena to have two baseball teams in Chicago is due to markets support.

Though because of extensive market support and geographically, Chicago is distributed southside and northside. So, technically from Southsiders, nobody couldn’t effortlessly come to watch a cub. Right!

It might take a long hour drive to reach Southsiders. Let’s come to the indisputable fact why does Chicago have two baseball teams?

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Why does Chicago have Two Baseball Teams?

We have already known that Chicago has two baseball teams. At first, The Chicago Clubs of the National League, the second one is The Chicago White Sox of the American League. On the north side, the Chicago clubs of the national team always play. They generally play in the Wrigley Field.

On the south side, the Chicago white sox of the American league plays. They generally play in the guaranteed rule field.

Chicago is quite lucky to have the significant two winning baseball teams. Of these two teams, the National League is the oldest team.

The American team was founded later in the United States. This team is also called the “ Junior Circuit.” It almost took 25 years to make the American team.

After 2 years of fighting, these two teams were accepted. They are known as the major teams separately. There was a peace pact, and after that, these teams received it.


Chicago Cubs History:

The Chicago Cubs play in the Wrigley Field. Wrigley Field is recognized as the 2nd oldest baseball park in Chicago.

The Cubs is the first team which was the oldest team that played continuously from the beginning. The National League was formed in 1967. They have been playing from 1871 in

Chicago continuously. The former MLB team was the National League that played for Chicago and never changed this city.

Since 1876, they have scored more than any other team in the MLB. They already won more than two world series titles.

Now, they are fifth among all the National League teams who play regularly. There are 16 pennants in the National League.

Since 1908, they have been winning the sport’s title. It has already been 109 years, and they are winning it.

It also has been 71 years, they have taken part in the World Series. Since 1945, they have been taking part in the competition.

Let’s know about the traditions of the Chicago Cubs now.


Traditions of Chicago Cubs:


Flag Raising: The flag raising tradition was started in 1937. When the Chicago Cubs win any game, they raise the flag. The flag is white and has a “W” in the flag, which is blue.

Victory song: In 1984, Steve Goodman tuned a song named ‘ GO! CHUBS, GO! ‘. Day by day, it became the official victory song of the Cubs. When players win any game, the fans cheer for them by hearing this song.

Ivy rule: In 1937, when the Wrigley field was planted as the major league baseball court, its wall was made with ivy. If a player doesn’t find the ball or gives a signal that he can’t find the ball, it’s an automatic ground rule. But if the player tries to get the ball from the ivy, this rule will not apply.

Rooftop view: There are many tall buildings behind the Wrigley Field. Anyone can get a clear view from the buildings. They sometimes offer tickets to the audience.

Gameday: After finishing the games, people sit and enjoy the highlights of the games on a big screen. People can also buy food and beverages there. They can enjoy their food and see the highlights at the same time.


Some Facts about The Wrigley Field:

The Wrigley Field was opened in 1914. In the United States, the 2nd oldest ballpark is the Wrigley Field. There are approximately 100 years of history behind the walls.

There is a beautiful space in the field. It has an ivy-covered outfield and a scoreboard with much history behind it. It is an incredible venue in the world of baseball.


Chicago White Sox History:

The Chicago White Sox plays on the south side of Chicago. They play in the Guaranteed Field, which is located in the Bridgeport neighborhood.

Since 1900, the team has been playing for Chicago. In 1906, 1917, and 2005, they had won the three world series titles.

In the American League, the white sox are in fifth place. They also have six American pennants. They got their first pennants in 1901.

Fans love to watch the match of White Sox vs. Cubs match. The stadium also gives the best services for the fans as fans reviews.

There is a tradition after the win of the White Sox. The fireworks, home runs are the most enjoyable fun traditions.

The Summertime Crosstown Classic is the hottest sellout ticket in Chicago when there is a match between White Sox and Cubs.


Traditions of Chicago White Sox:

1.     The nicknames of White Sox:

Undoubtedly, White Sox has been called many nicknames over the years. At first, in 1906, they were called “Hitless Wonders.”

Then in 1919, they were called “black sox.”After that, they were called “ GO GO WHITE SOX !” in 1956.

Later on, in 1977, they were called “South Side Hitman.”

Infine, in 1983, they were called “Winning ugly White Sox.”


2.   Victory songs:

Many songs were meant for white Sox. ‘Don’t stop the party,’ a song tuned by Pitbull, was quite famous.

It is played on the loudspeakers after every win of White Sox. In the Guaranteed field, this song is played every home run off White Sox.


3.   Mascots of White Sox:

The first unofficial mascot was Andy Rozdilsky. ‘ Andy, The Clowns’ was the mascot for about 35 years.

After 1991, there was no mascot for the team. But in 2004, there was a new mascot for the team. The team’s name is ‘The Southpaw.’ It was desirable to the younger fans.


Some Facts about Guaranteed Rule Field:

In the Guaranteed rule field, there are a lot of statues of Minnie Minoso, Charles Comiskey, Frank Thomas, etc.

There are two CIBC fan decks. In these decks, people can watch the match through panorama mode. The kid’s zone is about 15000 square feet. It is located at gate no.5.

In this field, many restaurants are built. So, people can eat and also enjoy the match. When there is no match in the Guaranteed Rule Field, people can spend their time visiting this place.

There is a bar in gate no. 5. Audience can spend time in the bar also. After every winning moment of White Sox, they can visit the bar and have some drinks there.


Related questions:

What is Chicago’s favorite baseball team?

Most often, you will find the best major league baseball team in Chicago is the white Sox. How?

Back in the time, the Chicago Cubs baseball team was considered the best central league team, but after the turnaround in 2020, the white sox are now appraised as Chicago’s favorite baseball team.


What leads to two baseball Chicago teams?

Of course, their respective team supporters, trainers, coaches, members, or even their fans lead to two baseball chocolate teams.


Which baseball Chicago team is older?

Well, you may know “The cubs were the oldest league baseball team because of the fact in the region of roundabout one out of 9 out of 16 teams predate and come with Chicago.

These teams continuously prefer Chicago since 1871 and onward 1874 to play on fire.


Why are bears named for Chicago’s sports teams?

First thing first because the team moved to wriggly, which was the home of Chicago and other several NFL franchises bear names for Chicago sports teams based on their cities baseball teams.


Is Baseball Famous in Chicago?

There might be a question of whether baseball is famous in Chicago or not. Yes, Baseball is quite famous in Chicago.

After the Civil War, baseball was famous in Chicago. There are two teams also and people love to watch baseball matches there.

Chicago is the best sports city in the United States. Chicago is not only famous for baseball but also famous for basketball, hockey, soccer, football. And also you should know Basketball vs hockey.

The Chicago Cubs won their last championship in 2016. No other city in the U.S. has more than 1 MLB team. So, it is very much clear that baseball is quite famous in Chicago.


Wrapping up:

Now, I consider we have already known why does Chicago has two baseball teams.

Chicago is a big city, and there are 5 major teams in sports.

They have two fields for playing baseball. Baseball was founded in the 18th century but it became a national game in the 19th century. Generally in April baseball matches tend to happen.

Sporting News had called Chicago the best sporting city many times. The two baseball teams have their own traditions. They celebrate very differently and have a lot of fun after every win.

Finally, I can expect that this article was helpful for you. And I think it is also clear why Chicago has two baseball teams.

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