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How High Can Cristiano Ronaldo Jump

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s long jump ability astonishes almost all football lovers. His ultimate jumps shock almost everyone. “How high can Cristiano Ronaldo jump?” That’s the question that comes to mind whenever you think about his jumps. Actually, Ronaldo’s highest jump was recorded in 2013 against Manchester United. In that match, he jumped 2.93 meters (115 inches) which made everyone stunned. It was in everyone’s mouth how on earth he could jump that high.

Ronaldo has always been considered as one of the greatest players of all time. His quick sprinting, ability to turn fast, muscle strength, and skills have made him a great player. There are many facts about him that make everyone amazed.

At the age of 29, Ronaldo recorded a 30 inches (76.2 centimeters) vertical jump. This means he can jump about 2.65 meters on average. Even at the age of 35, this Portuguese star jumped 8.39 feet or 2.56 meters against Sampdoria. Also, his breathtaking ability to hang in the air for a longer time makes him different. We are going to show some of Ronaldo’s highest jumps. This will make clear how high can Cristiano Ronaldo jump. 

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Ronaldo’s 2.93 Meters Jump 

In the 2012-13 season, Ronaldo astonished everyone with an eye-catching 2.93 meters jump. That jump left everyone with amazement. Ronaldo scored an amazing goal with a header jumping 2.93 meters (9.5 feet) off the ground while playing for Real Madrid against Manchester United in a Champions League match in February 2013. Patrice Evra, Ronaldo’s former teammate, was left ball-watching as he had nothing to do. David De Gea also had no chance of stopping that goal. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best goals of CR7.  

The Portuguese star is called CR7 airlines for his ability to jump high and hang longer in the air. His skills are jaw-dropping. Ronaldo’s vertical jump average is almost 2 inches more than a normal NBA player. Isn’t it crazy knowing that this former Real Madrid player can jump higher than an NBA player on average? 

Cristiano Ronaldo has many phenomenal jumps that even shocked his critics. Many times, Cristiano Ronaldo jumped high and scored mesmerizing header goals with these amazing jumps that even rescued his team from losing. 

2.56 Meters Jump Against Sampdoria 

In 2019, CR7 jumped 2.56 meters (8.39 feet) and scored an amazing goal against Sampdoria. The score was 1-1 after Caprari’s equalizer. Cristiano received a cross from Alex Sandro at the back post. Ronaldo scored an amazing goal with a header jumping 2.56 meters or 8.39 feet which is higher than the height of the crossbar. Cristiano himself was also amused that he jumped 8.39 feet to score that goal that took his team to victory. This jaw-dropping goal was one of the finest goals of that season. 

The 2.47 Meter Jump vs Torino

On May 4, 2019, Cristiano’s Juventus faced Torino in a Serie A match. In the 17th minute, Torino took the lead with S.Lukic scoring. Juventus struggled to find an equalizer. Ronaldo saved his team scoring in the 84th minute of the match. He scored an amazing header jumping 2.47 meters off the ground. 

Ronaldo’s Amazing Jump vs Osasuna 

Cristiano Ronaldo Jump almost 2.44 meters vs Osasuna but missed the target and couldn’t score. CR7 made a ludicrous jump and fell over his teammate Karim Benzema. Real Madrid defeated Osasuna 4-0 in that match. This jump is also one of the most beautiful jumps of CR7 Airlines.

Ronaldo’s Jump vs Wales in Euro 2016

In the 2016 Euro, Ronaldo’s Portugal faced Wales in the semifinal. Ronaldo scored an amazing gravity-defying goal. He jumped about 2.42 meters and scored a header goal. Wales was playing dominating in the first half with Gareth Bale and other stars. But, in the 50th minute, Ronaldo scored an awesome goal with a header, jumping 2.42 meters from an out-swinging cross by Raphael Guerreiro. Ronaldo has always defied the laws of gravity with his high jumps and this is one of those. In fine, this goal took his team “Portugal” to the final and Ronaldo won his first-ever International trophy defeating France in the Final.

Some Other High Jumps of Ronaldo

Cristiano always startled people with his high jump skills. Besides, people always thought about how he jumps so high.  Here are some more of his high jumps.

In 2020 Ronaldo scored a tremendous goal with a header vs Roma. Even at the age of 35, he is continuously proving that age is just a number for him. 

In 2008, Ronaldo’s Manchester United faced Chelsea in the final of the Champions League. Ronaldo scored with a bullet header jumping high in the air against Chelsea. 

The Portuguese star jumped almost 7.5 meters and scored with a bullet bicycle kick against Juventus. Ronaldo’s Real Madrid was facing Juventus in the quarterfinal. 

In 2018, with facing PSG, Ronaldo again deified gravity and scored a goal jumping way above PSG’s defense. 

How on Earth Does Ronaldo Jump so High 

Ronaldo always shocked people with his skills. Even his critics or opponents could not but admire some of his amazing goals. His high jump skill and hanging in the air for a longer time is one of his best skills. People always wondered how he jumped so high. Here are some reasons that can make this clear. 

  • Hard Working and Training

This Portuguese striker is very hard-working and even trains longer than his teammates. In order to improve his skills, he works and trains hard. Douglas Costa once said, “It’s impossible to train as hard as Cristiano does. When we arrive he is already training and when we leave he is still training. I have never seen a footballer train so hard.” It shows the determination and hard work level of Ronaldo to be the best player. 

  • Specialized Workout

In order to jump higher Ronaldo works out to improve his thighs, calves, and abs muscles. He does 3000 crunches and limbs on a daily basis in the gym. 

  • Maintaining a Strict Diet

Ronaldo is very conscious about maintaining his diet. He follows an efficient diet to improve his performance. Here is a crazy fact: the fat percentage in Ronaldo’s body is less than 10% which is 3% less than a professional model. 

Now you may think about how he stays in the air for so long. According to research from the University of Chichester, Ronaldo tucks his knees and legs up behind his buttocks while jumping. This raises the center of gravity temporarily and thus he enables himself to hang in the air for a long time. Because of this aerodynamic technique, he is a threat and nightmare for defenders. 

Wrapping Up

How high can Cristiano Ronaldo jump? People always wondered about this question. Ronaldo is a wonder for the whole world. Moreover, his extraordinary skills and techniques make people think, “Is he really a human?” In terms of jumping high and heading skills, Ronaldo is surely one of the best. Ronaldo scored almost 17% of his goals in the header. Watching him play will make you think that he is a machine.  

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