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How Many Champions League Does Messi Have?

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Lionel Messi has won 4 champions league. These 4 Champions League were won by FC Barcelona in 2006, 2009, 2011, 2015. Read down below to know the details about it.

Lionel Andres Messi is an Argentine professional footballer. He has already won 35 titles. He is the best football player in history. Messi is the only player who has won 6 Ballon d’Or awards. Also, he has created many records in football history. So let’s directly get into the Champions League titles.


05/06- Champions League

Messi just started his career at that time. It was the magic of Ronaldinho. Messi was not able to play in the end. He had 6 appearances in the Champions League of 05/06. And played a total of 322 minutes. He played as an RW. Additionally, He had 1 goal and 1 assist which is not bad for a beginner. And that was done only in 6 matches, more precisely within a total of 322 minutes.

On 14th September 2005; he played against Werder Bremen. Barcelona won 2-0. He was playing as a right-winger. He was sent on to the field in the 66th minute and got to play 24 minutes.

On 27th September 2005; he played against Udinese. Barcelona won 4-1. He played the first 70 minutes and then got substituted. Messi played as a right-winger. He was not able to score or provide any assistance.

On 18th October 2005; he played against Panathinaikos for Fc Barcelona. The match was drawn by o-o. After that, he was sent on to the field in the 67th minute. He got to play only 23 minutes.

On 2nd November 2005; FC Barcelona again faced Panathinaikos. Messi played the full 90 minutes of the game where he scored one goal and provided 1 assist for the team. FC Barcelona won that match by 5-0. Messi played as a right-winger.

In the next two matches, Messi was on the bench against Werder Bremen and Udinese. 

The last 16 1st leg match was against Chelsea on 22nd February 2006. He played that match as RW. He was able to play the full 90 minutes of the match and did not score or assist. Barcelona won the match by 2-1. In the second leg of the top 16 which was held on 7th March 2006. Barcelona drew a draw against Chelsea. Messi got injured in the 25th minute. He was not able to continue the match. Even he missed the rest of all 5 matches. 

But FC Barcelona was able to chase the title without Messi. They had a draw against Benfica in the 1st leg of the tournament. But in the 2nd leg, Braca won 2-0. In the semifinal, FC Barcelona played against AC Milan. Then, In the 1st leg, FC Barcelona won 1-0. After that, in the second leg, they made a draw. Finally, FC Barcelona played against Arsenal by 2-1.

Messi got to play 4 matches in the starting 11. He was substituted twice and also was on the bench 2 times. He did not get any suspension.


09/10- Champions League

Messi had an amazing performance in this Champions League title race. He played 11 matches. In 11 matches, he scored 8 goals. His goal per minute was 123. And he played 986 minutes in total.

Messi played in the RW position. He scored 1 goal against Dynamo Kyiv on 29th September 2009. He was on the bench against Inter on 24th November 2009. Again he scored 1 goal against Dynamo Kyiv on 9th December 2009. He scored 2 goals against VfB Stuttgart in the last 16 1st leg. Also gave an unforgettable performance in the quarter-finals 2nd leg against Arsenal. He alone managed to score 4 goals. This performance of Messi helped me very much to get into the final.

Messi was in the starting 11 times. He was on the bench for only 1 match. He did not receive any suspension. Also, he did not even get any injury.


11/12- Champion League

Messi was just unstoppable in this Champions League tournament. His performance was just getting better and better. He played 11 matches and scored 14 goals which was very much impressive. Not only did he score but also provided 4 assists. He received 2 yellow cards. He had 4 penalty goals. His minutes per goal was 71. He played 990 minutes in total.

He played in both CF and RW positions. In 11 matches, he played only 2 times in RW position and 9 times in CF position. He did give an assist against AC Milan on 13th September 2011. He scored 2 goals against Bate Borisov on 28th September 2011. Then, He provided 2 assists against Viktoria Plzen on 19th October 2011 and scored 3 goals on 1st November 2011. Against AC Milan, Messi scored 1 goal and 1 assist and received a yellow card in the 31st minute of the match on 23rd November 2011.

After that, he was not in the squad against BATE Borisov on 6th December 2011. In the last 16 1st leg, he scored 1 goal & 1 assist against Bay. Leverkusen also scored 5 goals in the 2nd leg. In the quarter-final’s 2nd leg, he scored 2 goals against AC Milan. And in the semi-finals 2nd leg, he provided 1 assist and got 1 yellow card in the 71st minute.

He was in the starting 11 throughout the tournament. He was not on the bench for a single time. There were no injuries or suspensions.


14/15- Champions League

Messi was the star of the football who was shining the most. He did give us some unbelievable performances. Luis Enrique showed his amazing coaching skill by dominating the UCL. He created one of the most successful trios which was known as MSN (Messi, Suarez, Neymar). He had 13 appearances. This greatest player of all time, He scored 10 goals and also provided 6 assists. He was sent off from the pitch one time. He received 1 yellow card. His minutes per goal was 115. He played 1146 minutes in total.

In the group stage, he gave an assist in the 1st match against APOEL Nicosia on 17th September 2014. Against PSG, he scored 1 goal on 30th September 2014. On 5th November 2014 he scored 1 goal and provided 1 assist against Ajax also on 5th November 2014 he scored 2 goals. He scored a hat-trick against APOEL Nicosia as a captain. On 10th December 2014, he scored 1 goal against PSG. In the last 16 2nd leg he provided 1 assist against Man City and in the semi-finals against FC Bayern, he scored 2 goals and made 1 assist. In the final against Juventus, he gave an assist. He played in the RW, CF, & AM positions.

Messi was in the starting eleven of every match. He was not substituted and also not on the bench. He had no suspension or injuries.


Closing Thoughts

Messi recently joined PSG to win more and more titles. As he is still playing football, we do not know what is coming tomorrow. He is one of the football players in history without any doubt. I hope I can give you all the details you need about Messi’s Champions League title race.

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