Innings In Basketball

How Many Innings In Basketball?


Basketball is one of the international games played in different countries. With the scoreboard lighting up after every inning, the basketball fans curiously check the performance of their favorite teams. However, like other games, basketball has a playing period. It refers to the division of time when the play occurs. The most common periods are halves, quarters, innings, ends, and sets. But, how many innings in basketball?

During halftime in college basketball, players like to get refreshed. But, how many innings are present in the basketball tournaments? A standard basketball game includes 9 innings. In some other similar games, you can find 7 innings. Interestingly, basketball games have quarters and no innings. Thus, you need to know the number of quarters and the length of each quarter.

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How long is the basketball game?

You can find a variation in the duration of the basketball games. The governing bodies, including the International Basketball Federation, decide on the length of the game. Different basketball gaming leagues have varying lengths.



NBA basketball tournaments comprise four 12-minute quarters, and the overall game length can be 48 minutes. But, the clock can stop multiple times throughout the period. For instance, it may be because of timeouts, fouls, and halftime.

That is why a standard NBA game can continue for 2 and ½ hours. While looking back at the basketball gaming history, you could find that the longest game continued for 78 minutes, and it included 6 overtimes. On 6th January 1951, the tournament was played between the Indianapolis Olympians and Rochester Royals in Rochester, NYC.

National Basketball Association tournaments for women include two 20-minute halves. The overall game duration can cover 40 minutes. But, clock stoppages can make the game continue for longer hours. The regular-season basketball games last 2 to 2½ hours. The longest tournament in the WNBA history was for 2 hours and 57 minutes. It was the game between the Cleveland Rockers and the Orlando Miracle.


High school basketball

The youth basketball game and high school basketball game lengths can be around 32 minutes. Each of them can cover 8-minute quarters. The real-time duration of the high school basketball tournament can be about 90 minutes.

What are intervals in the basketball games?

Generally, the basketball game interval can last 2 to 3 minutes. However, it may vary with the size of the tournament and the competition. There must be a break for 2 to 3 minutes during the 1st and 3rd quarters. You may also find a 15-minute break in the 2nd quarter. During this half-time, players feel refreshed and get back their energy. The break-time for the NBA game is slightly longer.

NCCA is one of the important basketball bodies, managing college basketball games. It is a popular type of basketball game for several fans. The unique thing is that there is a single break and 2 halves for the teams. The length of these halves is 20 minutes. You can find a 15-break between 2 games.

The clock is stopped due to injuries, fouls, timeouts, and breaks.

Timings are different for the junior-level basketball games. You can find four 8-minute quarters based on the level of playing. Interval times for the games with quarters can be 2 minutes/15 minutes. Players have to read the rules of the local competition before playing the games.

Factors affecting the basketball game length-

  • Free throws, fouls, and injuries- The clock stops multiple times for fouls, out-of-bound balls, injuries, and free throws. The clock does not restart its work until the ball is returned.
  • Halftime– The length of halftime is higher in the case of WNBA, NBA, and college basketball games. However, viewers watching the basket game on TV can find a difference because of commercial breaks.
  • Overtime– Overtime can affect the basketball match length. NBA basketball tournaments do not limit how many overtime periods are present. Every overtime period in the WNBA, NBA, and FIBA is around 5 minutes. Every team has additional time-outs for the delayed OT period. The number of overtime periods has no limit.
  • Time-outs– In some NBA games, there are several time-outs. It results in an increase in 9 minutes. But, the teams can take a full-time-out during every quarter. In case of more than 2 time-outs in the 4th quarter, the overall time can get reduced.
  • Shot clock– It is a timer to identify how much time a basketball team takes to possess the basketball before having a shot attempt. While the shot clock has touched zero before attempting a field goal, the team cannot possess the ball.


Final thoughts

So, how many innings in basketball?

To sum up, basketball has no innings. It is quarters, halves, overtime, and some other periods. It is hard to calculate the duration of these periods. Basketball associations have been imposed.

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