How many quarters in hockey?


Are you a hockey fan and aren’t aware of quarters in hockey? And you are here because you want to know how many quarters in hockey are there?

Or How many rounds are there in hockey? Are there 4 Quarters periods in hockey?

You might be a bit confused!

If you are new to hockey, you might not know much about hockey because hockey isn’t the same as before, consisting of two halves.

But, with time changes now, hockey consists of 4 quarters which usually counts as 3 periods with 2 breaks between 2 quarters of 2 minutes. 

Down I’ll tell you field hockey time duration, and how many/long periods are in hockey?

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How many periods/quarters are there in hockey? 

When it comes to periods in hockey, you’ll find 4 periods/quarter in the hockey game. Though which usually consist of 4 quarter of each 15 minutes. 

Thus, in between quarters, you would get 2-minute breaks. But, how do the quarters come along? 

During playing 1 and 2 round start and approximately consist of 25 minutes, consisting of 2 minutes break 3-4 quarters come in play. 

So, on the hockey field, there is 4 period/quarter in professional NHL. 

Now, see how long does it take to a quarter to complete on the hockey field?

Quatre timing and how long are they?

You might know, How long does a quarter take in hockey? Right!


Because if you are a beginner hockey player, you must have an idea a quarter would consist of 15 minutes. 

For instance, in hockey, there are 4 quarters, and each quarter consists of 15 minutes, which means 4 quarters into 15 minutes which would make a hockey game around 60 minutes. 

Thus, each quarter comes after a short 2 minutes break. 

Let’s say the game has started with 1-2 quarters; thus, after 1-2 quarters, there will be 2 minutes breaks, and then 3-4 quarters will start. 

In 2020, the college hockey games and high schools hockey games consisted of 4 quarters. But, recently, the time durations of hockey at the high school and college levels have been changed. 

Thus, which would consist of 2 halves, and each consists of 35 minutes. 

Moreover, have you observed the difference? The timing of professional hockey games has been reduced by 10 minutes, which is 60 minutes. 

Although, which consists of playtime, excluding the quarter breaks and halftimes, which generally occur during the game. 

Now, see how the field hockey game becomes the game of 4 quarters?

Olympics-Hockey becomes a game of four quarters.

If you are a hockey fan or new to hockey, you know, hockey is one of the most popular games which is most likely played by both men and women professionally. 

Whether it would be NHL or Olympics hockey league, there would be a specific time limit in which a team needs to score against defending team. 

For adequate time for hydrations and strategic planning, the player needs some time to get rest. 

Thereby hockey games are divided into halftime, breaks, playtime, etc.

Most fans like you ask how the 4-field hockey quarter game is beneficial for you?


The benefit of 4 quarter match

As you see, field hockey time duration and hockey quarter and periods. 


However, a field hockey match is divided into 4 periods/quarters rather than 2 quarters. 

The more you are going to get for hydrations, rest, or even how you strategize your team. 

This means 4 quarter field hockey time is beneficial, and you must know drinking water during any physical game is essential for the body.

Moreover, as hockey is a fast-paced game that requires running from one court to another, more time in the game allows players to rest at optimum level.

It would also be general if you are a hockey player; you don’t want to consume a large amount of water quantity during halftime. Thus, for that 2-minute breaks is involved for you to consume less amount of water. 

The other benefit of hockey’s four-quarter game is it allows you to do some physical exercise which is better for play. 

However, sometimes hockey game time lasts longer due to some reason. Therefore, you’ll see what the reason that increases the time, which is called overtime is.  


quarters in hockey

Overtime in field hockey (Why overtime and timeout are provided)?

Sometimes the hockey match time varies from 4 quarters because in some cases the game gets tied, and the winning team does transparent. 

Or sometimes, players get injured during the game, which would longer the professional hockey game time. 

Therefore, some overtime and timeouts quarters come into play which you see down. 


  • Overtime 

Thus, what is overtime in hockey? And how long do they last? Let me tell you, what is overtime?

Well, overtime is the additional period that lasts when the game gets tied. In the past year, 2018, the overtime consisted of 15 minutes.

But by the time it was reduced to 10 minutes. Thus, in which players fight/ compete in sudden death.


Because, you know, in overtime (10 minutes), if a team scores a goal, the chances are the team would be a winning team. 

Because overtime isn’t about scoring, it’s about how your team comes up within less time. 

Therefore, sometimes hockey quarters time last a bit longer.


  • Timeouts

On the other hand, in professional hockey games, the timeout is usually is known as called. 

Thus, in timeout or called when 2 minutes last, that doesn’t influence the quarters. Most timeouts come when players score in case after the plenty.

So, sometimes because of timeout in hockey, the time of the game exceeds.


How many periods are in the NHL playoffs?

When it comes to the NHL national hockey league, which consists of 5 periods of each 20 minutes. 

You might wonder why three periods are not two halves? 

It doesn’t matter the rules must follow, which would rely upon you to follow 4 periods in the hockey game. 


What division plays each other in NHL playoffs?

Usually, in terms of division plays, 2-3 played teams place in each division. 


What does p1/p2 stand in hockey?

Usually, P1 stands for “prestige,” which is known when players perform outstandingly. Thus, these levels are increased by your playing style. 

The more you play, the more your prestige level increase. 


Why does hockey have 2 intermissions?

Thus, 2 intermissions come in ice hockey, primarily used to resurface the ice for your information.

During the game, the ice gets unbalanced, which requires some time to appear accurately; therefore, there are two intermissions in ice hockey


How long is every quarter in high school field hockey?

In high school, the field hockey every quarter lasts approximately 15 minutes, as there are 4 quarters in high school hockey games. 


How long does it take to play a period in real-time?

Thus, in a hokey real-time game, each period would last 17 minutes each. This usually happened twice in the game. 


What is the actual time duration of a hockey?

As you have seen, there are 4 periods/quarters which consist of 15 minutes. Thus, the actual time duration of a hockey game is 60 minutes. 


How many periods are in the ice hockey games?

In terms of ice hockey games, the game period consists of 3 intervals of each 20 minutes. 


How many halves are there in a hockey game?

However, in a professional hockey game, 2 halves come during the game. 

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Now, you might clear there is 4 quarter in the professional NHL Field hockey game, which consist of 15 minutes each. 

Most people say hockey isn’t played in the quarter but in periods. So, you don’t need to mingle your head. These are a bit similar. 

However, let us know how you play hockey and how long it takes, including overtime, playoffs?

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