A mean on a hockey jersey

What does the A mean on a hockey jersey?

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It seems you are new to a hockey game or a fan of hockey players. Thus, you might notice the letter A and C on the hockey jersey. Right!

Would you?

Well, you might wonder what does the “A” means on a hockey jersey

Thus, you might probably know that letter on the jersey stands for “Alternate captain”—Though, where “c” stands for the captain. 

Let’s look down the exact meaning; what is the alternative captain in hockey?

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What does the letter “A” on hockey jerseys mean?

The letter “A” on the hockey jersey stands for an alternative captain. Thus you might be wondering to know what an alternative captain in hockey is? 

And, how many alternative captains are on a hockey team? Curious!

Thus, when it comes to alternative captains in hockey. The responsibility of alternative captains is to lead the team during the game.

The alternative captain usually announces a few sentences to fix the players on specific places and locations. 

On the other hand, you will find two alternative captains in the hockey game. 

Whereas in several hockey seasons, the alternative captain is added based on time duration. While in another season, the alternative captain is assigned for a few months. 


What is the hockey jersey called?

Well, most fans like you ask what hockey jersey is usually known for. So, it’s basically called a sweater. The hockey jersey is predominantly known as a sweater because the hockey game is played in winter. 

Now let’s have a look in detail; what does the alternative captain do? 


Alternate or assistance “The Meaning of the “A” the jersey?

It sounds a bit amazing why there two alternative captains are on the hockey game field. You might think of that. So, read on!

  • Alternative Captain

You see, the letter “A” stands for an alternative captain, which comes up after the captain. When the real captain isn’t present on the ice, the two alternative captains manage the accorded entitlement of the team. 

Suppose you are on a hockey game field; you see players wearing sweaters. In that case, you notice players shall wear the jersey having the letter “A”, which is approximately 3 inches big in height (contrasting color) in a dramatic position on the front of their jersey.


  • Captain

Whereas when it comes to captain. You know, every sport or team has a captain. Right!

As for hockey games, a captain is assigned to manage the team. Thus, which is the only player in the group who could ask any questions with the referee. 

However, rather than the letter “A”, you’ll also observe the letter “C”, which somewhat means captain. 


But, Where does C go on a hockey jersey? What position is C in hockey?

 It usually goes on the upper left of the hockey jersey, and in most NHL national hockey leagues, there would be a captain who leads the players. 

Moreover, the captain wears the jersey with a 3-inch-high letter “C”, known as the team’s captain. 

However, you might want to know what do captains do in hockey? Thus, the team hockey captain is usually responsible for managing the team’s social functions and performance observance. 

As you have seen what does “a” mean in hockey stats? 


Related questions 

What numbers are not allowed to be worn in hockey on jerseys? 

Moreover, what if 66, 69, 99, 80, 84, and 94 come? Unfortunately, these numbers wouldn’t wear out by any player even the players are available. 

Although a few numbers you see, such as 19, 25, 36, 41, 45, 50, 70, 72, 74, and 88, are authorized to be worn in hockey on the jersey.


Why does a hockey jersey have the word “stop” on the back?

It seems shocking why does a hockey jersey has the word “stop” on the back? Right!

Moreover, the word “stop” is supposed to look upon a minor hockey jersey. You would see the stop sign sewn between the top and right down from the collar. 

Basically “stop” word refers to the safety of the players. How?

You see, most players harshly check the other players. Though the word “stop” makes them think twice for not checking the other players. 

These jerseys shall wear in minor leagues, especially when players come in contact during the game. Or where players check from behind (CFB). 

Thus, when players contact bending, the issue gets into the board, which is dangerous for the team.

So, because of these contacting reasons, hockey jerseys have stop signs on their back. 


Why does the Indian hockey jersey have Odisha written on it?

Thus, there is a reason why the Indian hockey jersey has Odisha written on it. The Odisha government assures to sponsor the Indian men’s hockey team and the Indian women’s hockey team. 

Therefore, the Indian hockey jerseys have Odisha written on it. 


Why do hockey jerseys have to be tied down, and how is it done?

Most time, you see in-game hockey there is fighting happening in between the game. And you might notice a hockey jersey is tied down with a strap which you’’ found at the back of your hockey sweater. Right!

These straps help and attach with the wad pants by a Bickle, Velcro which few players tie a not and make sure the jersey is reaming on the place. 

In a case, if the player’s jersey seems untied, the player would take a minor penalty of 2 minutes, and his team also suffer from “short-handed”.

Thus, sometimes less than 2 minutes are assigned to the player until the teams in powerplay score from the game. 

The jersey is tied when players get into a fight on ice moat player pulls the rear of the jersey, which is scrap on the opponent’s head. 

In the scenario leaving players unable to defend or powerless, the hockey jersey has to see ties done with a strap. Moreover, so that players get hurt badly. 


What do hockey jersey numbers mean?

Well, the letter “A” and “C” the hockey jersey numbers show the position that each player is plating for. 

Likewise, 2-6 were traditionally for defense and 7-11 traditionally for forwards. Thus, each hockey jersey number has its importance in the game. 



So, you see. The letter a in the hokey game is knowns as the alternative captain. Right! Thus, on the other hand, the letter “c” stands for a captain. 

The role of both alternative captain and captain is vital to lead the team during the game. Therefore, having two alternative captains come across when the real captain gets down.

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