How Many Rounds in Boxing

How Many Rounds in Boxing?

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When it comes to boxing, you, as a boxing fan, want to know, how many rounds in boxing are there? Right1

Because you might want to take boxing as a career, that’s why you are wondering to know, how long do rounds last in boxing? 

Well, don’t worry, read on!

Most often, boxing consists of 12 rounds, and each round in men’s boxing usually consists of 3 minutes. Conversely, in women’s boxing, a round lasts for 2 minutes.

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Let’s have a look at how many rounds are in the boxing championship? depending on the match scenario.


How Many Rounds in Olympics Boxing?

Though, for either men’s or women’s rounds in the Olympics, boxing lasts for 3 rounds which consist of 3 minutes approximately. 

Therefore, there would be 3 rounds approximately in Olympics boxing. Sound’s great!

Moreover, based on 5 judges sitting outside the ring, the boxer is awarded what they deem to hit. A successful knockout declares the winner immediately.

In some cases, the match gets distracted in case of 3 penalties (Warnings). Therefore, it all takes your patience to fight specific rules. 


How many rounds in the boxing championship are there?

It might be exciting to you there would be 12 rounds in the boxing championship. Nevertheless, you want to know, what does the championship round mean?

It means the 12 rounds in the boxing championship start from 9 to 12 rounds which are considered a boxing championships round.

However, sometimes, the world title fight championship comes between 10-12 rounds and usually happens specifically in British, American, and European. 


How many rounds in heavyweight boxing?

Look, heavyweight boxing is considered a professional boxing championship, which usually lasts for 12 rounds. Nevertheless, how many minutes in a round of boxing?

Rounds usually consist of 3 minutes. Depending on the type of men’s boxing game or women’s boxing game.

You might wonder to know how many rounds in boxing tonight? How many rounds in boxing.

The answer would be exactly the 12 rounds.

Of course, the rules decided determines how many rounds in boxing are there.


Amateur Boxing Rounds

Have you ever seen amateur boxing rounds? Is the price the Olympics commonwealth sport? Yeah, I hope so!

Nevertheless, you might take amateur boxing as a less adult boxer. However, it has not gone that way; the amateur player does play like a pros professional boxers player.


While amateur boxing championship consists of 12 rounds with every 3 minutes.

Moreover, the research shows that amateur boxing goes with 3 rounds Due to the hazardous, devastating punches on the face and body. 

However, for more information, if you were playing as an amateur boxer, you might know there was protective headgear allowed while playing. 

But in 2016, due to the concussion rate, the AIBA found it would not be helpful for men boxing. 


Professional Boxing Rounds

When you talk about professional boxing rounds, it’s called prizefighting, considered a legitimate sport. 

From the 1920S to the 1980s, professional boxing rounds went with 15 rounds, and after that, in November 1982, the rules were changed when WBA lightweight little weight fight happened between Ray Mancini and Duk Koo. 

Moreover, that’s how Changes In The Rules came due to safety and health issues. 

The match ended with the death of the hindmost. After the 3 months of the worst fight, the WBA Light water professional boxing rounds had changed from 15-12. 

Yes, in professional boxing rounds, you will find 12 rounds at a pro-level. Due to some circumstances in the past. The rule is changed with time.

By the time’s specific rules were developed into what you see today, professional fighting. 

Read on!


Youth Boxing Rounds

You might not contemplate youth boxing rounds, but it’s now playing a vibrant role in the fighting. The youth boxing round consists of based on age and class group.

Because in youth boxing, the players play for the club, not for the national or international level.


That is why here you will see few scenarios depending on age. Look at them!

  • Master class boxing players (above 35 years) will go with 10 rounds. 
  • From 17 to 35, trainers there go with 10 rounds on 2 minutes each.
  • From 15 to 16 junior boxing Olympics they often go with 3 rounds of 2 each minute.
  • Intermediate form 13 to 14 years old it would take 3 rounds of 1.5 minutes each.
  • From 11 to 12, they go with 3 rounds of 1 minute.
  • From 8 to 10 years, youth boxing takes 3 rounds of 1-minute. In addition, you have seen depending on the age group and boxing promoters; the boxing fight takes the amount of time and rounds in professional boxing rounds.

Now, you see how many boxing round depends on a professional, amateur level. 

Let’s move to a few terms.



Well, a boxing round is a time in which two opposing players play to get the score without getting any break.

Both players bear impressive stunts such as gumshield or low blow punches on the face and body during the rounds.

Depending on the round times, the bell signals would start the rounds. You might know, matches consist of types of professional boxing games or Olympics games.



Look, in the case of knockdown, the referee gave the down competitor a 10-second count to get back to the place. Alternatively, aware the opponent to come on his legs.

During this round, the time goes without any units until any interruption causes the time pause. 

Moreover, sometimes players hit with the lower belt get 5 additional minutes to recover their position in the ring. 

Or, if a boxer is knockout, the rounds end immediately based on boxer conditions. Due to the end of knockout rounds, the rounds would have been recorded for the results.

For instance, yes, a round ends if a knockdown or knockout happens during the round.



Competently depend on men’s boxing, the round lasts in boxing for 3 minutes. However, in terms of last omens, it lasts for 2 minutes.

Sometimes the strong boxer Katie Taylor calling to increase the round times from 2 minutes to 3 minutes.

Thus, it depends on promoters, who fight boxing passionately, 



Between, boxing rounds the boxers take their corner place and receive tactical instructions from trainers. 

Their trainers tell them what their next move will be and take their doctors’ lacerations treatment. 

Usually, round time consists of 1 minute, which gives players time to rest; consequently, these activities happen between rounds. 




Thus in 1880, the amateur boxing association England set rules according to the boxer’s capabilities. At first, there were 3 rounds with 3 minutes each was established. 

However, each round consists of a 1-minute break between the rounds. It’s insane and applicable. 




Due to the fact, boxers get injures, and the match gets worst at the end. However, you know, the boxers Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier, Marvin Hagler vs. Roberto, Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Kid Gavilan went with 15 rounds. 

It’s basically also known as the famous boxing rocky championship. Well, also, there were safety and health issues with boxers came. 

November 13, 1982, Duk Koo Kim came from a coma after a knockout in 14 rounds. Due to the fatal encounter, the WBA set up rules rounds reduced to 12. 

That’s how there are no more 15-rounds boxing fights. 




Thus, in the world of boxing, championship rounds usually start from 9 rounds to 12 rounds. 

Because Rounds Reduced After Tragic Fatality in the Ring, the new fighting comes up with the most petite rounds. 

Therefore, championship rounds are started from 9-12 rounds, which are exciting for most boxers. 

Consequently, let’s move forward to some other rounds depending on the year.


Related questions 

How many rounds in boxing in 1920?

Though there were unlimited rounds in the early century when police stopped one opponent quit or the opponent. 

Nevertheless, with time, rules had changed, and proper authorities were set up. 

Therefore, there were fifteen rounds in boxing in the 1920s. 


How many rounds in boxing in 1970?

There were 15 rounds in boxing in 1970. But after that, the rules have changed. 


How many rounds in boxing in the 1800s?

It seems exciting to you there were unlimited rounds, as had mentioned earlier. The boxers played until the other player quit his game. 


How many rounds in boxing rocky?

Yes, there would be 15 rounds in boxing rocky. Right! However, you might want to know how many rounds in boxing were in the 70s?

There would be 15 rounds every 3 minutes with a break of 1 minute.



I’m sure you are now; clear how many rounds are there in boxing? Right 

Whether it could be armature, Olympics, professional or even youth boxing matches, it depends on the promoters. 

Do let us know, which is your favorite player in boxing?

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