Why is American Football So Popular

Why is American Football So Popular?

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If you ask me, “Why is American Football so Popular?”, The first concept that has to be said about this is that it is not a simple game. People say that popular games need to be easy to follow and practice. But this rule does not work with Americans.

For beginners, American Football is a little bit confusing. After watching a game, it can cause you some serious headaches if you do not have any idea about this sport. Even so, it has also managed to be one of the most-watched sports in the whole world. After hearing this without a doubt, there is a question which occurs, “Why is American Football so Popular?”

We can talk about this for hours and hours but will never be able to solve it. If you know some exact points, it will just be a matter of a few minutes. So just do not waste your time and keep on reading this blog down below.

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The Beginning of American Football

The American Football that we see was not like this. The public image of this sport was shadowed by a bunch of misfortunes and social scandals. But thanks for the thrilling and exciting gameplay which was taken from Rugby and Soccer. In mainstream sports, they made their way without any problems.

If you take a deep look at the past, most of the jobless people and part-time workers used to practice this sport who had the time to. Since it was a violent game, kids were strictly prohibited from playing this game. Then it became a sort of an adult game. Many people gamble their money away on this game.

IN 1869, American Football was first registered between the universities of Rutgers and Princeton. The First Game Bowl has created the team of the university. It attracted thousands of audiences.

The first American Football was created a few years later in 1890 where several rules of the game were introduced. Many people were trying to make this American Football less of a gambling game and more of a real competitive game.

The sport was almost prohibited for Theodore Roosevelt. The main reason was that it was an unsafe and violent game. At that time so many of the players were dying while playing this game. And after seeing these, the association started to create more and better rules for the sake of the safety of the players.

The American Amateur Football Association was introduced in 1920 to the sport. They are known as AAFA if we say in short. After 4 years it became the actual NFL. Also, we have seen a lot of changes. In Infine, we are seeing the game now. And slowly it turned into a popular, safe, and amazingly enjoyable game to see, especially the time of the Super Bowl.

American Football

The United States features one of the most well-known professional leagues in the world. Which includes the NBA and MLB. Both of the leagues are the highest-profile for basketball and baseball. It is popular all over the world. But neither of them is the most popular sport in America. The most popular in America is the National Football league.

96.4 million viewers watched the last Super Bowl. The most profitable sport is also the NFL. It has even beaten the English premier league or NBA. $984.5 million is the overall profit of the title of the National Football League. It is the double profit of MLB which is $496 million.


What Makes American Football So Popular

After researching I got some of the reasons which make American Football so popular. I hope these reasons will clear all of your confusion.

  • Tailgating: Pre-game ritual
  • Significance of the game
  • Fantasy Football
  • Super Bowl


Tailgating: Pre-Game Ritual 

The first reason why is American Football so popular is the tailgate party. American Football is a very long event. Most of the NFL games start at 1 pm and can last up to 4 pm. Most of the audience comes to the stadium 4-5 hours before the match starts for the tailgate party. For those attending league games, it is one of the most important things. It is a very social event. It is a way to prepare themselves for the game and to socialize with the other audience. No other sports are there where you will get these types of pre-game rituals. It is one of the reasons why is American Football so popular.


Significance of the Game

You will get to see games played once a week in the NFL. The season goes on 17 weeks constantly. Each team plays a total of 16 games. So each of the games counts. In the MLB, there are more than 100 games of the season. Also, 82 games are played in the NBA. They will miss the postseason altogether if 2 or 3 games are lost by a final team. Each second of the game matters which makes it so exciting.

Apart from this, there are no huge gaps in terms of talent in the NFL. You will find some amazing and talented athletes. But to be honest, no one can assure of any team’s winning. Anything can happen in these games.


Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is an online fantasy game. We can see this game every August of the year. Participating in fantasy football is more worthy than thinking about winning the money and pride. It is just for us to enjoy the games with our friends and others.

If you do not know about the concept of fantasy football, let me tell you that it is just a way to enjoy the game more and to involve yourself with your 10-12 other friends. You will build a team by choosing several players throughout the season. Then throughout the season you will be matched up with your friends and will feel as if you have your own team in the NFL. Based on the performance in the reality of the players you will get a point. Every week, the team that received the most points wins. It is one of the very big reasons why is American Football so popular.


Super Bowl

In the NBA, you will get to see the best of 7 series in the final. The World Series and Stanley Cup (NHL) are also organized in the same way. In the NFL, there is only one game in the championship game. One mistake can make you clap for the winners and standing by the side of the trophy or one Extraordinary performance can lead you to lift the title. There is no coming back. Only one 60 minute game will decide everything. There will be media coverage weeks after weeks. The most-watched Super Bowl TV program was XLV.


Importance of American Football Worldwide

Absolutely, one of the most popular games around the world is American Football. A lot of audiences gather in front of the TV every year. What is the reason behind this popularity?

After World War 2, more and more people got into opening more teams. Many entrepreneurs also invested in this sport. But things did not go that well. But, everything changed its face right from that time when the Super Bowl started. When AFL was against NFL, the sport started to rise to the top of the mountain of success.

This sport even surpasses the highest worldwide incoming sport. Such as basketball and soccer. You can get into these games with any kind of player. One of the interesting things is that students can get scholarships by playing these sports which helps them to grow their working opportunities. These leagues import players from a lot of colleges. Which makes it even more attractive to the people of the world. It is not only beneficial for work but also for your study.  


Closing Thoughts

Becoming a player in this sport will make you very popular. You will be able to get unique advantages in social environments. For that, you will need to work on your skills to improve yourself. Also, you need to put yourself on that level to play in the league. I hope I can tell you why is American Football so popular.              

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