How many sets are in volleyball

How many sets are in volleyball?

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Are you wondering about getting an answer to how many sets in volleyball are there? Well, it seems you might want to know how many sets are in volleyball college? Or how many sets in the volleyball Olympics. 

Though, you see, professional volleyball matches are of 5 sets. But sometimes, when it comes to college or youth volleyball games, it takes 3 sets to go in volleyball. Curious about volleyball? Explore the Volleyball Blaze for exciting insights and information!

Would you remember that!

Moreover, let’s take a look at what is set in volleyball? Or how many sets can you have in volleyball? 

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What is a set-in volleyball?

The word Set comes in volleyball which shows the overhead pass in which the direction of dig would be changed, and the ball will go significantly in a different direction.

Thus, can you have 5 sets in volleyball? Well, yes!

Sounds statical!

Though, you would say when the opponent on the offensive player passes the ball to the net side whereas the other teammate spikes the ball on the defense side (Opponent court), which is usually known as an asset of volleyball. 

Sounds fair!

Let’s take an example for a better understanding. Let’s say you are playing volleyball with your friends and you get a ball which you through on the opposing side. Right!

Now at a point, you would most often pass the ball to your teammate. Correct! 

On the point when you spike the ball directions, it would know as a set. 

Anyhow, let’s slide see how many types of volleyballs sets are there. 

Types of sets

The shoot is the type of set which shows the ball is set from the outside hitter, instead of variations in the ball or setting ball at the middle of the field. 

Types of setsDetails


One is the set which is fast set to the middle


The two set shows the middle or close to the net, known teammate as a muddle hitter.


Three-set is also the fast set from outside or middle halfway.


Usually, the fourth seat goes far from the outside hitter


Usually known as backset, which comes from the right-side hitter


The ten sets are which show the back row attacker. The chances of a ball attack are far from a 3-meter attack line. Which is usually known as a pipe.


In this set, the middle man runs, and where the outsider’s players run from the weakest side of the hit.


This might sound weird, where the middle players come from one side of the outsider form 2. Thus, in jones’s shot, the weak side must be hinted from outside 3.


Is another type of shot where a middle player runs, and the opponent’s middle shoulder comes. Although, where the outsiders run or slide around a shot.


The shot is considered as the; lowest shot from an outsider hitter.


The last shot type is too short in nature.

Thus, as you have seen, the types of shots in volleyball game rules. Now, take a look at points in a volleyball.

Volleyball sets

Points in a volleyball set

Generally, you will ask what points are called in volleyball? However, points in volleyball are known as rally scoring and side-out scoring. 

Mainly you see volleyball game is consist of two types of set. However, the one type consists of 5 sets for professional volleyball players; the other junior or youth volleyball game consists of 3 sets. 

Usually, when it comes to points in a volleyball set, it would likely distribute when the team players win the set.

Though, whoever wins the highest sets will win the game. Its means in 5 sets of matches, you need to win 3 sets to win. 

Well, the 4 set consists of 25 points, and the 5 sets consist of 15 points. This shows whoever wins the more prominent points will win the game. 

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Related questions 

What is the number of points in a volleyball set?

People like you ask indirectly how many points in a set of volleyball? 

There are 25 points for the first three sets; on the other hand, the remaining 2 sets consist of 15 minutes. 

So, totally there are 40 points in a volleyball set.  

How many times can you set in volleyball?

Well, every player tries to take the ball on the opposite side of their courts, which means you can’t touch the ball more than 3 times during the game. 

How many sets faster do you have to win in volleyball?

Well. Most often, the questions are relatable with this how many sets are in volleyball to win?  However, you know volleyball matches are played of 5 sets, and you need to achieve 3 sets to win in volleyball. 

Is volleyball 3 or 5 sets?

Yes, definitely volleyball game is consisting of 3 or 5 sets. No doubt, there are types of sets which would be applied. 

Is the last set-in volleyball to 15?

Yes. It sounds true the last set of volleyball is 15, which is more likely to be different from other sets.

How many sets are in volleyball college?

You might often ask how many sets in volleyball Olympics or how many sets in volleyball high school?

Though, no matter which volleyball game you would play. Thus, it would take 3-5 sets to play volleyball. 


As you have seen, how many sets are in volleyball? Though you see, there are 3-5 sets in volleyball, and they usually consist of 40 points. 

The first 4 sets consisting of 25 points; conversely, the last set is comprised of 15 points. Right! 

Moreover, let us know in the comment how many points you won in your last volleyball game? Do it!

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