How long is a professional soccer game

How long is a professional soccer game?


It’s tricky to figure out how long a professional soccer game is? Nevertheless, possible to calculate!

At the weekend, you plan to go to the stadium with your friend, but you might be in doubt about how long a professional soccer game is.

However, when it comes to the professional soccer game World Cup, it would take 111 minutes with injury time and without extra time.

But what if a soccer game is played with extra time? It would take 150 minutes. Though you see, professional soccer game consists of 2 halves 45 minutes with 15 minutes break in the middle.

Let’s have a look!


How long is a professional soccer game last?

In a plain word a professional soccer game usually last for 90 minutes which is split into two halves of 45 minutes.

Moreover, whether it would be soccer game world cup or professional league, it consists of 90 minutes approximately without extra time.

But sometimes, games last for a long time due to tied situations in both teams. In this case, the entire time is the focus to declare the winning team.


Why long are soccer games? 4 Boom reasons

There are probably 4 boom reasons that make soccer long.

  • Half time
  • Two half
  • Injury/Added time
  • Extra time


  • Half time

As the name suggests, a half time comes up between two halves, which consist of 45 minutes. Though, in which players take a break of 15 minutes.

Half time would provide an opportunity for the couches to talk to their players about the next half of the game.


  • Two half

As you know, two half comes up in professional soccer, but it takes a quarter to finish the game in a youth soccer game.


  • Injury/ Added time

Injury times aren’t a confusing thing as the time. On every half, injury time is added when players get injured.

However, it’s overwhelming to know clock times do stop in a soccer game. The main referee decides how much time needs to add and how much is consumed during any random incident.


  • Extra time

You know, during knockout competitions, extra time is provided to the players. However, it might also come into play when the game gets tied and the winning team isn’t declared.

Moreover, extra time consists of two halves that are usually considered shorter than other actual halves periods.

However, these are the 4 reasons which make soccer games long. Right!


How long are the world cup, Euro, high school, college, youth soccer games take?

Here you can see the time limit with interval.

Skill level Periods (Real) Average  Time
Youth 2×20 Minutes halves 55 Minutes with injury
High school 2×40 Minutes halves 95 Minutes
College 2x 45 Minutes halves 105  Minutes
World cup/Euro 2×45 Minutes halves 111 Minutes
Minor league 2x45Minutes halves 111 Minutes


How do Long Major League Soccer Games take?

You see, a professional soccer league would consume 90 minutes to declare the winning team. The same goes for major league soccer game take.

The major league soccer game is distributed two halves of the 45 minutes interval. However, which usually consists of 2 breaks of each 15 minutes.


How Long Minor League Soccer Games Take?

In terms of minor league soccer games, which is considered as the lower division soccer team in America.

Moreover, the Minor team lasts usually 90 minutes consisting of 2 halves of 45 minutes each. Also, there would be a break of 15 minutes at each interval.

It sounds a bit annoys the Minor league soccer team is smaller than the MLS team, but the Minor team gets paid for their efforts.


How Long Are College Soccer Games?

Moreover, when it comes to college soccer games last you would say it would also last for 90 minutes. Which is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Though, the college soccer game also takes 2 breaks between the game.

College soccer is considered the most achievable game because most players move to the successive MLS league when they think they are good enough in college.


How long is a soccer game in high school?

It’s insane to know how long a soccer game in high school lasts? Right!

Because certain limitations make the high soccer game unconditional due to several teams, set rules according to the situation.

Moreover, high school soccer games last for 80 minutes with 2 minutes of injury time.

With that 10 minutes breaks is also come for rest. Therefore, Average high school soccer games last for 95 minutes in general.


How long is a soccer game in the world cup?’

It sounds shocking that the soccer game in the world cup lasts for 90 minutes, which usually consists of 2 halves of 45 minutes each.

Though it doesn’t matter if it’s a world cup or MLS soccer game, it would last for 90 minutes.


How long is a soccer game for middle school?

As far as it comes to soccer games for middle school, it would last for 30 minutes with 5 minutes break.

Look, the chances are time would vary from middle school to middle school depending on the rules and capacities of players.


HOW long is a women’s soccer game?

The women’s soccer game lasts for 80 minutes with 2 halves between the game. Usually, 2 halves consist of 40 minutes, or sometimes, based on rules, quarters get engaged.

More often, women’s soccer games seem very exciting. Sound’s great!

Sometimes, Between the 2 and 3rd quarters, the interval consists of 10 minutes.


What Is Added Time in Soccer?

Sometimes due to the substitution based on penalties, injuries, self-harm, the time of the game out. Right!

Added time is also known as stoppage time. Yes, it would!

Basically, added time last of both halves. Though, the referee adheres to add the time when he sees his record time watch.

The incident or any injury time calculated on the spot so that it would be added at last.

If a player gets injured or random rain comes most often, the time has been recorded. If it consists of 10-15 minutes, probably 10-15 minutes game will continue at the end.

Therefore, it is essential to record the time and added it later in the game.


How Long Is Extra Time In A Professional Soccer Match?

Sometimes a professional soccer game ties it would require extra time to declare the winning team.

Most probably, an extra time in a professional soccer match last considered being of 30 minutes.

According to FIFA laws, when a given time game hasn’t come to an end, it assigns two additional periods of 15 minutes to reach an end.

Extra time is known as the overtime, isn’t going to an end once the players hint to play. Overtime is used in tournament and non-tournament games.


What to Expect During a Soccer Game?

It might not be necessary to expect during a soccer game because all you do is see playing two teams for 45 minutes without considering 15 minutes break.

Though. If you are watching a soccer game on TV, you would probably expect to have many snacks, friends, or drinks.


Who can add time to a soccer game?

Well, there could probably be 4 members who can add time in a soccer game. Look down!

  • Coach
  • Referee
  • Team captain
  • Goalkeeper

Most often, these members in soccer add time to soccer games.


How long are soccer game halves?

Look, as you know, soccer takes 90 minutes to complete. Nonetheless, soccer game halves last for 45 minutes. Generally, there are two halves considered between the game.


Soccer game length by age?

Though, depending on the age group. Let’s look down!

Age group Game length weight
Under 6-8 4-12 quarters 11-12OZS
Under 10-11 Two 25-30 halves 14-16OZS
Under 12-13 Two 30-35 halves 14-16OZS
Under 14-15 Two 35 to 40 halves 14-16OZS
Under 16-17 Two 40 to 45 halves 14-16OZS
Under 18-19 Two 45-45 halves 14-16OZS

How long are soccer games euro cup?

Conversely, the soccer game euro cup consists of 90 minutes with two halves of 45 minutes each with a strict going clock.

No matter gameplay on a professional level or unprofessional level, it follows the exact rules that need to follow.


How Does Extra Time Work in Soccer?

It sounds terrific extra time in soccer work, like 15 minutes between the games. Correct

It works when the game reaches the end without declaration, even though extra time works that way.


How Do Penalty Shootouts Work in Soccer?

In the tie condition at end games, sometimes penalty shootouts work in soccer. When the game gets tied both the team get additional penalties for shooting out the goal.

Moreover, each team gets 5 goals to shoot out the goal.

How long is a soccer game

Related question

Is a soccer game is 90 minutes long?

Yes, it is absolutely great soccer game that is 90 minutes long. That’s why soccer is popular in the game.


How long is an official soccer game?

Look, official soccer games also consist of 90 minutes, usually distributed in two halved of 45 minutes.


How long are soccer games on TV?

Well, without sponsored breaks or paid promotions, soccer games last for 90 minutes on TV. sound’s supersizing. Isn’t it


How long is a soccer game for 13 years old?

As you saw, according to the age group, 13-year-old soccer lasts for 70 minutes which is based on two halves of 35 minutes each.


How long is a soccer game with the extra time?

It seems extra time consists of 2 halves of 15 minutes which is 30 minutes. Though when you add up these minutes in 90 minutes. More often, it would be 120 minutes.

So, an average soccer game with extra time is considered to be of 120 minutes.


How long is a soccer game in the Olympics?

In the Olympics considered to being of 90 minutes Which is good enough!


What is the maximum amount of time that a soccer game can last?

When it comes to the maximum time you saw up the word, it would be 120 minutes involving extra time in-game.


How do you know how much time is left in a soccer game?

Basically, you don’t because, during playing, there is a lot much suspense. That is how each team would score their game.

Besides, you can if you don’t see the game correctly. Therefore, for this, you have to watch the game.


How does game time in soccer work?

Look, the game starts with the initial kick and continues for 45 minutes. Indeed, clock timing runs and doesn’t stop for any other interruptions.

With the time’s one-half completed, players take a break and continue the gain for a further 45 minutes.



However, in terms of time, you have to consider soccer takes 90 minutes, whether it would be MLS, minor league, or even in Olympics,

Likewise, you have to be aware of how much time you need to spend on entertainment. Right!

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