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Best Light Basketball Shoes

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A basketball gaming session involves different activities like jumping, running, and quick stops. How do you engage yourself in these activities without the right pair of shoes? With proper cushioning and grip, the premium-quality basketball shoes refine your performance. Heavy and bulky shoes prevent your free movements. That is why it is good to invest in the best light basketball shoes. The lightweight footwear enables you to play the game of basketball without feeling stressed. Your foot will feel comfortable with the most reliable pair of shoes. We have selected and reviewed the most popular basketball shoes with a lightweight design.

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Here is my list of best light basketball shoes:

1. LI-NING Sonic Ⅸ Professional On Court Basketball Shoes


With soft hues, these basketball shoes have an attractive look. But, we have delved deep into the functional value of the footwear. The rubber outsole has added durability to the design. However, the foam materials used for the midsole have maintained the lightweight construction of the shoes. The TPU is used for the front part of this midsole for optimal performance. 

To ensure a proper fit, manufacturers have added a Velcro. Due to the breathable fabric upper and comfortable wrapping, these shoes have become a favorite choice for basketball players. The footwear brand has chosen tuff RB rubber with wear-resistant capabilities. 

2. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

Available in a range of colors, these basketball shoes have anti-slip soles. The uppers are made of lightweight and breathable fabrics. As there are venting holes on the shoe uppers, your feet will not feel sweaty. One of the unique features of these shoes is that they have a molded heel shield. It will keep your feet secure and prevent injuries to your ankles. Although it is a pair of basketball shoes, you may use them during your running, hiking, walking, and climbing activities.

3. Adidas Unisex-Adult D.O.N. Issue 3 Basketball Shoe

Designed for both men and women, these basketball shoes ensure stability and comfort. Moreover, the locked-down heels make your feet fit into the shoes firmly. There are also TPU inserts and special cushioning to give good feelings to your feet. Furthermore, the lace closure not only ensures a proper fit but also reflects a style.

We have picked these shoes for their super-light midsoles. The footwear will never restrict your dynamic movement. The rubber outsole also does not wear away easily. Available in both bright and neutral colors, these lightweight basketball shoes will grab your attention.

4. Men’s High Performance High-Top Basketball Shoes

Both men and women can put on these shoes while playing basketball. The sneaker-style sports footwear has breathable cotton with mesh lining. It gives optimal comfort to your feet. The specially designed shoes protect your ankle. Proper ventilation facilitates perspiration and prevents sweating on your feet.

The rubber outsole saves you from slip and fall accidents. The EVA midsole is intended to make a cushioned surface.

5. PEAK Mens Basketball Shoes

PEAK Mens Basketball Shoes Breathable Sneakers

The high-performance, lightweight shoes for basketball players have a professional look. However, beginners can also invest in this pair of sports shoes. The anti-slip footwear gives you the ultimate protection when you are playing basketball on the court. Due to the EVA soles, the shoes are softer and more comfortable. The breathable and soft sock liners also give you the best feelings. Your underfoot feels comfortable due to cushioning. The P-motive midsole has added resilience to the design. Moreover, the knit fabrics and perforated leather provide ventilation to prevent sweat buildup.

6. PUMA Uproar Hybrid Court ASG Athletic Basketball Shoes

PUMA Mens Uproar Hybrid Court ASG Fade Athletic Basketball Shoes

Although the overall construction is solid, you will not feel bulky to move your feet. Thus, PUMA has offered the best light basketball shoes with a slip-on design. Moreover, due to the rubber sole, the footwear has gained high durability, and it provides a high level of traction.

Furthermore, the insole provides a cushioned surface for your feet. The mesh upper is intended to make your shoes breathable. The integrated heel puller lets you put on the shoes easily.

7. Reebok Men’s More Buckets Basketball shoes

Reebok Men's More Buckets Basketball Shoe

Reebook is a prominent name in the world of sports shoes. Made of 100% rubber, these shoes give the ultimate level of comfort. The basketball sneakers have a classic design with high-quality features. The lightweight uppers and soft lining are some other advantageous features of the shoes. With a mid-cut profile, these shoes have an elegant look. The rubber sole is also resilient and ensures good performance.

Guide to buying the best light basketball shoes

We know that choosing lightweight, high-performance basketball shoes is not easy.But, our guide will make your purchase easier.

Know the type of ankle collars

Based on your play styles, you have to decide on the ankle collar-

High-ankle shoes- With the reinforced collar covering the ankle, these shoes protect you from injuries. You can play basketball for a longer period without getting injured.

Mid-ankle shoes- Some shoes cover your ankles while providing all-rounded performance. They also provide ankle protection and ensure high responsiveness. Agile, athletic players love these shoes.

Low-ankle shoes- Fastest players prefer these shoes for a high level of responsiveness. The lightweight design and ankle mobile are some other factors that make these shoes popular.

best light basketball shoes

Check the cushion

Cushioning has different aspects, including height and bounce. There are no rules for choosing a particular height of the shoes. That’s why you need to rely on your preference to decide on the height.

Too much cushioning makes the shoes’ height very high. It will result in instability and injuries, as you will not feel the court. On the contrary, a low cushion setup lets you feel the court better.

Another important thing is the bounce, which indicates the impact protection level. It may vary with technologies and the foam used for the shoes. The best companies make a balance between softness and stiffness. A soft cushion is not much responsive, but a stiff cushion will not provide good impact protection.

While talking about the height, we need to mention that low-top basketball shoes will increase your speed, while high-top ones are best for stability. Mid-tops are perfect for beginners who are not much sure about their positions.

Uppers of your shoes

High-performance sneakers for basketball players are made of comfortable uppers. Leather uppers are solid and durable. But, synthetic materials are perfect for breathability. Leather ones may deteriorate over time. That is why you can look for other alternatives to ensure a lasting value.

Traction of your sports shoes

The bottom of your basketball shoes plays a role in ensuring traction. Good traction indicates that the shoes grip the floor properly. Based on tractions, you can categorize the shoes in 2 ways- outdoor and indoors. Some footwear brands ensure indoor court traction, and you can play sports on dusty floors.

There are also outdoor shoes with harder soles for a highly durable design. Choose the right shoes for the basketball court to prevent slippages.

Shoes with stiffer rubber are designed for outdoor uses. Thus, you must be careful about these things while buying basketball shoes.

Finally, the rubber sole’s pattern also makes a difference in the traction level. Your shoes should provide more grip with multi-directional traction. The term ‘multidimensional’ indicates the pattern that reaches in different directions. These patterns will enable you to use your agility.


Why should I buy special shoes for playing basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes provide an optimal level of traction due to the intricate footwork. They make you ready for high-intensity movements. Moreover, these shoes have slightly less cushion to let you feel the court. The best sports shoes for basketball players endure high pressure from your movements.

Are aesthetics important for buying basketball shoes?

 Basketball enthusiasts always focus on how the shoes are made. However, some professional players also check the shoe styles and colors that reflect their personality. You can also match the shoes’ colors with your jersey.

Is there any difference between the men’s basketball shoes and women’s footwear?

You can find a 1-1.5 size difference in these shoes. But, it may vary with your chosen brand.


We have provided a comprehensive guide on how to buy the best light basketball shoes. You can pick the right footwear to engage yourself in the world of basketball. Make sure that the shoes are made of quality materials to use them for several years.

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