Sports For Teenage Girls

Sports For Teenage Girls

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There should be no limits and restrictions for women in the sports world. So, female participation is acceptable in the world of sports. Looking back at the history of the sports, we can find the names of several international-level female players like Serena Williams and Simone Biles. Thus, the success of these players and athletes has encouraged teenage girls to choose sports as their careers.

In fact, sports activities keep teens away from a sedentary lifestyle. As a parent, you may inculcate the habit in your teens since childhood. But, which sports for teenage girls are the best options? Let your teen girl choose the sports based on her talents, interests, social preferences, and personality.

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What are the sports activities most commonly chosen by young girls?

We have now listed the sports activities most commonly chosen by young girls.


  • Volleyball

Volleyball is the best option for girls who love indoor sports. This game involves 2 teams, each of which comprises 6 players. As a regular volleyball player, your kids will retain physical fitness and mental alertness. Thus, it will minimize the injury risks and increase the endurance level of your teens. Moreover, young girls will become more cooperative and gain team spirit.


  • Basketball

You may have heard a claim that basketball is a rough sport and is not the right choice for girls. But, players can avoid injuries when they abide by the rules of faulting and moving. While playing basketball regularly, teen girls can grow fast.

Girls who like to stay fit can choose basketball as the best sport. While playing this game, they need to run, and this basketball is a fast-paced game. Your teens have to put on athletic shoes to play the game with a ball and a hoop. So, let your teen girls undergo basketball training and build their strength.

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  • Swimming

Another good sport for teenage girls is swimming, which prevents the accumulation of fat. Thus, regular swimming is best for those trying to avoid obesity. You can perform this sport as a group or as a solo participant.

Although swimming is one of the leisurely activities, it burns your calories. For instance, you can burn 715 calories by swimming for an hour. Moreover, you will develop cardiovascular endurance as a daily swimmer. Swimming will maintain your healthy heart, weight, and lungs. Furthermore, as it helps in releasing endorphins, you will be in a better mood.

Sports for teenage girls


  • Gymnastics

While watching the Olympic games, you may have noticed several female gymnastic performers. However, teens who dream of becoming gymnasts need dedication and skills. However, they have to engage in gymnastics as a solo performance.

You may find gymnastics training programs for kids of 2 years. However, professional coaches say that it is better to wait until 5 years. Gymnastics for teens involves several activities like crawling, climbing, and jumping. The muscle control and stamina gained from doing gymnastics would be helpful in other sports like rugby, diving, skiing, and rock climbing.

But, girls who are trained too hard may find menstrual issues. There is also a risk of injury until they have acquired the skill. That is why athletes, coaches, and parents must assess the risk before getting engaged in gymnastics.


  • Tennis

Tennis enjoys high popularity in the sports world for girls. While talking about tennis for women, the names like V Azarenka and Williams sisters can easily come to our mind. So, your young girls may also choose this relentless game to become professional tennis players.

Tennis can be played as doubles and singles, and the best fact is that you can play it indoors. Girls who like to tone their muscles can play tennis regularly. This game also maintains muscle strength and bone density.


  • Cricket

Cricket is more popular as the men’s sport, although several female cricket players have earned fame. ICC has decided on broadcasting ODI WC’17 across 100+ countries to draw interest in women’s cricket. Moreover, BCCI has introduced a one-day tournament and T20 matches for female cricket players. Stafanie Taylor from West Indies, Lisa Sthalekar from Australia, and Katherine Brunt from Australia are some well-known female cricket players.

But, what are the health benefits of playing cricket? Playing cricket regularly will increase your teen’s self-confidence and stamina. This outdoor sport will reduce stress and maintain cardiovascular health. As the heart pumps blood faster, it circulates throughout the body efficiently. Moreover, connections and co-operation with teammates will make your teens more sociable.


  • Rowing

Rowing is a sport of racing boats, and the participants have to use oars for this activity. Rowing has been added as an Olympics sport for women since 1976. So, you can encourage your teen girls to refine their rowing skills. There are some advantages of choosing this activity. No one will judge individual skills while rowing with other participants.

Moreover, as rowing is a high-intensity workout, your teens can include it in their schedules.


  • Soccer

One of the popular games in the sports world is soccer, as both male and female players have taken part in it. Playing soccer involves footwork, legwork, stamina, and teamwork. Moreover, your teens will learn about the importance of collaboration in group activities.

Thus, they will have socialization skills, as they need to connect with other players and coaches. While staying physically fit, soccer players need mental strength. You may also inspire your girls to play soccer and develop a sense of self-esteem.


  • Lacrosse

Some teens have not heard about this sport, which involves different equipment. To play the game with a lacrosse stick and a ball, the players have to wear helmets with an eye protector. The game helps in developing eye-hand coordination in your teens.

Sports For Teenage Girls

Which are the best sports for girls under 10?

Here are the best sports for girls under 10.

  • Soccer
  • Martial Arts
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Track and Field

We must remove mental obstacles that prevent girls from taking part in less popular games. Parents need to identify the sports that draw the natural interest of their teens. With training and encouragement, they can keep their kids engaged in sports activities.

Although martial arts and wrestling are male-dominated sports, some young girls prefer them.


Which are the risky sports for teenage girls?

Some women basketball players have reported injuries, as they need a masculine approach to playing this game. Thus, teens have to be careful about knee injuries, muscle pains, and torn ligaments.

Among the sports for teenage girls, Horse riding is one of them. It is a game of fun, though riders have a risk of accidents. Moreover, gymnastics, running, and other similar sports involve risks.

Finally, it is to be said that no sport is easy to play. Your teen girls need discipline, fortitude, dedication, skills, and commitments. With continuous effort, they can become a global-level player.

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