Dhoni Crying After World Cup Loss

Dhoni Crying After World Cup Loss

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is probably one of the best cricketers the cricket world has ever seen. Moreover, Dhoni’s contribution to Indian cricket is unforgettable. In the 2019 Cricket World Cup, India got eliminated in the semifinal losing to New Zealand. Dhoni was seen crying after getting out at a crucial moment. After the match, dhoni’s crying moment went viral. It was really tragic for people to see him breaking down emotionally. Cricket fans also fell apart watching a player like Dhoni crying. Social media seemed gloomy after the incident. Many former cricketers consoled him in their tweets. His fans also tweeted saying him not to lose hope. 

Dhoni’s crying incident depicted his determination level for the trophy and his team. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, mostly known as MSD, can be considered the best wicketkeeper-batsman. He is both hardworking and talented. Besides, India won the ICC World Cup trophy in 2011 under his captaincy.  

MSD was desperate to get another trophy and also got a chance in 2019 while the whole of India was performing pretty well. But their hope was shattered as they were defeated by New Zealand in the semis. And it reflected on MSD’s face as he was seen crying after his run out. 

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What Happened in that Match  

The day was 9 July 2019. The most awaited match of India vs New Zealand commenced that day. Winning the toss, Kane Williamson, the captain of New Zealand, elected to bat first. 

New Zealand was struggling to score as Indian bowlers were bowling deadly. After powerplay 1, New Zealand managed to put 27 on the scorecard with the loss of 1 wicket. Wickets were falling at regular intervals. Kane Williamson tried to pull his team out in the middle overs with his knock of 67. Ross Taylor also played a promising knock. 

Nature was up to something else. The play was stopped after 46.1 overs due to rain. New Zealand’s score was 211/5. For the match to continue India had to play at least 20 overs of the rain stopped in time. But the rain didn’t plan to stop. The match went on the reserve day. 

The next day New Zealand set a target of 240 for India to chase. It seemed to all that India will win this match easily but who knows what destiny planned. India stumbled in the very first of their innings. Facing the aggression of Trent Boult and Matt Henry, India was at 24/4. Hardik Pandya and Rishabh Pant were giving hope with a partnership. But the 47 run partnership came to an end after Pant’s departure. 


MSD in the Crease with Nation’s Hope

Then came MSD in the crease giving hope to the fans for a miracle. But Hardik couldn’t give support as he got out and India was 92/6. 

Dhoni and Jadeja’s pairing was the last hope for Indians. Both were playing consciously and everyone understood that it was going to go down the wire. Dhoni and Jadeja put on a 116 runs partnership. Jadeja tried to play a big shot off Boult’s delivery but got dismissed. It was now all on MSD’s shoulder. He had to pull up 32 off 13 deliveries. 

Ferguson goes for a bouncer in his third delivery and Dhoni plays it in the square. He wanted to keep the strike so went for 2 runs. But fell inches short as Guptil threw in the stump with precision. And Dhoni is out! India’s hope shattered with Dhoni’s dismissal. You could say how heartbreaking it was for Dhoni to see his face after the dismissal. He literally fell apart and burst into tears and so did the whole nation. However, he played a heroic knock of 50 before getting out. India managed to score 221 before getting all out. 


Did Dhoni Really Cry After the World Cup Loss

Though the match was nail-biting, losing always makes you sad. Dhoni was desperate to have another World Cup as they had a golden opportunity in the 2019 CWC. In 2019, team India performed so well that many experts predicted India to be the champion. But their world cup dream remained unfulfilled and their journey came to an end in the semifinal. 

The match was down to the wire. Though Dhoni tried his best to take his team to victory, he fell inches short. Guptil got dhoni run out with an amazing throw. The throw was literally breathtaking and everyone was amazed by this beauty. Commentators yelled with surprise, “Guptil you legend. He runs out another legend.” 

This run-out took all hopes of India. Every Indian fan was shocked. The gloomy face of the whole nation reflected in Dhoni’s face. He literally couldn’t hold his tears and cried while leaving the field. This touched every cricket lover and made them feel sad for him. 

Some say Dhoni didn’t cry while going to the pavilion. They think he was just feeling disappointed and that sad part showed in his face but he didn’t cry. 

But most of the people agreed he cried and it is normal to be mournful. Soon after the match, Dhoni’s crying look went viral. The social media atmosphere also looked gloomy for this legend. People consoled him and encouraged him not to lose hope. 


Was Dhoni Crying Inside Bathroom 

Daniel, a senior BCCI Official, spoiled the beans about Dhoni’s crying. He told Dainik Jagran’s sports editor that after the defeat of team India against New Zealand, Dhoni was crying inside the bathroom in the dressing room. Hence, this shows how important the tournament was for MSD and how dedicated he was. 


Wrapping Up 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is undoubtedly one of the best players in India. His contribution to his team is just unforgettable. It was him who took his team to the championship title in 2011 CWC. 2019 was another chance for him but he couldn’t. So MSD felt heartbroken and broke down in tears after his wicket against New Zealand. Cricket lovers’ hearts also sank watching a player like him cry. Undoubtedly, it is a harsh treat for eyes to watch him cry. 

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