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Football vs Hockey

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You know both Football vs Hockey sports are strenuous games. Well, you are here because you want to see the difference between football and hockey. Right!

You might know this hockey vs. football is exciting in terms of rough, toughness, fast pace, or even similarities. Hockey hits are proved to be 17% harder than hits in NFL. 

Therefore, I’d discuss everything you need to know about hockey vs football. 

Thus, talking about their toughness depends on most fans. But. It seems hockey is more dangerous than football. 

Let’s look at the reason!


Ice hockey vs football

You see, both fast-paced games hockey vs football in the stadium. Thus, it one of the most 

The critical thing to justify a statement that which sport is better and which is dangerous. 

It was seen that hockey is a more dangerous game rather than football. Because based on NCAA resort players reported concussions (Force) at a rate of 0.41 per 1000 AE. 

On the other hand, NCCA football players reported at a rate of 0.54 per 1000 AE.

At high school hockey games, the players suffered at a rate of concussion 0.77 whereas football players were suffered at a rate of 1.04. 

Now, you might clear ice hockey is more dangerous than football. Let’s have a look 



You know, hockey is a bit notoriously sport whether your play minor league hockey or major league. Because you see ice hockey is an intense game. 

This means the hockey game is a bit dramatic compared to football. You might know hockey games is considered a free-flowing game. Which is excellent for players /

Although, in hockey, 6 players defend to score the ball in the hockey goal six players defend their team.

Let’s see a bit about football!



Moreover, as you know, football is the most popular game in the world. In which players wear several types of equipment that work as a protective kit for them. Right

The football game team is consists of 11 players who usually play for their club. On the other hand, football is a game of fans. 

Football fans are passionately want to see what going on on the pitch. Thus, both teams work to play. 

Although both teams play and sometimes team players fake injuries, football becomes an exciting game for fans.

Let’s move to the comparison factor that in-between hockey vs football become out popular.


What is the most strenuous sport: football or hockey?

Here are a few factories which might define which sport is more strenuous, hockey vs. football? Or What is the more technical game, hockey vs. football?

You’ll probably get the answer What sport takes more skills, Ice hockey or American football?

So, read on!


  • Pitch

The first factor you keep in your head will be pitch if you compare both sports hockey and football. Although, the pitch of hockey is made up of ice called a skating rink which makes it popular in cold areas. 

Conversely, the football pitch is made up of leveled grass or artificial turf, which you see in the field of play. 


  • Equipment

When it comes to hockey equipment, there would be a ball and hockey stick that players play with.

Though, when it comes to football players’ play, a soccer ball is used. 


  • Number of players

You know, hockey games consist of 6 players whereas football consists of 11 players. 


  • Duration

In terms of time durations, both hockey and football consist of 60 minutes, but there might be a difference of quarters. 

In ice hockey, there is 3 quarter, but in football, there is 4 quarter during the game. 

And also you should know how many quarters in hockey?


  • Techniques

Now, the time to understand the technique between hockey vs. football. There’s a massive difference between the techniques of the game.

In terms of techniques, fans like (you) ask, Is hockey tougher than football? Well, it’s on you! 

First, football players use their left to score the goal. In contrast, ice hockey players use the hockey stick to achieve the goal. 

Though, both sports have their game strategies. 


  • Physical

Do most fans ask What game is more physical? NHL hockey vs. football. Or What is a more physically demanding sport, ice hockey or American football?

Comparatively both the game required physical skills; in football, players need to be physically strong because it needed a kilometer of running in the field. 

Whereas ice hockey games also require skating stamina which is a vital skill to gain. Therefore, both games required hard skills and physical strength. 


  • Substitution

In hockey, players get substitutes in the game with the permission of the hockey or when the fun stops.

Whereas in football, if there are substitutions, the players don’t play part further. 


  • Offside vs. No offside

Both sports have offside rules. Thus in football, a defense player created an imaginary line. Therefore, this rule motivates the player who would pass the ball to another player before going offside. 

Similarly, in hockey, when a player crosses the blue line defending team, you might observe there’s one skate outside the zone and one inside the area. 


  • Referee and umpire

Although when it comes to referee and umpire in both sports. In football, there is one referee and two assistance during the game.

Whereas in the ice hockey team, there are 2 referee umpires and 2 linemen assigned to the game. 


  • Diving 

Football players do so much diving, whereas hockey players can’t because of the hard surface.


  • Commercials

To be a real scenario, both sports hockey vs. sports. There might not be any kind of commercials displayed during the game.  

This makes both sports smooth and continuous. 


  • Branding

Both sports have a different way of branding. Hockey has its own branding style. It might include a hockey jersey or hockey skating shoes. 

The point is what works for hockey is not working for football. 


  • Globalization

You know, football is one of the most popular games globally, whereas hockey is a bit restricted in some areas such as northern and American areas.


  • Rules and laws

Both games have their own set of principles that players prefer to play when it comes to rules. So, it’s great if you would know the details of the laws of each game. 


  • Aim 

You might know the goal of both sports is to score games in different ways. Right!

In football, players use their legs; similarly, in hockey, players use hockey sticks during the game. 


  • Plying fields 

Both games have their playing field, which is excellent for the players to play protectively.


  • Calories burned 

If you might play football, you see. On a minute-for-minute basis, football looks more strenuous because you see in football it takes a player to run from one court to another. 

Though, which takes a more considerable amount of calories. On the other hand, the hockey court is small, which takes players fewer calories than football. 

You can say in a football toss if you’ve 180 weight, you might lose 12 calories per minute. Whereas in hockey, you will lose 11 calories per minute if you are 18-pound weight,  


  • Time spent playing

You might know hockey and football both are 60 minutes games. While talking about their quarter football consists of 15 minutes intervals whereas hockey consists of 3 quarters of 20, minutes each

This means both sports have similar time plying. Al though, but sometimes both games cross their time range and take extra time.

Thus, now you can measure which sport is better, popular or strenuous. 


  •  Injuries  

You know, when it comes to injuries of both sports, personal hockey vs. football. There is physical content in both games. 

Whereas football is more strenuous compared to hockey. According to it has seen in the 2006 statically data that out of 100 players in football 9.5 players get injured.

But by the time football player’s injuries ratio had been increased by 18.8 points. Conversely, in hockey, out of 100, every 15.9 injuries were seen.


  • Other factors 

Well, there are other factors as well which these both sports depend on. Although you see in hockey, the defensemen and forwards spend most of their time contacting or skating. 

Similarly, in football, players do run or spend their time kicking. Through these are the players, which are the less likely found in the field. 

However, you see a few factors that might help you differentiate both sports so that you would appreciate both because you know whether it would be football or hockey, each player plays an active role in the game. 

Let’s look more at the most relevant injuries and see how you see both games. 


Most prevalent types of injuries

Thus, here is the list of more common injuries which had happened between the games. 

  • Broken/fractured bones
  • Concussions/traumatic brain injury
  • Torn muscles
  • Broken teeth
  • Overuse injury/ repetitive motion syndrome


Ice hockey vs. football/soccer (similarities)

Well, here are a few factors that make hockey vs. football both similar games. 

  • Shared history
  • Uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Team orientation
  • Wingers
  • Possessions 
  • Receiving 
  • Foul
  • Midfielder or center men
  • Showing 
  • Scoring 


Related questions: 

Is hockey more dangerous than football? 

Well, it seems, probably it depends on personal preferences. Well, in fact, the injuries ratio of ice hockey is more incredible than football. 

So, yes, you would say hockey is more dangerous than football. 


Which sport is more challenging to play between hockey and football? Why is hockey less famous than football?

In comparison between both games, hockey vs football. Hockey seems challenging because players play on a hard ice surface, which is difficult enough compared to football. 

Though, we can’t say hockey isn’t famous. Well, there are hockey fans out there who like hockey rather than football. 


Why is football more popular than hockey?

Thus, there might be these reason which makes football more popular than hockey.

  • Cost to play
  • Risk of injuries 
  • Rules 


Which sport demands more from athletes, football (soccer) or ice hockey?

Well, it depends on the personal, preference that an individual prefers to play. It’s not about sport in general. But yes. Football sport demands more from athletes. 


Isn’t soccer and hockey essentially the same game?

Well, it’s not ice hockey and soccer; both are different games having different rules and equations. Or What is more popular football or hockey?

Moreover, football is more popular than hockey. 



Do you see the differences between hockey vs. football? There are lots of factors that make them different. Fair enough?

Well, there is no comparison between football vs hockey. If you like one of them, do support the team. Thus, let us know in the comment what is your favorite sport and why? 

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